Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Get in Shape Prior to Pregnancy

The American Dietetic Association issued a position paper today highlighting the need for woman to get in shape and be a healthy weight prior to pregnancy to decrease the risk of gestational diabetes, pre eclampsia and neural tube defects.

I found eating well and being active prior and during pregnancy really helps, you feel so much better and recover faster. Pre natal yoga was awesome. Also small meals and often helped, lots of fruits and vegetables and good home cooked meals. Remember when the little one arrives you will lead by example!

For tips feel free to message me or Sweta my other RD blogger buddy!!



  1. Physical activity is so very important these days-it should should become as important as brushing one's teeth!!
    Thanks for the referral:)Always ready to help!!

  2. Had gestational diabetes with my second child. Walking and lots of vegetables did help. BUt I do love my carbs...

  3. I didn't do much with my first child. Luckily I stayed in the "healthy" weight gain. But, it was SO HARD to get off...and then I got pregnant again! I have gotten down below what I was before, but I am determined if I have another baby to keep up my exercize routine (with a few changes) so that I can get the weight off even faster.

    Great post!

  4. Calm in the Kitchen: good for you but your right not easy to get those pounds off, I am there now but even as a dietitian and personal trainer, its work !, keep up the good work, proud of you Rebecca



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