Sunday, April 12, 2009

Italy Land of Coffee Lovers

While in Rome we had coffee in a small coffee shop, every morning the friendly staff would make 2 perfect cappucinnos for us and Jasmine would eat the milk foam!
I will miss the coffees!

Now in London for the last leg of our trip, drinking tea!, looking forward to coming home to the States and some home cooked food, and trying new recipes.


  1. *Sigh* Even the table looks so chic.

  2. yep they made a heart shape I have an espresso machine but still can't master it!

  3. Hey! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Looks like you are having a great trip; I've always wanted to go to Europe! :-)

  4. Artisan coffee....
    Can coffee help to control the weight?

  5. coffee and weight control: no I dont think it will help you control weight, its a fab drink in moderation, but if you are trying to watch your weight avoid mocha, frappacinnos etc- loaded with calories. The Italians don't drink it just espresso's and capuccino and macchiato is the cream of the milk foam not cream.

  6. Love that foam heart on the coffee! How neat!



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