Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Roasted eggplant with Goats Cheese and Fusili

I adore this recipe, simple to make and loaded with flavors of summer. You first roast the eggplant with garlic in the oven to produce a lovely smokey flavor then mix with goats cheese, vegetables and pasta. 


  • one cup of fusili or any pasta cooked till al dente
  • one medium sized eggplant thinly sliced
  • 4 cloves of chopped garlic
  • 8 chopped cherry tomatoes
  • 1/2 a cup of petite frozen peas
  • about 2 tablespoons of goats cheese/chevres
  • about a teaspoon of Italian herbs

  1. heat the oven to about 400 degrees and roast thinly sliced eggplant with garlic a drizzle of olive oil, salt and pepper for about 20 minutes, until soft.
  2. then heat a little olive oil, add the peas, cherry tomatoes and saute on medium heat for 3 minutes with the herbs
  3. mix in the eggplant for 2 minutes, then add the cooked pasta and goats cheese
  4. serve and enjoy

We went to take Patti (Tamil for Grandma) back to the airport this evening and the flight to DC was cancelled meaning she wouldn't make the connection. So we drove back to the airport and she gained a bonus day with Jasmine. Its funny the exact same thing happened with my Mum and Dad when they were here and hence the term bonus day was invented. 

I am eagerly adding my favorite recipes to the blog, to get them into the iPhone app. I also asked the developer to be able to add more in 6 months, so it will be a cookbook that will never go out of date!

If you were adding a recipe to an app or cookbook, which I am confident you will be one day if you haven't already what are your favorites to share? Oh and if you have a book feel free to share the link!

Oh and be sure to check out tomorrows Radio Show at 5 pm for a fun Chat with Pete a third generation citrus grower for all things citrus, food and travel!

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  1. Smokey eggplant with goats cheese, vegs and pasta - this is magnificent, a great balance of flavors for an excellent dish :)



  2. Great combination! Perfect sunday lunch for me.

  3. Hi Rebekka, i´m great thank you. How are you? I´ve been very busy lately, working on my art exhibition which is in august here in stockholm, so I don´t have any time to do recipes anymore :( But I try to do one now and then.

    I see that you are as productive as ever, and you are making some very good recipes. I love the homieness (can you say that?) of your recipes, It makes you want to eat them right away. Your hubby is a lucky man :)

    Keep up the good work
    //Gudmundur Palmason

  4. wow would love to have it now...looks so delicious..

  5. Thanks for the summery recipe! I like not only the robust cheese, but the intensified flavour of roasted eggplant :)

  6. Rebecca, eggplants are such an underused vegetable...they can be put in almost anything...I grill mine by the bunches then what is left over just add vinegrette and refrigerate for days and days and use as a salad...regards from Serbia

  7. Simple and delicious. I love goats cheese. This would be for me :D

  8. Awesome platter of deliciousness! But portion size is too small for me.

  9. yumm, nice and refreshing salad.

  10. Cool sounding app. I am not sure what recipes I would add, but probably stick with quick and easy vegetarian ones. This recipe you have here looks great. I love all the ingredients, especially the fusili for a fun pasta.

  11. What a good idea .. I am in Italy right now, this seems to be a great recipe!

  12. What a good idea .. I am in Italy right now, this seems to be a great recipe!

  13. Looks delicious; a nice light and healthy summer treat. When is the iphone app going to be out. Is it just Iphone or any smart phone?

  14. This is my kind of pasta dish! Love all the veggies!

  15. healthy and delicious looking that roasted egg planted and goat cheese!

  16. great pasta dish, love the bonus day..too fun


  17. O my, that looks tasty! Eggplant and Goat cheese sound phenomenal together!

  18. I don't like goat cheese, but I would love to try with queso fresco. Delicious.

  19. Yummy roasted eggplant! I'm so glad to have stopped by, lovely flavors Rebecca!! Have a lovely week :D Besitos Amiga!!

  20. Gera: oh thanks so sweet of you
    3 hungry tummies: oh thanks enjoy
    Guomundur oh wow an art exhibition congrats wish I could come and thanks so much for the kind words
    Sonia thanks
    Sushma thanks
    the lacquer spoon hope you try it lol
    jelena oh thats a great tip
    Mary thanks
    cool lassie he he you make me smile
    a bowl of mush oh thanks so much
    peannuts thanks
    Melinda oh love your veg recipes
    Laura oh wow have fun
    doc just for iPhone for now he he
    Joanne thanks
    Suman thanks
    sweetlife oh was a nice bonus day she is gone now though
    Connie thanks so much and love your blog
    Ana thanks
    Erica oh I want to try that cheese too!
    Diana oh thanks love ya
    peachkins oh that is the sweetest comment

  21. Mmmmmm.... Pasta perfection!! Fusili is my favourite pasta shape too!

  22. A flavourful combination, Rebecca, must taste wonderful!

  23. Great combo and perfect dish ;D

  24. I love this combination, Rebecca! Eggplant is fabulous in a pasta dish! Actually, I like eggplant in just about anything. :)

  25. Two of my favorite foods for all time - eggplant and goat cheese. My favorite post today :-)

  26. This dish look very delicious and yummy!Eggplant,goat cheese and pasta excellent combo!

  27. Ahh, simplicity on a plate. So healthy and fragrant and seasonal. Perfect. GREG

  28. Pasta with goat cheese! Must be good!!

  29. Roasted or grilled eggplant wrapped around most anything is my idea of heaven each summer. Looks lovely!

  30. jennifer aw thanks so much
    stefania grazie
    Angie oh it was yum thanks
    Anncoo thanks
    Barbara he he me too
    Pierce thanks blush
    always a winner thanks
    Greg thanks so so much sweet of u
    Sook smiles
    Lynn thanks

  31. Oh wow this looks really good. My husband is not a huge eggplant fan but maybe I can convince him to try this!



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