Monday, May 23, 2011

Walking in Windsor, England

We arrived safely home to Winston Salem NC last night after a lovely three weeks seeing all the family in the UK, being honest three weeks was a little long and its great to be back in our own home. In the UK we visited my parents in Scotland my Grandparents in Lincolnshire, hubby's sister in Norfolk and his Mum joined us from India and my brother, his girlfriend, hubby's brother, wife and nephew in London and his other brother. We have loads of family to get around the country and see hence the long trip. The last day we decided to spend it Windsor I had never been there it was close to Heathrow airport and well worth a visit.  

The castle is first class over 900 years of history just amazing, the town is full of pretty winding streets cafes, tea rooms and pubs. You can also stroll along the river Thames its much cleaner at this end of the river than in the city centre of London he he.

me outside the hotel 

chasing the queens guards on Saturday morning to the castle this was truly an amazing site to see

The mighty Castle


 awesome gardens within castle walls

Saint George's church in the castle
some of our lovely family, we will miss them all loads

Have a great start to the week all 


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  1. so gutted we didn't get to meet up!... I've had a really crappy week to be honest with a horrid client who basically sucked my life away down in London all week plus i've been struck with a really stinky cold, which is making me twice as grumpy!!... glad you had a good time nonetheless... here's to next time x

  2. Welcome home! I know what you mean... I always thought Japan is always my home and I can stay there forever, but after having kids, it was a surprise to find out that I wanted to go back to the US and felt that is "my" home... Yes and it's usually 3 weeks that I felt that way. I enjoyed your video clip. It's so nice to see everything in action rather than pictures sometimes. I'm glad you had a great family time. :-)

  3. fabulous! thanks so much for the tour and awesome pictures!

  4. Welcome home!! Glad you had a lovely trip, and how nice to be with the family.

  5. That must have been a fabulous trip. Seeing the family, and seeing such great places.

  6. Looks like you had a wonderful time. Love to walk through Windsor.

  7. Welcome back, glad you reached safely.

  8. what great picts! I know you will miss your family, great you got to spend some time with them!

  9. Looks like such a fun vacation! Glad you're back safely!

  10. oh rebecca, you've seriously been on the vacation of my dreams, this looks like so much fun! thanks for the tour, i hope to go to windsor someday!

  11. You're so lucky, to be enjoying such a lovely vacation:) I love castles, they are just so grand and seem to have that power to turn fantasies into reality :)
    It's great to be home, and to spend quality time with family...priceless:D

  12. Wish I could take a vacation soon! First Australia, now England :D lucky girl, Rebecca. xoxo

  13. Great pictures! So glad you had a lovely visit.

  14. Welcome back, Rebecca. Windsor sounds like a great place to visit. Definitely plan to go there.

  15. Dom oh no worries sorry your work got stressful I will be back sometime for sure, you can also come to the US !
    Nami oh we can relate so much on being expats hugs
    5 star foodie thanks for coming along
    Belinda thanks so much
    Dajana was great loads of memories
    swati thanks our a sweetie
    design wine and dine :-)
    yummychunklet thanks
    teresa so hope you get there one day my friend
    christy oh true adore castles
    chef pandita i know blessed
    Angela thanks
    Victor oh that place is a must excited for you

  16. Love Windsor, such a neat place and so close to London too, its great for a field trip. Thanks for the photos and I am so happy you had a wonderful time.

  17. one of my life's dreams is to visit a castle in england. i'm such a jane austen fan - i must visit it one day!!! heehee. welcome back to the states!!

  18. Home is best. ;-))
    The castle looks amazing. Thanks for sharing the clip.
    Take some good rest!

  19. Welcome back! Glad you had a lovely trip. I enjoyed the tour around the UK. Thanks so much for sharing your trip with us. Hugs always...Biren

  20. Phew! It's always so nice to sleep in your own bed again. We also just got home from England last night. We were only there for a week and we were exhausted! Can't imagine how knackered we'd be after three :) Thanks for sharing!

  21. Nothing like being back home after a long trip. Thank you so sharing the video and the pictures...awesome! Have a wonderful week Rebecca and welcome back!

  22. It looks like you had such a great time!
    I love these pictures. The buildings are just so amazing!

  23. Glad you made it home safely! Always love your travel posts and photos. Have a great day Rebecca!

  24. oyster culture so cool that you have been
    Junia thanks will pray u get to go
    Angie thanks :-)
    Biren oh my pleasure
    parsley sage blog about it :-)
    Juliana thanks so much
    Kristen oh I love them too
    Roz thanks for coming along

  25. It's always fun to go away but such a relief to be home again too. Welcome back! The photos and video are wonderful.

  26. So happy to hear you had such a great family reunion; special times. Really enjoyed your tour.
    Merci Rebecca.

  27. Hi Rebecca, here finally i see the whole big family. That must be so much fun. You've been travelling pretty often lately. However, I think your MIL is the happiest one. She got to meet her son & daughter and also DIL & grandchild at the same time. Thanks for sharing those wonderful pics, dear.

  28. savoring time in the kitchen thanks for joining me
    Rita my pleasure
    Kristy yep traveling but so important for little one to bond with family hugs to you too

  29. We visited several castles when we were in the London area, but not Windsor! Next time.... Yes, three weeks is a long time to be away from home, but how wonderful that you were able to spend time with your extended family!

  30. Lovely pictures and what good looking family.

    Thanks fro sharing this memories.



  31. Looks like you had a blast! great pictures.

  32. Priscilla oh thats cool you will have to go back then :-)
    Mely hugs
    David was lovely

  33. Three weeks is a long stretch but how wonderful to have so many of your family all come together. Welcome home and glad you had such a lovely trip :) Love the photos :)



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