Wednesday, April 22, 2009

20% of America's 4 year olds are obese

In a study of 8550 children nationwide it was found that 20% of American 4 year olds are obese, thats a BMI over the 95th percentile or a BMI of 18. This sets them up for multiple health risks in later life such as diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol and more.

This is indeed an alarming statistic as a Nation and as parents we need to create homes, where healthy meals around the dinner table and family activity is the norm.

See below for BMI charts, (BMI- weight in Kg/ Height in m squared)

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  1. That is an alarming data! Tks for sharing. I will make sure my son has a sleeping routine and proper diet since he was small.

  2. That is alarming! Not that I cook the healthiest meals, my children never lived off of fast food. There a woman I work with who feeds her 5 year old nothing but Mickey D's and Hardees, I could scream for this poor child. She's thin, but I just hate that she lives off of chicken nuggets and cinnamon melts.

    thanks for letting me vent and for taking the time to visit my blog and leave a comment!

  3. This alarming trend is catching up in India too :(

  4. no problem, its affecting the whole world sad really

  5. That a huge percentage! Wow. My 4-year old is so skinny too, she's around 5th percentile for weight.

  6. I was always tiny and so is my daughter all things come in small packages he he

  7. Hi! Thanks for joining in on my blog :). I look forward to reading about your NC-cookings too!

    Glad you liked the bread !

  8. no problem, I wish I was able to make bread like you maybe you need to open a bakery, I love the bakeries in Europe



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