Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pork Chops in a Mushroom Gravy

Here is another revisited recipe, its super simple and full of flavor, any type of mushrooms would work the link is for porcini this one is with button and enoki.

Can you believe Jasmine is mushroom obsessed adores them, asks every meal are there mushrooms and picks them of our plates too funny. Was there a food you were crazy about as a child ?

The clip is just for laughs, what has made you smile lately?

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  1. What an adult palate Jasmine has! Loved watching the Swedish Chef videos :)

  2. I love muhsrooms! I see you used porcini mushrooms last time, great choice :)

  3. I was crazy about peas .. fresh ones .. and I used to eat it all the time :)

  4. Pork chops and gravy - what yummy comfort food! And the mushroom gravy sounds so delicious!

  5. Susan he he I know won't eat junkie kid food
    Xinmei :- thanks
    Kankana oh yum
    my kitchen flavors thanks
    melanie thanks

  6. Really enjoyed your video this morning. that mushroom recipe spells comfort food in this house. We love mushrooms and add to everthing possiblr.

  7. Aw! I remember that Muppets video!

  8. Oh! The Muppets...brings me memories of my son, when little...
    the pork chop looks delicious with the mushroom gravy.
    Hope you have a great week ahead Rebecca :-)

  9. This just looks o delicious. You are such a great cook!!

  10. I adore mushrooms!It looks delicious. How is your baby boy?

  11. My husband would LOVE this!!! Comfort food at it's finest. Thanks for sharing.

  12. I must show this clip to my kids!

  13. oh i love this! it looks wonderful!

  14. i should have seen this post before i cooked tonight's dinner. i had porkchops and couldn't decide what to do with it hihi. i just braised it but this one should be a great recipe.
    i hope you could have some sleep tonight.. i saw your post this morning of not having enough sleep.
    take care reb,

  15. Rita he he Jasmine would like eating at your pl
    yummychunklet ;0)
    Juliana aw sweet love to bring memories back
    alicia thanks your sweet
    erica he is good thanks for asking hugs
    roz oh cool hope u guys make it
    shirley :-)
    teresa thanks
    Malou he he me too thanks love ya

  16. We had pork chops tonight over pollen and topped with sautéed onions and apples. Very yummy! Love your recipe with ANYTHING with mushrooms :-)

  17. Really? Jasmine loves mushrooms?wow..that's something!
    Your porkchop looks terrific!

  18. We have segued into autumn-foods. Perfect - I love using porcini - so down-to-earth.

  19. ea need to cook with apples more
    thanks angie
    carrie thanks
    claudia ;-0



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