Thursday, April 9, 2009

When In Roma Eat as The Romans Do!!

Now in Rome love it so full of history and beauty, here are a few travel tips

1. Get of the beaten track for restaurants, find back streets and ask the locals where to eat, you dont want to hear a lot of English spoken !! Yesterday we had lunch at La Foccaccia Via della Pace P.zza Navona, wow amazing food and laid back. Italian food is so much more than pizza and pasta but of course they are also great. I had a vegetarian plater, with cous cous! (recently becoming popular with the locals), zuchini, salad, eggplant and sauteed vegetables and Murug had home made ravoli. The waitress said to stay away from tourist areas as the pasta is often not home made but frozen!

2. A lot of awesome restaurants have buffets at lunch we had one at Gusto (this restarant also had a culinary shop full of cool kitchen gadgets!).
So many vegetables and colour, one thing I noticed is you pay per plate and the locals only had one plate!, portion control.

3. When in France you will often find set menus and lunch is much cheaper, and often an easier time with a baby!

4. Drink coffee at the bar its much cheaper, less than a Euro for a capuccino or espresso (most locals seem to do this) if you sit down its over 3 Euro but of course at times its great to sit and watch the world go by.

Our little daughter is loving the food along the way, she adored the french bread in France and Gelato here and pasta. I even found miniture sized pasta for babies in a local grocery store, that I am cooking for her!

The Italians are very family orientated and more than helpful with a baby, happily heating the baby food and providing a high chair.

I have taken loads of amazing food pics, will upload soon to make your mouths water.

Much Love Rebecca


  1. I would love to visit Rome one day.

    I'm glad your daughter is enjoying her trip and the wonderful food.

  2. Great to see post from you-can't wait to see the pics :-)

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment! That is amazing you get to travel the world. What has been your favorite place?


  4. um I love the South of france the best mountains, beaches and good food

  5. Great food Rebecca we really enjoyed it too. Baby seems to have thrived on it.



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