Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Rana Loca - Winston Salem

Mums chicken with rice and black beans

This evening we ate at a restaurant called Rana Loca in Winston Salem on the corner of 4th and Spruce street it features Authentic Latin Cuisine my friends friend mentioned it to me she has a Cuban Dad and Spanish Mum and she said it was good. So of we went!, overall I really liked the place Winston Salem has been working really hard in the last few years to improve the downtown area, it now has upscale apartments, coffee shops and an independent cinema.

My hubby got Masita's a yummy pork dish with smashed plantains on the bottom.

I got fish tacos I have been meaning to eat these for ages and was not disappointed

My Dad got Swordfish and I learnt from the chef that dark parts of flesh is normal where the blood runs through as I was worried about a dark part, he he silly me

Empanadas ! so happy I found them right here where I live, the chef is from Miami so really gets this dish!
Crab cakes, nice and spicy with chopped Jalopeno

The Chef was lovely and was more than happy to answer my questions he also showed us what Yuca looks like and gave a fantastic tip he says he freezes it then adds directly to the fryer this makes it puff out and becomes nice and soft in the center.

For more details see their site and if your ever in Winston Salem check it out http://www.ranaloca.com/index.php


  1. I love latin food! Growing up in Miami really allowed me to fully experience latin food. Your dishes look flavorful and delicious at he Rana Loca.

  2. Cuban, makes me want to put on my Mark Anthony CD and dance about! We used to eat more Cuban food when we were in Florida on vaca and in Dallas, but none here, only me :) I will put on the music and think of your food as I dance around making Salmon with Cilantro and some black beans!

    Oh how cute the guy got the recipe on the post below, gave me a giggle!

  3. Nice place to dine with family. Love the presentation of the crab cakes!

  4. I love Winston! What a cute town. All of the food looks delicious!

  5. So funny name in Spanish....mmm empanadas I don't know the filling but they look very good :)



  6. What an excellent meal and variety of flavours! would so love to try them too!

  7. So many yummy dishes, looks great..

  8. Cheerful dishes with your family round! I can easily imagine how you enjoyed the time :)

  9. Every bit of it looks yummy. Thanks for sharing.

  10. I like the presentation of the crab cakes, so pretty!

  11. Wonderful dinner...sure you all enjoyed it

  12. Velva: oh must have been fun growing up in Miami
    Chef E oh would love to see that he he
    Pete:oh it was pretty thanks so much for stopping by
    Joanne you will have to come visit one day
    Gera thanks for telling me the meaning - Crazy Frog
    Sonia smiles
    Ruth come on over
    Sushma lol
    the lacquer spoon oh dreading when they leave tomorrow
    Lea Ann my pleasure
    Yasmeen oh I am with you love seafood
    Anncoo oh they were
    Gulmohar yep

  13. everything looks so good - I would want a bite of everyones dish

  14. Angie oh they were my fav lol
    DoggyBloggy i know and in Winston too cool

  15. My husband really loves Cuban food and everything here looks delicious Rebecca!

  16. Rebecca, the food looks delicious!

  17. For a town its size, W-S has some great restaurants. Have you been to Camel City Cafe, now downtown. I am working on empanadas (Spanish granny who grew up in Venezula is instructing) so I hope to have them soon!

  18. Your dad was here! I'm sure you all enjoyed the meal very much. I love the tacos you're having...looks pretty yummy!
    Cheers, Kristy

  19. My most recent post was about trying to get good fish tacos in the south...and here it looks like there might be a spot to try in Winston! Well done! Of course, Winston is still further away than my kitchen. Who am I kidding? Curiousity will require that I go check it out. Thanks for the tip!



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