South Florida Food Adventures

We just returned from a few days in South Florida, we have been to this area a few times, especially at this time of year. Visited Miami and Fort Lauderdale so this time we decided to check out West Palm Beach area. It was a fun trip we were blessed with the weather and had some amazing food. Wanted to write a quick post to share some tips in case your ever in the area :-)

I just had to take a snap of the British food section at the Publix grocery store there, I came back with Ribeena, Gravy, biscuits and chocolate he he, so funny to travel to Florida and return with British food. I guess a lot of Brits live in the State.

Cool tea pot :-)

The second day we were there we visited Worth Ave a beautiful and historic street lined with designer stores, its definitely where very wealthy people shop, but the drive down A1A past the mansions and the coast line is fun. For lunch with ate at Cafe Boulud an award winning restaurant and a must visit. The lunch menu is only $20 for a three course meal and you can relax in the beautiful courtyard of the Brazilian court hotel. 

The Brazilian Court

301 Australian Avenue
Palm Beach, FL 

I had beef bourguignon and it was amazing hubby had a wonderful citrus fish dish, Jasmine sampled both!

my dessert was a delightful pumpkin cheesecake, Thanks Barbara from Moveable Feasts for recommending this place, you know the best places :-)

this area is home to fabulous cars!

In the evenings we would get take out and eat at the hotel, one night we found a great Mexican 

The next morning we found the coolest bakery in Lantana, we heard the staff speaking in another language and curious folks that we are just had to ask what it was! - It was Finnish it turns out this area is known as little Finland and the bakery makes from scratch Finnish breads and cakes. Wow we got a loaf of pulla with cinnamon and almond paste and polished it of in one sitting! and returned today for more! 

I even brought a loaf back with me for a friend here who studied in Finland. Its a bit squashed but should taste good all the same!

For Lunch yesterday we went to Clematis Ave another Famous Palm beach street with restaurants and bars and great night life, traveling with a toddler makes this part impossible but not complaining she is adorable. Cabana Nuevo Latino is a fun restaurant featuring food from Latin America. I got the Caribbean curry loaded with vegetables 

Hubby got Picadillo a Cuban classic I made it after returning from Miami :-) last year

Finally while driving back to the airport we drove past this place serving Salvadorian food and being the true foodies we are, we said this is the place lets try something different!

I got the Salvadorian chicken in a tomato sauce with corn tortilla and plantains, it was so tasty I grilled the girl on how to make it so stay tuned for some recipes on Chow and Chatter he he and a great addition for the app update in future!

Hubby got a fish in a lemon sauce this was Jasmines favorite!

Just before catching the flight we took the Fort Lauderdale (we flew from there, cheaper) water taxi a couple of stops to take Jasmine on the boat, if your in the area its a must so beautiful and you can hop on and of all day. Fort Lauderdale is still my favorite South Florida town, I would make it a base and see West Palm and Miami from here. This part of America is blessed with a wide range of great places to eat and I just adore the Central and South American influences in the food. Will miss the food :-(

Thanks for traveling with us, missed you all and reading your blogs, I only had my phone and no computer there but maybe a good thing while on holiday!

Hugs and Have a great weekend ;-)

and finally heres the link to Chow and Chatters Press release 


  1. Looks like yall are having a great time...and great food too.

  2. Oh how fun! You have been traveling a lot lately...lucky lady.

  3. What a wonderful, multicultural food experience you had in Florida. Sounds like you had a great time!

  4. I really miss living in this fabulous part of the world. We visit whenever we can.

    Worth Avenue is so much fun for people watching. I keep hoping to see Rod Stewart, but no luck yet. Glad you had a nice time.

  5. I love hearing about trips! I've never been to S FL but I would love to go! I will hang on to your recommendations.

  6. what a killer trip, thanks for the tips!

  7. Rebecca, Guess you must have a wonderful holiday in Florida. Have fun ;D

  8. Looks and sounds like you guys had a wonderful trip! What great food! Now I am starving!!!! :)

  9. Sounds like a fantastic trip...looks so beautiful there!

    I love exploring the food culture in other cities...always unique and super interesting. :)

  10. All so beautiful. All so delectable. I want your life.

  11. Next trip- I am available as a Nanny HEH! I love Florida, been a while!

  12. Looks like you hit a lot of good food spots! Yes, we have a lot of Brits in Southwest Florida too. We have the same British food section in our Publix, and plenty of British Pubs too. We also have a great Latin or Cuban food section, and Asian, and Indian too. I love the selection!

    So nice Jasmine could get to go for a boat ride! Looks like fun!

  13. Glad you had a nice trip! I think my favorite dishes would be the Caribbean curry (looks so exotic) and the fish in lemon sauce (looks and sounds super fresh and tasty).

  14. I was worried before I read your blog post that you did not have a good foodie experience- I was wrong!! Yeah! The San Salvadoran food would have been an experience that I would have really enjoyed too.

    Very cool, that Publix had a British food section.

    Glad you and teh family enjoyed your get away.

  15. Such a nice getaway and what a wonderful selection of foods and restaurants!

    I used to have relatives in Fort Lauderdale years ago but haven't been there since I was a young girl. Hubby's parents used to have a condo in Clearwater Beach and then Orlando was always lots of fun too so I've seen so much more of the Gulf side of the state.

  16. Bo smiles
    Belinda come on girlie the more the merrier
    Bridgett I am he he
    Beth it was great
    Sam oh does he live there? yep its a fun area for sure
    the food hound hope you get to go soon
    Teresa my pleasure
    Anncoo thanks
    design wine and dine he he
    Emily oh me too
    Claudia i like yours too
    Chef E he he your funny no nanny i like the job too much
    Lyndsey love that store, yep she loved the boat but dropped a bangle in the water and keeps telling folks
    Sophie on my way over thanks
    Victoria oh you would love that place
    Velva thanks again for your help hugs Rebecca
    savoring time in the kitchen sounds like you need to plan a trip :-)

  17. I was just thinking that I hadn't seen you at my blog in a while! This is why, you were enjoying another beautiful vacation! I love Florida, I lived there for a while in my early 20's. Some of the best times of my life!

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