Wednesday, April 15, 2009

You Know Your In London When .....

Here are a few pictures of very British things, like lancashire hotpot baby food, Jasmine liked this, egg and soldiers - is 1/2 boiled egg with small slices of toast to dip in it. This is a name of a restaurant in Clapham also Brew- or cup of tea. We had brunch here, bacon sandwiches, eggs, bread and butter pudding and of course tea!!
The flavors of crisps are very British also, apparently there is a nationwide competition to vote for the best flavour!!

Its great to go back home after living in the States for 6 years and see things through new eyes!


  1. What I miss about London is Marks and Spencers. Miss their grocery section. Love the shrimp chips!

  2. omg, I want to fly over to london, if just for those boiled eggs and soldiers. I LOVE those, but somehow it's not the same making it at home!

  3. Which is YOUR fave flavour?(Note:I still use the 'u' in flavour)

  4. I love marks and spencer as well the sandwiches are great, oh yeah prawn cocktail is my favourite - I know Sweta I got American !! he he

  5. I want to visit London!!

    The logo on those walkers looks oddly similar to the frito lay chips. lol. I'll have a bag of the fish and chips, please. =)

  6. Its the Walkers crisps for me too - though in a local English pub here (Paris)they do Walkers & twiglets!!!!

    ...sorry - still can't use my Blogger a/c!!! Fiona



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