Saturday, March 3, 2012

Zucchini and Bacon Soup from @DavidMarteau

I have been tweeting with @ourmaninsh- Peter who helps @DavidMarteau with social media and Chef David for a couple of years now.  Chef Marteau is the executive chef at Parklands hotel in Shanghai in fact I asked him to do a guest post here a in 2010 where he describes how he cultivated his love of food and travel. He is a sweet guy originally from France then lived in Canada he is married to a Chinese lady with two wee kiddies and am more than happy to help promote him, he truly deserves it.

 I must admit when he offered to send me his cookbook I happily agreed to receive it. I never take free cookbooks and would have bought it anyways. Its a wonderful book, inspired with global recipes the first thing I have made is this zucchini and bacon soup. It never occurred to me to let zucchini be a star ingredient in a soup but it works to well. 

Here's chef David talking about his book 

and here is him at work making a red wine risotto

and finally a link to his book on amazon, I love supporting others, as I know personally how hard it is to market two apps, chow and chatter recipe app  and now Go Social the social media tips app :-) 

Do check him out and follow on twitter @DavidMarteau he's a sweet person and talented chef. 


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