Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Asian Inspired Crab Cakes

I got some crab meat on sale at whole foods the other day, nice wild caught. I was going to make fried rice with it but then thought no crab cakes. So  googled some recipes and came up with Rebecca's Asian inspired crab cake and if I do say so they are so good :-)


  • 8 oz, one cup of crab meat, if you can get fresh even better
  • one shallot diced
  • one tablespoon soy sauce 
  • one teaspoon of chili garlic sauce
  • one egg beaten
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • a pinch of Thai seasoning - I have one called Thai garden by Urban accents
  • one tablespoon of mayonnaise
  • one tablespoon on panko breadcrumbs
  • and about a tablespoon of panko to coat the crab cakes

  1. mix all the ingredients together in a bowl
  2. form into small cakes I made about 5 small ones
  3. coat with panko and saute in olive oil
  4. on a fairly high heat to make crispy about 5 minutes on each side
I served them over a fresh salad, of peach, blueberry, tomato, cucumber and lettuce. 

excited to be adding this to the app update :-)

What's your favorite crab cake recipe?

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  1. I could eat several of those right now! Yum-my!

  2. Lovin your crab cakes!! They look so appetizing sitting there on those fresh greens...YUM!

  3. Hi Rebecca, oooh...I'm pretty sure I could eat more than one of these!!! Crabcakes are delicious.

  4. Your crab cakes look so good! Asian inspired sounds delicious!

  5. I love crab cakes and kids eat these a lot too!

  6. It's been a while since I had crab cakes... love the asian inspiration and panko coating. YUM!

  7. Love the Asian inspiration. I'm making quinoa cakes with smoked salmon tomorrow :-) Your crab cakes look delicious!

  8. delicious crab cakes.....fry two for me...I am coming!

  9. Crab cakes are always such a treat for me when I go out, and now I will be making them at home!

  10. Great recipe and presentation; I've never seen fresh crab sold here and I love crab cakes.

  11. crab cakes with an asian kick, yummy!! love the salad,


  12. I like your crab cakes Rebecca. Not too "bready".

  13. I like your crab cakes Rebecca. Not too "bready".

  14. I have never made crab cakes but my husband loves them. I'm going to try this with a #GF tweak or 2. Perfect and summery.

  15. Asian seasonings are a perfect match for crab cakes! What a great use for your fresh crab! Love crab cakes :)

  16. Love the look of these crab cakes. I bet they're tasty!

  17. I like your asian inspired crab cakes especially with the panko.

  18. These sound delicious...I need a crab cake!

  19. I love all the ingredients that went into these crab cakes- look so so good.I was thinking to make fish cakes for dinner- I think I ll use this spice mix.

  20. Looks good! I think the pairing with the fruity salad is lovely :)

  21. Rebecca, this crab cake looks very flavourful. Love crab meat in any form. Your recipes are always so tempting!

  22. I would like to try to make crab cakes some day. These look really good and much healthier than any crab cake recipe I have seen before.

  23. Carrie here you go
    Rebecka thanks so much
    Roz oh thanks
    Carol thanks
    nami oh our little one loves them too
    chef pandita thanks so much
    EA oh look forward to seeing yours
    peachkins :0)
    sutapa sure thing
    Maris oh you will love them
    Rita hope u find some
    Bonnie thanks
    Sam :-)
    Lauren cool enjoy
    Victoria thanks
    parsley sage aw thanks
    purabi thanks for the kind words
    angela love healthy

  24. I love crab cakes, but it's often so hard to find a good one, really!!:)
    Now if only you'd be here....:)

  25. The Asian twist definitely sets these apart from other crab cakes! Yum!

  26. oooh these look wonderful and so full of flavor!

  27. christy hope you give them a try
    Joanne thanks
    simply life thanks

  28. Those look great! I wouldn't have thought about eating crab cakes with fruit. Nice!

  29. tabitha he he fruit is good with everything

  30. Hi Rebecca, I would SO love to be able to try just one crab cake made by you or anyone, except that I have an adult-onset allergy to shellfish. My memory vividly and perfectly recalls the incredible flavors of each shellfish, but alas I must not partake anymore. As a nutritionist, can you tell me how to substitute salmon, if at all possible, and any other adjustments I would need to make in order to prepare this (sans) crab? I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks!

  31. Roz I think any fish would work as long as it held together well maybe a white fish with a more delicate flavor ? flakey cod ?


  32. These look great! What a great twist on a classic favorite :) So glad to be your newest follower!

  33. These look wonderful! I have to go to Whole Foods later today and will see if they have some nice fresh crab :)

  34. These look SO good! I'll take crabcakes any way that I can get them, and I've never had Asian inspired ones before :)



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