Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes

I made these simple cakes recently mainly because I had seen them on blogs and wanted to see if it worked. As you can see I overfilled them and got a nice melted ice cream look :-) I didn't frost them as already very sweet but would look cool, these are perfect for a kids birthday party.


  • 4 oz self raising flour
  • 4 oz butter 
  • 4 oz sugar 
  • 2 eggs
  • a dash of vanilla essence


  1. cream the butter and sugar
  2. add eggs and flour and vanilla
  3. add to ice cream cones and bake at 350 for 10-15 minutes 
We are going to Charleston SC for the weekend this week, really excited its been months since we have been away and love the beach and Charleston, fun history and amazing food already have reservations for Husk :-) 
Please pray little Jasmine stops being so jealous of her baby brother. This evening she threw a yogurt carton at his eye and it bleed I was so upset and hubby came home from work. His friend also a doctor came over to check on him and my neighbor came to calm me down. Praise God he is OK just a little red in corner of his eye. Not sure how to handle Jasmine but it should get better in the meantime Roshan will have to be next to me at all times. 

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  1. I can't wait to make these with McKenna.thanks for sharing ...

  2. I have made these for years....hmmm maybe i should make them for my son's 30th birthday this Friday!

  3. Cute! I like the melted ice cream look.

  4. Wow!,great idea.Luv this Icecream cone-Cakes.Yum Yum and interesting.

  5. You had me fooled - I thought it was ice cream when I first saw the pic. I'd love to see the kids reaction when they first see this!

  6. Such a cute cupcake idea! Hope you have a wonderful weekend. My kids are still jealous of each other, but so sweet on those days they get along too :-)

  7. Love the look of melted ice cream; it must have made Jasmine a happy girl.
    Sometimes, sweet is sweet enough.

  8. I'm so sorry to read about Jasmine, Rebecca. I'm sure she will love little Roshan as he gets older and can relate to her more. In the meantime, I'm sure you will know how to make her understand that she's has to be gentle with the little one.

    Have a wonderful time in Charleston and love the ice cream cone cupcakes - used to make those years ago too ;)

  9. I could relate to the Jasmine jealousy scenario. My oldest daughter was so jealous of my second daughter. She was 3 1/2 when I had my second daughter. One time she had a baseball bat and hit my daughter. It's a good thing that baseball bat is a toy one made of plastic.
    What we did was we went for a holiday bringing just her and explained to her that we love her as much as we love our second daughter. We also put her to school to divert her attention and it worked.
    I hope it settles down soon. But I think it's pretty normal to be jealous at their age.

  10. Michelle my pleasure
    Carrie oh he would love them
    Yummychunklet :-)
    Belinda :-)
    my kitchen flavors thanks
    peachkins thanks
    melanie he he thats why I had to make them
    ea :-) sounds like me and my bro
    Rita :-)
    Susan thanks for the good advice think your right will be easier when hes bigger
    Malou good to know shes not the only one and i think preschool is helping too hugs

  11. This is my first time seeing this. How interesting and cool! There are always someone new who don't know the recipe even though it's been around for years. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Kids in school used to bring these to class birthday parties when I was little. I loved them. These look great!

  13. what a cute idea! i always loved these (and "dirt" pudding) when i was younger. :)

  14. I've always wanted to try these, Rebecca. (And I tend to fill things to the top too, so have spills all over my oven!)
    Cute idea for my grandkids!

  15. Like the illusion of a melted ice cream cupcake. Fun!

  16. Dear Rebecca, How adorable!! It so much fun to have little ones to try all of the adorable treats!!
    Thank you so much for the visit. I look forward to them and hope all is going well with you. Many blessings, Catherine xo

  17. these look like so much fun! love them.

  18. Love your ice cream cake cones...or cone cakes! I have always wanted to make these. I am no help with Jasmine...I have an only child :) Hey maybe I'll ask my mom...my older sister was really mean to me when I was a baby... hehe!

  19. What a cute idea! You are right, they look perfect for a birthday party.
    Hope the kids are doing ok now...

  20. A terrific idea for a birthday party for sure!

  21. I love ice cream cone cupcakes! They look so cute and the cake tastes yummy with the cone. Hope you have a nice time in SC. My son was Jasmine's age when my daughter was born, and he did not take it well either. At one point, he asked when she was going home...lol I had to break it to him that she was here to stay. Jasmine will come around; I think girls do more quickly due to a little mothering instinct. Glad the baby is okay:)

  22. Rebecca- When I was little all the room mothers used to bring these in for our school parties. I have such fond memories of them. I bet little Jasmine loved them :)

    You are doing a great job with the two kiddos!

  23. My mom used to make these for our birthdays when we were kids! That was a long time ago... :)

  24. Oh..such an easy-peasy kids friendly recipe, Rebecca! Hope you and both the kids are doing fine. Hugs and kisses.

  25. These are so sweet, Rebecca and great fun. Allow for jealousy - they are very young and figuring stuff out - so they won't always behave "appropriately." It seems to work out with care and time and love.

  26. Cute idea for cupcakes! Sorry to hear about what happened. Hang in there! Things will get better and Jasmine will settle down.

  27. Nami so true hugs
    joanne oh thats cool
    emily oh i need to make that next he he
    barbara good I am not the only one with spills
    victor :-)
    catherine my pleasure love your blog
    teresa :-)
    lyndsey he he ask her
    ilke slowly better little by little5 star foodie :-)
    raina he he she says give him back to God
    kim oh thats cool and thanks means alot
    Elana :-)
    sanjeeta having fun at the beach hugs
    aipi ;-)
    claudia your right good advice
    biren :-)

  28. Waw, This is a really excellent recipe, Rebecca!
    You had me fooled too, at the begining of this tasty post!

    I hope your daughter will be getting less jealous of your baby born son. Good luck parenting!



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