Beautiful Autumn

I thought I would just share some beautiful Autumn/fall pictures from around Winston Salem, the changing leaves always bring a smile to my face hope they do you as well :-)

this is my first jack of lantern at 30!! I know crazy but growing up in the UK we didn't do it, was so much fun, below is our little darling sticking stickers on it :-)


  1. Lovely pictures, Rebecca. Like the commitment of your daughter with which she is sticking pictures to your first Halloween.

  2. Just beautiful Rebecca. How very CUTE your daughter is!

  3. Rebecca, I love autumn too, I love the leaves changing colors to red, brown, yellow, orange, so beautiful! I can't wait to see more when I am flying to Japan in 2 weeks :D. Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos.

  4. Oh Rebecca, now I wish it was Autumn all over again here in Australia! I love the beautiful colours in your pictures.

    So glad you all had a fun Halloween!

    Best wishes,

  5. Thanks for sharing this lovely pictures. My son Desmond wanted to move to US to celebrate Halloween, hehe..Look like you had a fun Halloween.

  6. Hey Rebecca, still not too late to make one! Such beautiful autumn in Winston. Any rain during this season? It's rainy season here. Probably, the monsoon is getting near. However, wishing you & your family a Happy Diwali. Have lots of fun and food!
    Blessings, Kristy
    p/s are you going to have a little Diwali decorations this year? hehe...

  7. Wonderful fall photos Rebecca. Your pumpkin turned out great. Hope you had a great Halloween.

  8. Love the first autumn scene! So pretty. And I also love your little pumpkin (Jasmine) :-)

  9. autumn is so far my fave season.

    your pumpkin looks so cute, too!

  10. Beautiful pictures! I love making Jack-O-Lanterns. Every year we carve one and light it and I bake the seeds in the oven with a little olive oil and salt. We all look forward to that every year:)

  11. Looking at those beautiful pictures remind me when I was in New England during Autumn many years ago.

  12. Beautiful fall pictures. Our fall is now bitter cold and freezing every night. Enjoy. You and your daughter are so beautiful!

  13. Beautiful pictures.Jasmine look intent on her mission.

  14. My favorite season. That's a great jack-o-lantern!

  15. we have the same themes on our posts!! lovely pictures :)

  16. Lovely photos! This is definitely one of my favorite seasons.

  17. I am surprise as you did not do any Jake O`Lantern pumpkins in the UK.
    We have been celebrating Halloween in the UK for years now.
    Great clicks.
    Well done ♥

  18. Beautiful pictures, what lovely fall colors and that pumpkin looks cute!

  19. This is my FAVORITE time of year all over! Enjoy...

  20. Your area is very beautiful...and your little one looks adorable, concentrating so deeply on sticking her stickers!

  21. Beautiful! Fall might be my favorite season... either fall or spring, I can never decide, hehe :)

  22. Sanjeeta he he I know she loves stickers
    Deeba thanks she is :-0
    Jess my pleasure wow enjoy Japan
    Natasha he he thanks
    Sonia maybe you can plan a visit one yr at this time
    my little space it rains some not as much as my homeland the UK though
    Sushma thanks
    peachkins thanks
    Sam thanks it was nice quiet the way I like lol
    Biren my pleasure
    savoring time in the kitchen good name for her
    Emily thanks not bad for my first
    Raina oh thats a great idea I will bake the seeds next time
    Anncoo oh I bet New England was amazing
    Rita thanks oh sorry its so cold there
    Mimi he he i know
    Belinda thanks so much
    Jhonny thats cool on my way over
    Jenn smiles
    Ana my parents don't like halloween
    Emily thanks
    E oh mine too
    Indie. thanks and she is so funny
    Victoria its a tough one

  23. Oh Rebecca! love those photos. . so great autumn. The fall of leaves and the coolness of the environment, perfect! thanks for sharing your wonderful life=)

  24. The pictures look beautiful. I'm so jealous of the beautiful season you can enjoy!

    Here in Southern California, the weather doesn't get cold enough for the leaves to change

  25. I wish we had those colors here now but it is still too warm for the trees to change. Looks like I need to visit you!

  26. Naomi oh thats what changes the leaves
    Bridgett come on over to NC


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