Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Get Your ZZZ's


In a recent study conducted by the National Institute of Health looking at 1455 people who were catorgorized into long sleepers over 8 years, mid 6-8 hrs a night and short sleepers less than 6 hours. It was found that the short sleepers had 356% higher risk of impaired glucose tolerance a marker for future diabetes.

Lack of sleep also has a strong link with obesity.

So try and make sleep a priority have a good bed time routine, take a bubble bath, read a book, unwind from your day and go to bed at the right time, to get in those precious zzz's to feel your best.


  1. I belongs to the mid-group. Well, although I don't sleep long enough, at least I don't stay up late either.

  2. I'm in the mid-group as well. The only time I've ever get less sleep is if I'm working on a production. Otherwise, I'm comfortable getting the 6-8 beautifying hours of zzzz's.

  3. this is a lovely thread i am mid depending on my 8 month old he he!!

  4. I think I've always been a mid-sleeper(except on weekends when I used to get into the long sleepers group).Now,with my son past the 'waking up every 3 hours stage'-I'm back into the mid-group :)



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