Friday, March 23, 2012

Banana's and Custard

Reading The Guardian food section got me again recently with this post on how to make the perfect custard. My Dad loves his custard and always uses a can of Birds Custard, he proudly makes the paste and carefully stirs to create his signature thick custard to eat with crumbles, pies and steamed puddings, very British. 

After reading this I just had to make custard from scratch with egg yolk, it seemed so easy, did you know Birds custard was invested by Mr Bird because his wife had an egg allergy its just coloring, sugar and corn starch. So a from scratch rich custard sauce was needed to fix my craving.


  • One cup of milk
  • a few drops of vanilla essence, I will use a vanilla pod next time 
  • 2 egg yolks
  • 1 tbsp caster sugar
  • 1/2 tbsp cornflour

1. Add milk to a pan with the vanilla on a medium heat, stir without letting it boil. 

2. Meanwhile, beat egg yolks with sugar and cornflour together in a bowl.

3. Add yolks, sugar and corn flour mixture into the milk, continue to stir until it thickens and it coats the back of your wooden spoon will take about 10 minutes.

4. Enjoy 

I ate the custard with chopped banana a very British dessert so good. 

Have a great weekend everyone, exciting one for us my brother in Law who lives in Omaha is coming and my sister in law and her hubby from the UK tomorrow. It will be the first time for them meeting Roshan. We plan to take them to Charleston for a couple of days next week, as its one of my favorite towns in America ;-) 

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  1. From scratch is always best...Have fun with your family. Charleston is my favorite southern city.

  2. Rebecca this custard look amazing!

  3. I just made bread pudding yesterday and this is definitely my next meal :)

  4. sounds so simple yet yummilicioius... just what i needed.

    waving hello from the PHilippines,

  5. What an interesting story Rebecca. I bet the vanilla made this very special.

  6. Always appreciate your worldly recipes Rebecca. I've traveled all over the U.S. but still haven't made it to Charleston, need to. Hope your weekend is a good one :)

    1. thanks Sweet Sandi you too you would adore Charleston

  7. Custard made from scratch is always so much better than custard made from powder. I hope you have a lovely weekend with your family - what a special time!

  8. Custard is comfort food personified, Rebecca. I make it all the time!

  9. A yummy dessert: What's not to love here? I adore custard & banana's together!

  10. I always make custard but I use the eggy variety.

    I had bananas last night too. Mine were oh so simple though. I chopped up a banana and drizzled yoghurt over the top. Plain and delicious.

    I think I deserve cake tonight.

  11. Maureen enjoy your cake and thanks for visiting

  12. hi rebecca! lovely idea, thanks for sharing :) i'll be in milan the last week of may so if you are around it will be lovely to have a cup of coffee together :) let me know when :)
    many hugs,

  13. Custard is one of my favourite remedy for what ails you. I always have a can Birds Custard on my shelf and I am not British; have no idea where or why I got hooked on this stuff.

  14. I definitely agree that homemade is better than canned. This looks really well-done and the bananas are a nice addition! Almost like banana pudding :)

  15. Hi Rebecca. I've bookmaked this, my Dad will LOVE it!! Like a fine Yorkshireman, he loves custard. (but rarely has it anymore - next time I visit, I'll change that) Hope all is well in your world.

  16. Roz oh thats so sweet of you he will love it

  17. I love homemade custard! This looks delicious!

  18. What a delicious and comforting dessert! Enjoy the time with your family, Rebecca!

  19. Simple and comforting--this looks delicious with the bananas. ;-)



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