Thursday, April 30, 2009

Todays Oprah Show: Food for Thought

Kirstie Ally was on Oprah today stating that she has regained the weight after resigning from her post as a Jenny Craig spokesperson. I am sure it took guts to take the stage and confess to this, again it highlights how difficult it is for folks to lose weight and keep it of long term. From working as a dietitian for over 8 years, I have learned for most folks, weight is a outward symptom of how they deal with stress, often turning to food for comfort. In any weight loss program for long term success there needs to be

- a counseling component learning to cope with stress, as life will always have stressful events
- a long term goal even today Kirstie was falling into her old pitfall of trying to loss weight to get into a bikini by November and Oprah stopped her from doing it on National TV
- support, Kirstie regained the weight when she stopped being a spokesperson as they no longer came by her house to weigh her weekly, folks who keep the weight of have a great support network of friends and family to cheer them on. I would highly recommend a good dietitian and keeping those follow up appointments even when you re gain the weight, its at those times you need the support the most
- weight yourself, Kirstie didn't weight for 1 1/2 years, when your aware of it its easier to make changes along the way
- Take small baby steps and be kind to yourself, its not easy but it can be done, if you have a bad day don't worry tomorrow is a new one.

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  1. I tape Oprah, so I will definitely watch it when I get home tonight.

    I think it did take a lot of guts for her to come out after so pubicly displaying herself as an "after" by wearing a bikini.

    I have gained and lost a bunch of weight over the years, but during this last year have really started focusing more on me and healthful eating as opposed to "dieting" its working so far. I think that when people lose weight for an event, or a wedding, and not for themselves its easier to fall back into old habit when the event it over and you think you are done. The thing people forget is when you lose weight they aren't done, you have to do the same things that got you to your weight goal for the rest of your life!

    Thanks for telling me about Oprah, ususally I just see the title and if I'm not interested, I'll just delete it.


  2. you said it Jenn you have to do it for you, not an event all the best and keep up the good work lol

  3. Great post. Though, I'm don't watch Oprah. But I can attest to the weight battle. I've always had a struggle thoughout my life. I manage to reach my weightloss goal last October and have been able to maintain it since them. I lost a total of 48lbs from my heaviest. And for a small person like me that's a lot of weight. This is the longest I've ever been able to keep the weight off. I have a wonderful support system, so that encourages me everyday as I still struggle with it. I'm taking things one day at a time.

  4. Being in the field for over 30 years, it takes all you've stated and more. It just goes to show that Opera, Ally, and others, are just people--like you and me. They really are no different than you or me, but we are all skilled in different areas. They must want to do it for their own sake, and, be ready, which is called, 'learner readiness.'
    Best regards,
    Anthony Sepe

  5. Jenn- thats wonderful, so proud of you, and great mindset one day at a time
    Anthony- wow 30 years amazing, yep celebs are the same as you and me, Kirstie is a pre contemplator again !!-rebecca

  6. Well said Rebecca-I couldn't agree with you more:)

  7. I feel for Kirstie because I know only too well what gaining the weight back feels like. I saw a snippet of the interview on youtube and what worries me is that she's now gone into producing her own weight loss products and is claiming she's lost 20lbs in a month.

    For me this kind of loss is totally unsustainable. What are your thoughts on healthy, manageable weight loss rates?

  8. your right Bernie her idea worries me also, and 20lb in 5 weeks is way too fast even Oprah was shocked and kept asking her how she did it. I feel 1-2 pounds a week, so it may take at least 6 months to a year to lose.

    But it didn't come on overnight so a gradual approach is easier with small changes, like walking 3 times a week initially, less fried food, smaller plates, more fruits and veggies. Then in time the new changes will become the norm.

    Much love Rebecca

  9. I never watch Oprah - or anything - but I think that might have been an important program. Two women who have truly fought the good fight with weight and solider on. I believe the "support" to be so important. Or the - accountability.

  10. yep accountability helps folks so much

  11. I can attest to the importance of support! I was fortunate that my husband joined me wholeheartedly in my efforts so I always had a gym partner (who wouldn't accept my whiny excuses as to why I should skip it) and a dining companion who shared my interest in healthy cooking and eating.

    I remind myself that it is a lifelong process but that it is a process that helps achieve a long life!

  12. tangled Noodle what a great hubby you have keep up the good work and fab blogging



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