Saturday, November 13, 2010

Rebecca's thoughts on Blogging

I just made a short clip on my views on blogging feel free to watch and comment below I feel it will be an awesome discussion!

Also heres the link to I Love Flavor Me after our chat today :-)

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  1. Love Love Love! You just made my day Rebecca, thank you love! Have a great weekend. -Diana

  2. Blogging should be fun...I totally agree with you, but I do try for pretty pictures too....doesn't always happen, but that is part of the fun to me.

  3. I agree with you, blogging needs to be enjoyable. I actually just wrote a pots about this on my blog if you're interested.

    nice meeting you.

  4. You are so sweet! How could you start a controversy? hehe!

    I started a blog so my family could keep up with me and my family. Then it blossomed where I started a food blog so I could document my recipes and my friends and family can see them (I am so bad about writing recipes down, so blogging has forced me to do this, so when people ask me for the recipe I can send them to my blog). I am not a chef, although I can cook pretty well, I am not a professional photographer, but I've always enjoyed photography, and I am not a writer, but I love to tell stories. It is so nice to know that I am accepted in the food blog world. It is a little intimidating with all the polished, cookbook writers, chefs, been doing it forever blogs out there. I am often encouraged by these and many other food blogger that it's ok. I have found that now I blog for the friendship and share a passion for good food, and different cultures, and for the fun of it. If it becomes too stressful because life gets in the way, I just have to step back and that's ok too. I am totally me in my blog, my family is right there with me. I like to add a little bit of life around me and show some of my photos other than food, and that's ok. I tend to ramble on and on and that's okay, because you don't have to read it all (haha just kidding). One thing I hope people don't take blogging so serious that it stops being fun!

    Thanks Rebecca you certainly helpped me keep going!

  5. This was wonderful Rebecca. You are such a lovely person. Thanks for reassuring us that blogging is about FUN. Sometimes it's easy to get bogged down in photos, writing, all of the things that we worry about. You've lifted my spirits.

  6. Rebecca, I love when you host these chats with your readers. You are a natural and it shows.

    I would have never considered myself a blogger less than two years ago-not even remotely. I love food! I love sharing my table with people. It's my passion.

    Blogging has opened up a new world for me. Who would of known that there is so many wonderful, creative and extraordinary people who write blogs. Wow!

    I don't even try to compete. I watch, I read, I learn and I discover.

    I agree with you 100% a blog must be "real" it is not perfect, it is simply real and it reflects who you are-
    No doubt, that I have to remind myself on occasion that I own my blog, my blog does not own me. I have so much fun. You are right, blogging needs to be fun. Like food, once its complicated, its not fun anymore.

    Thank you!!!


    P.S. I think a forum of bloggers would be a great idea.

  7. controversy Rebecca?? I agree with whatever you said. Its about enjoyment and sharing and that is the single most thing I love about food blogdom. Its sharing without competition. I would never wanna change it for ANYTHING. And god I learnt so much by blogging and reading :)

  8. Bo- your photos are so awesome! I agree should be fun fun fun! A way to share our passion, and if anyone gets further media attention, then its great! I am more into my writing now, the cooking is something that is just a passion, and I make people happy. I am flattered when people call me for advise, otherwise I am a humble regular person! I have met wonderful people around the world via this, and am grateful they still talk to me LOL!

    Great post girlie! Good one...

  9. Yes, I have to agree with you. Blogging should be fun. For me, besides of fun I also wanted all my dream recipes putting up there. My little space is the place where I can keep everything in there....yes, as many as I could. In future, my children or my grandchildren or grand grand... can still look at it and smile and proud of their grandma. Other than that, I'm glad I met a lot of new friends from all over the world and nice of meeting you as well, Rebecca. Though, we don't visit each other often you will always in my mind. Always. Hope you're having a fabulous weekend.
    Blessings, Kristy

  10. You are so cute. I love you more and more Rebecca! :)

    Blogging shd be fun. And REAL! you are so right :) the most fun part for me about blogging is the writing.. to be honest. The fotos can be such a pain but that comes with the territory i tell myself. It has lead to a lot of things on a personal level...self discovery, fulfillment and most of all FUN. I wouldnt do it any other way. and what cld be more satisfying than belonging to a community of people who love and are passionate about the same things you are. :) Now.. ...for that little money...LOL

  11. You are so adorable, Rebecca! Yes, blogging should be fun. When it gets to be a chore, take a break. I may have a food blog, but the bloggers I follow are not all food. Love design, gardens, antiques, crafts and have some absolutely marvelous writers who pour out their hearts, poems and thoughts. That's what's fun....variety.
    I'm an older blogger....I am always surprised to find so many. And I am filled with wonder that you young women with jobs and families take the time to blog, share and be friends.
    Lovely video...really.

    So please you liked the restaurant...isn't that hotel charming?
    My trip to Michigan was not as wonderful as I sister-in-law passed away and I went to the funeral while I was there. Very sad. But I got to see my Michigan family and grandchildren.

  12. Diana thanks so much hugs
    Bo oh and your photos rock, just don't think folks should feel pressure to be a pro
    Damaris thanks for stopping by on my way to read your post and learn
    Lyndsey love your blog and your snaps of the beach, walking the dog and family life and your passion to try new foods, hugs
    Sam keep on blogging you rock love ya
    Velva oh my pleasure love the chatty nature of blogging I am a chatterbox he he your blog is great thanks for being a friend
    Jhonny agree whole heartedly
    Chef E thanks for the encouragement your so lovely can't wait to meet u in person
    Kristy your recipes are also a record for all of us your so sweet and its a pleasure to know u hugs Rebecca
    Zurin so true and I feel I have also learned so much about myself and found a new passion :-) hugs Rebecca

  13. Barbara oh I am so sorry thats a sad trip, oh your right great to follow all kinds of blogs will look at your blogroll as you have class, oh love that hotel :-) thanks for being u

  14. I love your video posts!! They are so much fun to watch!! You're absolutely right, blogging should be about having fun and sharing a part of ourselves. I hate how sometimes it seems like a competition or a game. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!! I am looking forward to our meet up :)

  15. E, thanks!

    Rebecca, thanks. I agree with you. I just enjoy no way is it essential to having a good food blog.

  16. Well said Rebecca! The day blogging is no longer fun, I will no longer blog. It all about food, and what we like! I have made some amazing friendships with blogging and I'm so grateful. Like I said Rebecca, well said, and you are amazing my dear.

  17. Victoria thanks can;t wait to meet you
    Bo :-)
    Diana thanks for listening sorry I haven't visited your lovely blog in a while

  18. So nice to see you in this clip; you are reassuring and warm and it is wonderful; you are reiterating what my son was telling me the other day, namely to just post when one feels like it and not to worry about it too much! I agree, since it is not a money-making venture for most of us, I don't see why it should be a pressure or stressful. I blog because I get to write about stuff I care about and I am so grateful that there are people out there who have been reading it ! It has been fun and a whole new world for me personally.

  19. Rebecca, you rock! And you are such a sweet and considerate friend.

  20. So inspiring Rebecca! I too feel like maybe my blog is too small to matter, but the main thing is, its for me and my family and great friends I meet along the way!

  21. What can I say? Yu know I fully I agree. I am so flatered you mentioned our conversation and you can see how much you have inspired me! Carry on that amazing work!! Can't wait to meet up!

  22. Ok, downloaded the app this morning, so hopefully I can redownload when I get my new phone soon without having to pay again, not that I mind paying for something you did, but what I pain that I forgot my phone is broke and I am getting a new one. Either way, it looks great and very user friendly.

  23. So true, Rebecca! Blogging should be about taking off the pressure, not feeling you have to get a post finished every day or even every week.

    One of the the most important things you said is that we need to be ourselves in our blogs and be natural. It's the diversity that makes us want to visit other blogs. Everyone has something worth sharing and we all know it's not about the money ;) What money?

    I love that the world of bloggers is filled with such wonderful and courteous people and it's such a wonderful feeling to have made a connection to so many parts of the world through blogging.

  24. I think we all forget that blogging should be fun. I've certainly caught myself 'forgetting' a couple of times when I've worried about doing too many book or restaurant reviews and not enough actual cooking, or when I get that look from my significant other as I try to sneak a photo of a dish in a restaurant when, of course, I should be TALKING to said significant other.

    Love the app idea - I'll chip in my 59p later.

  25. Lots of info here - a bit of comfort and lots of knowledge. I beat myself up because I take photos (often with a flash) because I am flashing just as dinner is served and people are at the table with their forks in hand. I know people take greater care.

    When I cannot comment or cannot post - I fall into the Italian guilt trap. i do try to remember that I started this as a record for my family- of recipes, of memories. And what I have wound up - are the connections. That's been the unexpected bonus - these connections from around the world of people I have never met - but "chat with on a regular basis. And that's the sweetest thing of all. (Getting their wonderful recipes is a bonus.)

  26. taste of beirut wise advise from your son :-) love your blog
    Angie aw thanks your lovely as well and an amazing cook
    honeybeecooksjackfruit all blogs are significant lol
    Ruth ditto we will meet for sure in the Springs hugs
    Melinda thanks so much and no worries if it doesn't work I will give u one for free
    savoring time in the kitchen so true be real as we are all great folks
    Rich thanks and spread the word in my homeland he he my hubby says that to me about my iPhone!
    Claudia oh your pics are great and love your blog never feel guilty

  27. First of all, I love your pretty!

    I think the heart of blogging is just being yourself..and that is why I like reading your blog! :)

    I know I will never compete with the big bloggers, but if my blog helps someone, somewhere out there, I'll be happy with that. :)

    I'm excited to read about your friend's experience in Italy! I think other cultures are so fascinating and wonderful, and I love learning about them!

  28. I just believe in two things..Good work gets discovered sooner or later,even if the sites are not glam and photos are not perfect shots but if the post is genuine will make its way into readers heart
    Second being that each one's effort is precious,it requires an effort to maintain a blog, cook & click, write & publish, update & upgrade..everything requires that has to be respected!
    I m new to blogging and though I feel that quality of comments > quantity but I personally make it a point to return each and every comment on my blog, reason being that some of the ppl amongst the commenters are vying to get a readership and I am also in the same shoes..
    A lovely post Rebacca...straight from the heart.
    Re : I would love to guest blog..tell me hw we go about it :)

  29. You're amazing Rebecca! What a lovely post... and I agree with everything you said... Thanks for saying it!

  30. Well thought out and spoken. Nicely done!

  31. Emily thanks love your blog and I am positive it is helping folks
    Tanvi I agree so much email me about a guest post
    Sybil aw thanks your kind
    Steve thanks so much for listening means a lot to me

  32. Great video. And you are so adorable.
    You must be a motivational speaker Rebecca. :)

    A forum will be great! I love that idea.

    Take care,


  33. Hi, Rebecca,
    I have been in a bit of a slump and second guessing myself. Maybe I am over thinking this, I have ask myself if the recipe is blog's worthy. It was wonderful looking at your video today. It reminded me of why I am blogging. To me, it's wonderful to visit other friend's blogs, it's like coming over for a cup of coffee or dinner. I love that recipes are documented. I know that I have been a better cook and more open minded about different foods and cultures. It's fun reading blogs about travels. Blogs hit all the high notes in my list of interests. Thanks, Tien

  34. Mely thanks so much :-)
    Tien keep on blogging hugs Rebecca

  35. Loved this and you of course flattered me by the mention!

  36. YOU are the amazing one Rebecca! And are so sweet for making this! And very brave - I'm so camera shy. I love blogging it is such a joy for me and I love everything about it including the cooking, the writing, taking the pictures - but most of all I love the community of bloggers that I'm a part of. I have made so many good friends - that is something I never expected to happen. I do sometimes have to stop and remind myself that it is for fun - I put pressure on myself and I get upset when I don't have time to visit everyone's blog. Thanks for making this! xoxo

  37. Lazy Mama no worries thanks for our chat it prompted me to do it
    Reeni your lovely no worries on not commenting all the time you have a huge following folks understand and your recipes rock

  38. Rebecca I like the topic and thanks for pointing out that blogging should be fun fun and fun! It's very true that when we love and enjoy a work that only brings out our best!
    In this years blogging give a reason to live and bring me all those small moments of happiness and many good friends which I will always treasure!
    You are one such and today you give me that right dose of motivation that I need to continue this journey!
    With lots of love.

  39. This wonderful to hear! I sometimes wonder why I am doing this at my age; I will 70 iin a couople of week. I know there are so many younger food bloggers around with more finesse than I have. But I started this after my daughter-in-law encouraged me to try and found out I love it. With 4 sons I have experience in the kitchen and now I am learning to cook for 2. Your little talk encouraged me to keep it up.
    Thank you Rebecca.

  40. always a winner hugs like wise my friend
    Rita keep on blogging your blog rocks love the research and history you add to it your a natural

  41. Hi Rebecca, thank you for posting this message. I love what you had to say!! Absolutely wonderful words and very encouraging - thanks again for taking the time to post this :)

  42. I finally just listened to this...
    I think you are completely right, blogging should be fun. I love being able to share my passion with others. I also love being able to find other wonderful people to connect with, and learn from. I never thought I could write well, now after doing my blog, I have a new found passion for writing. I love your blog, and truly think you are fantastic!!! (((Hugs)))

  43. You are so wonderful...I agree it should be fun. I think it's about connections and sharing. I love many blogs for various reasons, but the one thing they all have in common is I like the people behind them :)

  44. Terra aw thats great so pleased I meet you through twitter
    Magic of Spice couldn't agree more
    Julie thanks



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