Saturday, May 29, 2010

Istanbul Eats

Here are a few food snaps of food around this vibrant and friendly city-

Fresh fish outside a restaurant

Traditional milk pudding

Macarons at a bakery

Fresh orange juice

Fresh fish sandwich we have had quite a few!!

Turkish coffee

A yogurt drink very popular here you will often see business men sipping this at lunch

Baklava oh wow I love this!!

Lambs heads now this is not for me I was speaking to an American who lives here so said the cheeks are good they also eat the brain!! And make a kebab with organ meats wrapped around the intestines it's good to use all the whole animal though I guess

Fruit stalls

busy street, there are so many cafes here

Ladies making traditional flat bread

Cakes !

Fruit growing outside balcony I like this tastes and looks like a white raspberry sold in the streets

Yummy bread

Roasted corn


Love from Istanbul

back to the UK Monday to see Great Grandma and Granddad and Grandma and Grandad, Aunties and Uncles and attend a lovely University friends wedding.

I plan to make a Turkish meal for my family, wish me luck!

spices and cookbook are packed ! with Turkish delights and apple tea!

Also I am planning a Turkish spice giveaway for Chow and Chatter Readers with Sumac (a salad spice) and Fish Spice, watch this space

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  1. my mom loves baklava and I love yogurt drinks.... I will be enjoying myself in Istanbul...

    The Peach Kitchen
    blowing peachkisses
    peach and things

  2. woow, another culinery report from Istanbul! Being there, I would be lost what to eat first ;)

  3. Hope you're having fun! I have visited Istanbul several times and discover something new everytime I visit! I have two posts on Istanbul in my blog, one about a restuarant we went to with a fantastic view over the Blue Mosque. Enjoy!

  4. This food is just amazing! I can't wait for the giveaway and to see what you create with all of your new firsthand Turkish food experiences!

  5. Awesome! That coffee looks SO thick! The fresh fish sandwich looks so good - I know I would love that, sounds like they're everywhere! Thanks again for bringing us along on your adventure!! Enjoy the wedding!

  6. Lovely holiday you had there Rebecca! ..I wld love to visit istanbul one day....teh food looks very appetizing..I particularly like the fish sandwich.I LOVE fish. :))

    Im sure youre going to make a fantastic Turkish meal.:)

  7. Thanks for sharing those lovely pictures. Can't wait to see your Turkish meal! I bet must be delicious.

  8. How a lovely holidays you had there. I'm sure you will success making the Turkish meal, good luck !

  9. All that stuff looks so fresh and delicious. I could go for one of those fish sandwiches! Have fun back home!

  10. Thnx for sharing, I love food journeys, gives me a feel of what the country/culture is all about. Your little girl is adorable staring longingly at the cakes, ha, ha.

  11. Mmmm... fresh orange juice... I haven't had lamb brain, but in Vietnam we eat pig brain (steamed with egg and ground pork), and it's like cream. I don't think they/we eat other parts to avoid waste, it's because they taste good. Sausages are made with intestine anyway, and that's not because we don't want to waste the intestine.

  12. What a great idea! When I go to Spain I should do something like a giveaway!

    You tease us with your goodies, and that roasted corn!

  13. Good luck with your Turkish meal!
    Have you tried the Döner there?

  14. Everything looks great. Have fun back in the UK.

  15. Peachkins: oh you would love it
    the lacquer spoon; oh its fun lol
    Laura: oh will check out your blog, we want to come back
    Joanne: oh me too couldn't go to the Spice Bazaar for not bring goodies back!
    design wine and dine my pleasure thanks for coming along
    Zurin aw thanks will send you a fish sandwich or maybe you can win the spices to cook one!
    Anncoo thanks hope so lol
    Sonia thanks so much
    Michelle thanks so much
    Eleanor I know and she had to choice her own he he
    Mai you make a very good point lol
    Chef E oh Spanish tapas I am so excited for your trip
    Angie I need to so much choice
    Melinda thanks

  16. Lovely photos. All that good food...yummy! You keep having a good time and enjoy the rest of your trip. Will be looking for you when you get back. I like using sumac or (zaatar) on fish!

  17. Boy, Jassy knows what she likes -- cake and icecream! Looks like you're having a great time! Love "seeing what you're seeing!"

  18. Wow you do get around Rebecca. Enjoy the wedding and look forward to seeing your Turkish meal.

  19. How I would love to be there - living vicariously through you - the sights, the sounds, the aromas - you bring it alilve.

  20. Thank you for sharing!!!You are a lucky girl :)

  21. thanks for taking us to Istanbul. You're always travelling and I'm so jealous haha...

    great pictures.. bring home some baklavas!

  22. Lovely pics rebecca...interesting dishes ...

  23. wow, lovely place :) looking forward to check your turkish recipes :)

  24. Turkish food has much in common with dishes found across the Mediterranean, from the Balkans to North Africa, with similarities between Arab, Persian, and other cuisines. Different versions of kebabs and baklava are among these regional specialties.
    What's unique to Istanbul are the freshness of the ingredients and the range of preparation methods, from the utmost in simplicity to immensely sophisticated.

  25. Lyndsey see your a star you know what sumac is will look for recipes ideas from you lol
    Connie thanks so much for coming along she loves her icecream!
    Janice thanks yep we adore travel
    Claudia thanks for coming along
    Erica for sure
    Malou hop you get to visit one day love ya
    peanutts thanks lol
    Mehmet thanks so much for stopping by and your insight

  26. wow..lovely place....lovely writes up too...waitin for turkish dish...keep rockin

  27. Beef cheeks and pork cheeks are both under-rated so I can only imagine lamb's cheeks would be quite good too. Never tried lamb's brains but it is a very common Middle Eastern and Mediterranean thing. And absolutely love baklava!

  28. What a treasure of delights! I learned so much about Istanbul from your pictures, thanks for all your past few posts as well. What a great trip you're having. How will you ever be able to go home?

  29. I keep on hearing about the food from Istanbul, and the amazing breadth is confirmed in this post. I love turkish coffee and like that business men are sipping on yogurt drinks in the afternoon, it's such a healthy habit.

  30. Subhie thanks sweet of you
    mademoiselle delicieuse i need to try it i guess he he
    table runner thanks for joining me its been fun but home is still home, like the routine lol
    Christine you would love it

  31. Looks like you had fun trying different food! I am jealous! :)

  32. Pics look so great! Especially the ones with Jasmine and that fish oh boy! So can't wait to hear more!!

  33. Lovely pictures. Thanks for sharing. Must be so much fun...can tell from the faces :D

  34. Love Turkey, Istanbul and Turkish food! I am waiting for your turkish meal impatiently!

  35. Very very neat! I love seeing new places and their food traditions. I almost felt like I was watching the food network with those lamb heads lol mmm baklava, I sure enjoy that :)

  36. Mmm! It ALL looks wonderful, but especially the baklava!

  37. Great photos! Fun to see all the delicious foods from Istanbul!

  38. Great pictures Rebecca! Hope you're having lots of fun! And yes you may use my shrimp tacos if you like. Safe travels.

  39. Oh! We will be going to Turkey and Greece this the pictures!
    Have lots and lots of fun...look forward to hear more about it ;-)

  40. Wow!! What an outstanding trip you are having. I'm loving all that baklava, but they can keep the goat heads ;-)

    Safe travels to you and your family.

  41. GLad you had a great time. Your pics were wonderful and made me nostalgic! Love Turkey!

  42. I could never do all of the lamb parts but everything else looks mighty tasty, especially that rich delicious Turkish coffee! :) Glad you are having a nice time!

  43. Wow, I think I gained a pound or two just by looking at the photos of the wonderful foods. Lovely!

  44. thanks for coming to Turkey with me love to you all


  45. Love the last picture! Love watching the view and thanks so much for taking us there. I can see how much you enjoyed it!



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