Monday, May 23, 2011

Walking in Windsor, England

We arrived safely home to Winston Salem NC last night after a lovely three weeks seeing all the family in the UK, being honest three weeks was a little long and its great to be back in our own home. In the UK we visited my parents in Scotland my Grandparents in Lincolnshire, hubby's sister in Norfolk and his Mum joined us from India and my brother, his girlfriend, hubby's brother, wife and nephew in London and his other brother. We have loads of family to get around the country and see hence the long trip. The last day we decided to spend it Windsor I had never been there it was close to Heathrow airport and well worth a visit.  

The castle is first class over 900 years of history just amazing, the town is full of pretty winding streets cafes, tea rooms and pubs. You can also stroll along the river Thames its much cleaner at this end of the river than in the city centre of London he he.

me outside the hotel 

chasing the queens guards on Saturday morning to the castle this was truly an amazing site to see

The mighty Castle


 awesome gardens within castle walls

Saint George's church in the castle
some of our lovely family, we will miss them all loads

Have a great start to the week all 


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