Monday, October 17, 2011

Portuguese Inspired Baked Cod

I made this recently its a simple one pot meal I learnt from Ruth from I Love Flavor me, its been on the blog before heres the link - Portuguese baked cod , but its always fun to make good recipes again. I also love keeping a variety of frozen fish portions in the freezer so handy for making a quick healthy meal. 

me with our little ones, loving the gift of being their mummy :-) 

What are the recipes you keep going back to?

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  1. Sounds yummy! I need to check my freezer and see if I have any fish and make this. Let's see...I always go back to my recipes for: Spanish Tortilla and 5 Spice Chicken Lettuce Wraps. Have a great day Rebecca!

  2. cute little ones
    delicious looking baked cod

  3. Rebecca really love this plate! gloria

  4. That looks so interesting and yummy.

  5. Love this baked cod, looks so delicious!
    Your baby is so adorable and Jasmine looks taller :)

  6. I sounds so good! What fish do you find works well when frozen? What is your favorite?

    It is a beautiful photo of the three of you!

  7. Rebecca, I love cod...and this dish looks delicious!
    Your little ones are absolutely a blessing.
    Hope you have a great week!

  8. I love cod! Probably my favorite fish. :) Your family is so beautiful.

  9. Luks so good.Prefer eating Cod.Will try this baked Cod soon.Yumm...Yumm dear.Luv it.

  10. Your little ones are adorable Rebecca. I don't normally cook cod. Thanks for the inspiration and a recipe so I can give it a try soon.

  11. That photograph of you with the little ones is SO SO cute! So happy for you dear friend :-)

  12. That photograph of you with the little ones is SO SO cute! So happy for you dear friend :-)

  13. I remember this recipe! It is delicious! I do cook seasonally - so right now craving an apple cake I made from Proud Italian Cook... and Rebecca - that photo of the three of you is glorious!

  14. Love the tried and true recipes that you know will make a great dinner. This one looks delicious!
    And that is the cutest photo of you with your little ones! What a gorgeous family!

  15. Rebecca,

    We have a recipe like this in Mexico, it must had come from Spain for sure.

    The recipe I find myself going back very often specially in colder months is one similar to this one but it uses chicken instead of fish and also has added raisins and tomatoes, it tastes so good with white rice or french bread to dip in the tomato sauce.... But everything is the same.

    Enjoy your babies.


  16. EA I need to make your chicken wraps love 5 spice
    Torview thanks
    Gloria :-)
    Krysta u will love it
    Ann yep she has grown so much'
    lyndsey cod, sole, salmon I buy them all
    juliana well said
    sook aw thanks
    my kitchens flavors enjoy
    sam :0)
    tasting spot ok
    prerna hugs
    claudia make some for me!
    karen thanks :-)
    Mely oh your recipe sounds fab

  17. So sweet! Hope you're adjusting well to being Mom X2 ;-)

  18. Such a beautiful family! 8-)

    This Portuguese baked cod looks fantastic! I love one pot meals and the one I keep going back to is a modified/simplified version of feijoada. Before, I used canned black beans for convenience but have since switched over to making them from dried after finding a great, quick method of cooking. 8-)

  19. I love the tenderness of baked cod. This looks delicious!



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