Friday, March 9, 2012

Blood Orange Salad with Meyer Lemon Vinaigrette

This is a super simple salad, with my two favorite citrus fruits, the Meyer lemon and blood orange, we ate this for valentines with a whole roasted red snapper :-), lovely. Its so easy to make your own vinaigrette's and much better for you :-) 


  • a couple of handfuls of mixed greens
  • one blood orange thinly sliced 
  • about 10 slices of cucumber 
  • 1/2 a grated carrot 
for the vinaigrette

  • one juice of a meyer lemon
  • dash of balsamic vinegar
  • pinch of salt and pepper
  • tablespoon of orange juice
  • tablespoon of olive oil 
  • teaspoon of honey 

  1. chop the salad vegetables, grate carrot and add to a plate
  2. mix the ingredients of the vinaigrette and drizzle over the top
  3. enjoy 

Have a wonderful weekend everyone :-) 

I am interviewing on Blog Talk Radio the lovely Prerna from @indiansimmer on Food photography tips, be sure to tune in call, tweet or facebook with questions :-) today March 9th at 1 pm EST

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  1. Loved this dressing. I love all citrus and greens salads, some nuts thrown in too :-)

    1. oh great idea to add the nuts really need to do that more

  2. I finally found some Meyer lemons, but I am not at home; I still bought some just so I could taste the sweetness; great salad.

  3. Ooh, blood oranges. Very dramatic.

  4. I can't get either blood oranges or Meyer lemons here, but I'll bet I could make a pretty good mock-up of this. I'll report back.

  5. This looks so delicious! I love citrus salads, especially on a hot day like the one we're having today.

  6. lovely salad i have a ton of meyer lemons on my counter, but was planning a margarita , lol... but hti s salad is stunning.

  7. Hm yum! I love the blood orange & meyer lemon here. I can't get enough citrus flavor~. How did the blogtalkradio go? I really admire you, Rebecca! You try all kinds of social media and I am more knowledgeable about it by following you!

  8. That's a fresh, beautiful salad, Rebecca. Simple to make and so good for us!

  9. Gorgeous salad and enjoy the radio talk with you and Prerna :)



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