Saturday, October 1, 2011

Tips for Twitter Etiquette

Here are some of my tips for twitter etiquette (I know I don't pronounce it correctly just chuckle and move on :-))

What are your tips?

Have a great weekend folks

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  1. I thought your Twitter post was good. It was good that you addressed #FF too. You gave good advice. #FF is a good opportunity to gain followers through folks that have similar interests.

    Thanks Rebecca for doing this chat with us.


  2. Great tips! I think it's hard when there are twitter spambots out there. Very frustrating!

  3. Shirley thanks you too
    Velva my pleasure
    Emily very true

  4. That's what the #FF means!?...thanks for mentioning! Great ideas Rebecca, I'll put them to use :)

  5. Thanks Rebecca. I depend on young friends like you to keep me up to date with things like this. I don't do Twitter yet.

    I adore your accent and please, please don't lose it or try to change it. It's what makes us unique. With my southern drawl, I can't say a word about how people pronounce things. My northern FIL, even after 42 years, sometimes still has trouble understanding what I say. (smile)

  6. Okay - now if I could just figure out why I use - I'd be halfway home!

  7. Sandi :-) took me ages to learn that as well :-)
    Sam love helping
    Claudia he he

  8. You know Rebecca, I never thought about this too much. I'm not very active on twitter or facebook for that matter, but these videos really help to engage people like me. I really like how you remind people to have fun, it should be the biggest priority when it comes to these matters. I really appreciate how you lay out basic guides for courtesy - some that I didn't even think about. Good to know, and now I have no excuse.



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