Peri Peri Mahi Mahi

This is a wonderfully simple way to serve mahi mahi, I marinated in Peri Peri (an African spice blend) and served over cous cous with mixed vegetables. Also I just wanted to say Peri Peri Mahi Mahi!

 Peri Peri is a popular South African seasoning in fact there is a restaurant chain in the UK called nandos that marinates chicken in it and grills it very tasty. Today is a perfect day to feature the recipe as my guest on Chow and Chatter Blog Talk radio Maye Musk is from South Africa and has the coolest accent!


  • 2 pieces of mahi mahi
  • about 3 tablespoons of Peri Peri,
  • olive oil
  • a little lemon juice
  • a pack of cous cous 
  • 1 cup frozen mixed vegetables

  1. mix the Peri Peri with olive oil and marinate the fish in it for 2 hours, be careful gets very spicy if you use a lot!
  2. then pan saute the fish about 5-7 minutes on each side
  3. get water boiling and add vegetables, then add cous cous and let it sit till soft
  4. drizzle lemon juice over fish and serve
A great and easy meal for busy evenings, that packs a punch.

Has anyone else got any good Peri Peri recipes (I know Doc from whats cookin with Doc makes his own blend :-)

Also be sure to tune into today's show- I am interviewing the most talented Maye Musk, a Registered dietitian, Model and superstar! I still feel super honored that she said yes to coming on little Rebecca's show the call in number is -  (914) 338-1103, for questions

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  1. Rebecca, this looks so delicious! Love the elegant presentation!

  2. Pretty dish and pretty name. Love it!

  3. What a beautifully healthy dish and with a fun name! Another bookmarked.

  4. i love peri peri sauce too, very tasty dish rebecca..

  5. Love Mahi Mahi....This looks sooooo good, Rebecca!

  6. Sounds very interesting in name and seasoning! Cous cous is an exotic staple, but love it when I need something but rice :)

    Your show time seems to conflict with my deep night, so will catch up with the podcast later. Enjoy!

  7. I love peri peri sauce. I actually have a few bottles of Nando's sauce. I like peri peri chicken, but this with the mahi mahi sounds really good. Do you serve it with couscous? :D

  8. Mahi mahi is such an elegant food... :) Looks delicious!

  9. Looks delicious...mmm. I had just had chicken at Nandos today. Love the Peri Peri sauce. spicy but delicious!

  10. I love peri peri sauce. Making some this weekend. Love the name of the dish too!

  11. What a fun name - and it is so bautifully prepared. My husband would be in heaven with this gorgeous dish - he cannot get enough mahi mahi.

  12. I love peri peri! Such big flavors.

  13. This looks so delicious Rebecca! And I just bought a bunch of different kinds of couscous. Did you know they make whole wheat couscous? So healthy. I will be back this weekend when I have more time to listen to your radio show.

  14. I've been to Chicken Peri-peri restaurant. I'd love to try fish with it! This looks gorgeous!

    The Peach Kitchen
    peach and things
    blowing peachkisses

  15. Angie thanks so much
    Anncoo oh thanks
    Lea Ann smiles
    Sushma thanks
    thanks Erica
    the lacquer spoon thanks for listening though it means so much to me
    Stevie thanks
    Lyndsey oh I just fancied cous cous
    Sook thanks so much oh love that fish
    Mary enjoy for me not in the US sob
    3 hungry tummies can't wait to see the post
    Claudia oh hope you or he makes it
    Joanne oh thats a great way to describe it
    Mimi thanks
    Reeni thanks for listening and I need to get whole wheat
    peachkins thanks
    Carrie thanks

  16. I'd like to taste the Peri Peri - don’t have idea about it but sounds very interesting :) Exotic for my palate!



  17. This dish has a cute name! I love Nando chicken, we do have a chain store here. Once you know the peri peri spices, do share with us, I like to learn this. Thanks.

  18. Love the name already, its very attractive and beautiful dish indeed..

  19. I'm unfamiliar with peri peri, Rebecca, but I'll look into it. I love that you served your mahi mahi over cous cous...such a lovely presentation.

  20. This reminds me that I really need to experiment more with different kinds of fish. I need to look into that peri peri too. That is new to me. Sounds delicious!

  21. I love fresh fish, and the added colorful preparation of couscous looks wonderful!

  22. Piri piri is widely used in loads of Portuguese dishes.
    Excelente recipe ♥

  23. That's one colourful looking dish, beautifully presented and bet it tastes as good too. I love spicy!

  24. Such a cute name: Peri Peri :-)
    The fish looks delicious...such a healthy dish.

  25. I know Peri peri from Nando's chicken which is a food chain in Malaysia. And they have mild to hot to super hot peri peri. You have a beautiful dish there!

  26. Yummy-and my recipe is from South Africa. Courtesy of the Chefs at Londolozi Game Reserve. I tweaked it just a little bit with some additional spice ;-)

  27. You plated your recipe beautifully. Looks delicious Rebecca.

  28. Gera oh you would love it
    Sonia I wish we had one here
    Priya thanks
    Barbara looking forward to your version
    Lori oh you will love this fish meaty and tasty
    Emily thanks
    Ana please share your recipes lol
    nicisme oh this one was for you then lol
    Juliana thanks
    mysimplefood thanks and love your blog
    doc oh wow you got it from a pro
    Kim thanks

  29. Amazing - anything with such a fun name must be delicous! We love couscous. I love your blog!

  30. Rebecca, this sounds wonderful, but I've never heard of peri peri seasoning and wonder where I can buy it.
    PS Please stop by my blog ( to enter my $70 giveaway. Deadline is Sun., 7/25, Midnight and it's open to all.

  31. Oh, I love this dish...great recipe and looks beautiful:)

  32. Christy aw thanks so sweet of you
    Judy on my way
    magic of spice thanks so much

  33. I bought some peri peri in Vienna, this would be a great use for it!

  34. This sounds delicious. Bookmarked.

  35. Mmm, looks like one of your best dishes! I love the couscous it sits on top of too. Looks great! African food has great spices.


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