Thursday, November 18, 2010

Chow and Chatter App: First Review

I am thrilled that agreed to review my app today out of hundreds of requests see the link below and please retweet I really really appreciate it . The app has sold in 6 countries so far.Also if you have downloaded please leave a review on itunes I need so many to get a rating. Sorry if you think I am annoying, please let me know honestly if I am! just want to get the word out ;-)

I hope it sells so I can break even and save money to get hubby a cool birthday pressie next year its a big one. I also want to add more recipes in future and keep making the app better and better :-)

I also want to say if anyone has anything they want to share an etsy store, a cookbook something they are proud of would love to help you and spread the word. We are all part of an amazing community if there is anyway I can help budding Entrepreneurs I would love to :-)

I can add a post to Chow and Chatter, tweet, link to facebook or have you on my radio show :-)

Lots of love and Hugs 

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