Friday, June 17, 2011

Lavender Madeleines

Madeleines are my all time favorite cake, a simple to make French cake, that I bought almost daily last time I was in Paris. I have stuffed them with chocolate, added red currants to them and meyer lemon and made them traditionally. This time its a traditional recipe with a dusting of lavender ground with sugar :-) 

  • 2 eggs
  • 75g sugar
  • pinch of salt
  • 90g flour (about a cup)
  • 3g of baking soda
  • 90g melted butter
  • one spoon of runny honey
  • a few drops of vanilla essence 
  • a pinch of lavender
  • 2 tablespoon of sugar 

  1. melt the butter and keep it to one side
  2. whip the eggs with sugar and salt then slowly add the sifted flour and baking powder and vanilla essence.
  3. Mix until smooth then add the melted butter and honey and leave to chill for 30 minutes or longer
  4. bake for 10 minutes at 350 degrees.
  5. grind lavender and sugar together and sprinkle on madeleines don't use a lot of lavender while wonderful can be a little overwhelming 

Have a wonderful fathers day weekend, these are for you Dad, he is very partial to cake well he is my Grandma's son :-) 

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  1. i love madeleines! i usually just get a cake mix and fill the pan with it and it comes out great! hahaha that's my non homemade shortcut method to it. :)

  2. I love those! I bet they're divine with lavender!

  3. I love madelines and I ate "store bought" just today. I wish I can bake something like these (with lavender HMMMM!)...

  4. Que delicia de madeleines. Fabulosas.


  5. this looks fabulous deliciously done Rebecca check out the event in my site

  6. i have never tried it with lavender.

    those look so delicious!
    have a great weekend!

  7. Oh yes these look delicious! Love the photo of your dad!

  8. I have never made these myself. I will surely try, thanks for the inspiration. If you chose this everyday in France, it must have been super delicious

  9. The lavender is such an excellent touch! Really makes the madeleines stand out!

  10. You've inspired me to get out my madeleine pan Rebecca. Love the lavender in yours. I just happen to have a small bag on my shelf.

    Hope you and your family have a wonderful Father's day weekend.

  11. I love madeleines! With the addition of lavendar - simply delish!!! A must make!

  12. I bet these Madeleines tastes very good especially with lavender and honey in it.
    Have a nice weekend :)

  13. I imagine those smell heavenly. They look delicious!

  14. I've never had this before -it sounds wonderful!

  15. Junia oh that would work too he he
    Christina pretty good :-)
    Nami you can do it for sure
    Jose :-) thanks so much
    Torview on my way
    Betty oh thanks same to you Hugs
    Maris he likes having pic taken he he
    three cookies all the best'
    Joanne thanks
    belinda oh me too
    Sam looking forward to seeing yours have a good weekend too
    Sonia :-)
    Lisa thanks
    Anna thanks
    Anncoo thanks so much enjoy the weekend as well
    parsely thanks
    simply life thanks

  16. Yum! These are so beautiful...I could for a couple right now :)

  17. So very pretty and delicate. Love the idea of the lavender sugar - don't use lavender nearly enough. Sweetness for the dads! Now, where did I put my Madeleine pan?

  18. Love these lavender Madeleines! I just need to get the special pan. Yours look delicious!

  19. Stuffed with chocolate? I say yes to that!

  20. nutmeg nanny they didn't last long he he
    Claudia oh hope you find the pan :-)
    yummy chunklet your a fab baker as well
    angela oh those ones were good

  21. Love that you have added lavender in the madeleines. Yummy!

  22. looks sooooooooooper delicious..:P
    Tasty Appetite

  23. I've never made madeleines, but just love them! I am sure that the lavender adds a lovely layer of flavor, Rebecca! I'd have tea with these if they were in front of me!

  24. ive never made madeleines either and I love them too!... but I do have lots of lavender on its way, so i shall no doubt be tempted to make these light and lovely treats x

  25. These look beautiful and delicious! Funny, just yesterday I was admiring my lavender plan and thinking one of these days I should try and bake with this. Now I know what I can use it in:)

  26. angie thanks
    Jay thanks so much
    Roz ;-)
    Dom oh you have a recipe for the lavender then :-)
    Raina thanks and bet you can come up with loads of creative lavender dishes

  27. Love your beautiful little French cakes, Rebecca. The bit of lavender makes them extra special.

  28. how lovely, i love the lavender flavors, yum!

  29. Oh I adore the aroma of lavender n I am positive I will love these :)
    US Masala

  30. Ooo..havent tried my hand at lavender as yet in desserts though badly want too! Love those madelines..wish could have some!

  31. What lovely madeleines! Loved the lavender in them.

  32. Freshly baked madeleines are pure bliss and with lavender would be a treat. I've become addicted to Madeleines with lemon curd on the inside.

  33. My son adores madeleines too. I love the lavender addition, such a good idea. I don't cook much with lavender but always enjoy it.

  34. How pretty do these look! I love lavender pastries.. My friends think I'm addicted to eating handcream.. I just think they have zero tastebuds :P

  35. Yum! I've never made Madelines before, but these sound delicious. Love your addition of lavender. I have tons of it growning in my garden!

  36. These sound wonderful, Rebecca and I'm saving your recipe. I'd love to try them when my lavender begins to flower.

  37. Those look so good! No wonder you loved them in Paris

  38. How I love this post; madeleines are the ultimate french specialty. I love making them, but you will have to tell me about stuffing them with chocolate, so I can surprise my husband.

  39. Mmmm love madeleines and yours sounds so delicate with Lavender flavor!!Great way to celebrate Father's day

  40. love madeleines and lavender sounds wonderful :-)

  41. OOOH...madeleines with LAVENDER!!! What a lovely idea. Thanks Rebecca!!!!!! Love the picture of your Dad!! :)

  42. Madeleines look lovely, and lavender? Sounds tempting and divine to me:)

  43. I love madeleines and even Starbucks have started selling them :) Not as good as some of the ones I tried!
    I would love to try this recipe. Where did you get the lavender essence? Just regular grocery store?

  44. aipi ;-)
    Tanvi wish u could come over for tea
    purabi thanks
    Adrian oh wow they sound so good
    lauren your son has good taste
    msihua he he your friends are funny
    EA oh you would love them
    Susan oh thanks
    beth t:-)
    Rita I just put a piece of choc in the middle :-)
    malli thank
    namitha thanks
    Roz ;_) wish I could have really given them to him
    Christy thanks
    ilke oh i am in the trend then he he I got the the lavender at a lavender farm in the UK

  45. Fancy and pretty. Lavender's so aromatic. Each bite sends the scent shooting to your nose!

  46. lavender is my new love this is def for me...loove!

  47. the duo dishes so true
    Ananda thanks would love to see how you use it

  48. So lovely! I adore cooking with lavender and especially in a sweet treat :)

  49. magic of spice yep your ice cream lavender looked divine

  50. I love these! I am a big fan of lavender in cooking especially baking. I am going to try this with my next batch of madeleines!

  51. Sneh oh thanks still have fond memories of your rosemary cookies in Sydney

  52. I really want to learn how to use lavender. These look lovely!



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