Friday, July 16, 2010

Chicken Cacciatore

I saw the following recipe on Madeline's Adaptations ramblings and recipes, a fun food blog based in Canada, I love tweeting with her as her parents are British he he and she cooks so well. 

Today was a big day for me as I sent 1/2 of the payment to the iPhone app developer to start the development of a Chow and Chatter recipe app, with money I have saved from blogging (for companies, I want to keep this blog relatively ad free, I even decided against open sky)

 I am excited about the project and really want to make something from my blog and its recipes, and I thought a recipe app would be cool. I hope you all agree and check it out when its launched.
 Love you all and again your comments and friendships mean the world to me. The last picture is Jasmine eating her first hot dog as you can see she liked it, my vegetarian mum in law wasn't so excited by her reaction but we all got a laugh out of it!

This was indeed a simple and super tasty recipe, and the chicken was wonderfully soft.


  • 4 chicken thighs
  • one can of chopped tomatoes
  • 4 cloves of garlic chopped
  • some flour for coating the chicken
  • 1/2 a cup of white wine
  • one tablespoon of Italian herbs
  • one tablespoon of Parsley
  • 1/2 a red onion chopped
  • 1/4 cup of chopped fresh basil
  • 1/2 a cup of chicken stock

  1. heat some olive oil in a heavy bottomed pan then dip chicken in flour and brown, cook for 5-10 minutes and set to one side
  2. then saute the onions, garlic for 5 minutes add the wine and let it reduce down
  3. then add the chicken stock, tomatoes and chicken thighs, herbs and simmer for 30-40 minutes.
Its wonderful served with pasta, gnocchi and rice, well I would say almost anything!

Have a wonderful weekend all 


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  1. gorgeous dish....Is there a way I could subscribe to your posts by email...?

  2. chicken Cacciatore looks incredibly delicious..that little girl in the pic is so adorable..i guess she is your daughter..have a nice weekend care!

  3. hi Rebecca
    your chicken caccaitore looks delcious!! Good luck with your app for the I phone, I wish I had one now! I know what you mean about ads, I would like to make a little extra money, but I just don't want them all over my blog. That is an incredible picture of your daughter....she is beautiful! thank you so much for sharing that wonderful moment of enjoying her first hot dog! (veggie dogs are just not the same)

  4. I love chicken cacciatore! One of my favorite meals. Good luck with the app!

    Jasmine is super adorable!

  5. Rebecca - HOW ARE YOU???? I haven't been here in forever and a day and I miss you so much! The recipe looks awesome (of course) ~ have a great weekend. ♥

  6. My husband loves chicken cacciatore and I can't remember if I ever made it and why. Oh, cuz the only recipe I had (that i knew he liked) was his grandmothers and it was...weird LOL. this looks fantastic. I'm going to have to give it a try :)

  7. That is a really cute photo of jasmine!The chicken cacciatore looks good. It would be a nice pairing to pasta..

    The Peach Kitchen
    peach and things
    blowing peachkisses

  8. jasmine is cute little princess...god bless..
    chicken dish looks delicious and mindblowing..

  9. Perfect Dish! I love the pic of your daughter she looks so delightful happy:) That is a great idea for an app, I have a blackberry storm though...So make that a future project:)

  10. momgateway: you simply click on the RSS feed link, but i have send you the link lol
    Suman: yep she is our little princess
    Chef Dennis oh can't beat a good hotdog, i blog for companies I beat you can do email if u like
    Joanne thanks so much and for the encouragement
    the imperfect housewife oh I am so sorry I need to visit more love ya
    Danielle looking forward to seeing yours
    peachkins thanks
    sanyuka thanks
    magic of spice oh maybe i will do that he he

  11. Yum and great to know you're preparing the recipe app. Hope I'll be an iPnone user soon. Lovely weekend :)

  12. Rebecca, I have never had chicken caccaitore I am totally intrigued! Looks really delicious!

  13. It looks wonderfully soft and so yummy.
    Lovely and happy girl.
    Wishing you a great weekend ♥

  14. love this dish...there's something about the simplicity of the ingredients and the wonderful result of it...good luck on your app....regards from Serbia....such a cute child

  15. Ngawww....Jasmine's so cute!

    Wow! An iphone application sounds really interesting!! Such a shame I don't have an iphone.....=[

    I've never had chicken cacciatore before, but it looks yummy!

  16. I haven't had cacciatore in a long time. Sounds great.

    Good luck with your app. I'm dying for an IPhone, but we don't get good coverage in the mountains (yet). Love Jasmine's photo. So carefree.

  17. Look at that cute 'Miss Attitude' laughing!

    I have not made that in a long while- sounds good, and I love me some tomatoes, they are coming in at the farms in my area and I am making my own canned sauce!

  18. This is one of my favorite meals. Your plate looks so beautiful and colorful and full of flavor. And I'm sure your adorable daughter gobbled it up!!

  19. Good luck with your apps, Rebecca. That's very exciting.

    Love your caccaitore recipe! Simple and delicious!

    Your daughter is so adorable! Glad she enjoyed her first hot dog, after all, along with apple pies, it's considered THE American food!

  20. What a lovely shout-out Rebecca! Thanks so much for the mention *blush*

    Great job on the dish. I'm so happy liked it! And what an adorable little girl in that photo!

    Now excuse me while I catch up on my Coronation Street :)

  21. Sushma thanks
    Angie thanks oh you will love it
    the lacquer spoon oh hope you can get an Iphone as will they rock
    Ana oh thanks and have a great weekend as well
    Jelena oh thanks and I have some great Serbian friends here in the US lol
    Von oh thanks so much
    Sam thanks oh I remember that when we lived in the foothills only one carrier worked
    Chef E oh I know can't beat fresh tomatoes
    Katie oh your right she loved it
    Barbara and she is a little American after all he he
    Madeline of my pleasure thanks for teaching me

  22. congrat! great to know you running this project. This is a yummy dish!

  23. Wonderful meal, Rebecca!!!!!Love chicken recipes.Cute baby girl :)

  24. Wonderful chicken cacciatore. I love this dish and have great memories of my grandmother making it for me. Yours looks so good!

    Good luck with the app! That sounds great!

  25. Sonia thanks for the kind words of encouragement
    Erica thanks
    Raina oh wish I could try your Grandmothers and thanks for the encouragement

  26. OMG, Jassy's so adorable!!

    I'm torn about this recipe -- my Italian grandmother used to make us Chicken Cacciatore but I can't find mushrooms nor peppers in the recipe. Without veggies, it's just too much like chicken marinara, IMHO! There's many variations on a cacciatore since it's a "hunter's stew", but any stew should have veggies. My favorite is roasted red and green peppers in a rabbit cacciatore! Hey, and best wishes for the app :-)

  27. Connie I know I agree of course veggies are a must I just didn't have any on hand the day I made it!!!!!

  28. Good luck with the apps!
    So I assume Jasmine is not going vegetarian anytime soon ? :)



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