Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Highlands

Today we drove through Perthshire to the Highlands we stopped at Gleneagles the World Famous golf course on the way and had cake and coffee. This is a must as it's simply gorgeous and the coffee is reasonably priced sometimes we feel intimated to enter such high class resorts but they don't mind at all if you just want coffee :-)

We drove to Glencoe and visited the visitors center very interesting one of the facts I found fascinating was that Angus Macdonald from the clan Macdonald one of the massacre survivors fled to America and married an American Indian you could see his son Duncan in traditional Indian clothing with his Indian wife :-) it rained later in the day but that's Scotland :-)

Me in the beautiful mountains


Tea with a view

The Ballachulish hotel where we are this evening

Fresh local mussels Jasmine even tucked into these !

A traditional smoked fish soup

Fresh langoustines

Fresh trout yep we are a seafood loving family

Jasmine playing

The sign for the bathrooms

I got a cute traditional Scottish recipe book at the visitor center so stay tuned as I plan to do a giveaway 


  1. Love the picture of you in front of the mountains, you look so happy :) and yes, you guys seem to LOVE your seafood! thanks for sharing your lovely trip pictures!

  2. Oh Rebecca, I hope to travel around the world as much as you do! Love the bathroom sign. Have fun :) xoxo

  3. Hi, have fun and take care ♥

  4. Look amazing, have a nice time!! gloria

  5. Looks like a wonderful time with wonderful food, tea,coffee and family! I can't believe Jasmine ate the mussels too! So jealous...wish my kids would eat such delicious food! Have fun XOXO

  6. Looks like you're having a fabulous time! And the food looks outstanding :) Can't wait to see what lovely little recipes you whip out from your mini-cook book!

  7. The Highlands are magical and you know that. Love your photos - particularly you - with the breathtaking view.

  8. so neat looks like lots of fun
    I like the pictures and the wording on the bathroom sign :)
    glad to hear you had a good time

  9. I like the way you give the explanation and the picture.Looks like you are having fun. Happy mother's day.

  10. Woah.. the view is amazing.. and loving the WC signs.. hahahaha

  11. Love all these pictures! You always have such fun adventures :)

  12. Marnley thanks for coming a long maybe one day we can do it for real!
    chef pandita thanks hope you can too hugs
    Ana thanks so much
    Gloria thanks so much
    design wine and dine even I was surprised she ate them he he
    Parsley sage :-) and what the winner of the second one cooks!
    Belinda :-)
    Claudia I think when you live home you appreciate it more :-)
    torviewtoronto thanks got to love Scots
    swathi aw thanks and the same to u
    msihua thanks
    nutmeg nanny my parents have raised me well to be an explorer like them hugs

  13. Oh fortunate to be one with the nature! Love all the clicks, tea with a view is fun title :)

  14. gorgeous views....i love the rain !

  15. It's beautiful there and you certainly are eating well. Happy Mother's day Rebecca.

  16. My husband and I once again enjoyed your 'photo trip' Rebecca, having never been there, we thoroughly enjoyed our couch travel with you! We're on holiday too in Maui, and it's raining here . . . good days to shop and eat at restaurants I think! Happy Mother's Day!

  17. Sanjeeta so true its great to get outdoors
    thepickyeater :-)
    Sam thanks so much
    Roz oh have loads of fun write a blog post!

  18. We loved our trip to Scotland. Your lovely photos bring back fond memories.

  19. Adorable bathroom sign and beautiful scenery. Looks like you are still having a great trip.

  20. hahhaha i love the different bathroom signs when i travel. lads and lassies is adorable~~~!!!

  21. Sounds like a magical place I hope to visit one day. I really enjoyed your tea with a view. Happy Mother's Day.

  22. looks like you're having a wonderful time. lovely photos of the food.
    Have fun and take care

  23. You and mountain ..lovely pics!
    You also catch a nice washroom signs shot!
    Have fun!

  24. Thank you for sharing your trip! It's so much fun to read about your travel as I feel like I'm there with you. Enjoy!

  25. Love the travel posts. My husband is dying to go to Scotland (golf freak he is). I have been when I was younger but the food/weather were holding me back. You're making me want to go too.

  26. I love following along with your trip! It looks like you are having a wonderful time. We will likely be headed to Scottland next summer/autumn so I am all ears (or eyes) for the places you are visiting!

  27. We loved Scotland, but I do remember it being rainy and chilly in the spring. Best thing about that is stopping for tea! :)
    You've posted some lovely photos.

  28. Aw I miss Scotland! Love the photos and the range of seafood :)

  29. I've been following you along on all your travels, sneaking peeks of all your pictures here and there. The Highlands look beautiful!

  30. Beth oh thats lovely
    angela oh love it hugs
    Junia :-)
    gina thanks so much kind of u
    a little of everything thanks
    always a winner pleased \i made u smile
    Nami thanks for joining me
    Lauren oh you guys would love it
    Lori oh thats cool i can give you tips and my parents
    Barbara got to love tea he he
    Xinmei :-) did u live there

    KIm thanks for traveling with me

  31. Looks like such a great time. Love the bathroom sign. Take care Rebecca.

  32. The scenery is just gorgeous and the misty rain just adds to the beauty. I sure all of the fresh seafood is just glorious :)



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