Friday, May 14, 2010

Use Special Things!!

My Grandma gave this cute little milk jug to me last time I was in the UK, I brought it home carefully wrapped in my suitcase and didn't use it for ages.
But recently I had a friend over for coffee the little ones were splashing in the paddling pool and we were having tea on the back deck and I thought why not use it!
We often keep china cups for special occasions and nice clothes but why not use or wear them isn't every day a gift and a special occasion!

What are you going to use?

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  1. oops ,my comment got lost midway. you are right why wait for a special day , or occasion. looks very pretty. have a nice week end

  2. I cherish those special things received from family members and try to use them often.

    Have a fun weekend!

  3. I dont believe in keeping stuff hidden away. I use my china and silver all the time! Used to get so ad at my mom when I was a kid because she never used hers.

    thats a really pretty creamer!

  4. I was given a gravy jug and I broke it to pieces. I did manage to glue it back and I continue to use it til these days. It is still very special to me after all.
    My grandma used to say "things ceased to be special if they are not being used, touched or smashed :)

  5. This is SO true Rebecca- I have a tea set I bought in Ireland and it sits in my curio! I also do use antique glass I collect when I have guest and it is fun when they comment how cute it is! Kudos to you!

    Jasmine is getting a surprise in the mail- Yes finally huh, lol!

  6. Very true Rebecca. At our home we use our good sterling silver everyday, except if we eat fried eggs for breakfast. Egg yolks on good silver equal polishing the forks later.

    When we moved to the islands, I had to sell a lot of things because they wouldn't fit in the house there. I took the bone china and sold the everyday stuff. People were so surprised when they came to dinner. Well, why not?

    Have a great weekend.

  7. This is so pretty! And all the more so because it came from grandma!

  8. I agree!! Why not enjoy nice things too ... I am glad you had such a lovely time with your friend. The milk jug is delightful.

  9. Very beautiful jug :) I love collecting China tea set and only used it when there are house guests.

  10. Peanutts: thanks and the same to you
    Nisrine thats great lo;
    Lauren: your a clever lady
    Sushma thanks
    3 hungry tummies your grandma is smart i love that you still use it
    Chef E oh thats cool and thanks for the gift!
    Sam: oh wow thats so cool you did that I am going to get some china cups he he
    Joanna smiles
    Laura thanks
    Anccoo we I could come for tea!

  11. The jug looks very beautiful. Special things for special occasions.

  12. It is true! This reminds me of all of the fine serving trays that my mom collected and saved for a special occasion, but none were special enough. It's important not to lose to sight of a gift's purpose. Using it with care is another way of honoring speical items.

  13. Angie thanks
    Fresh local and best well said lol



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