Monday, May 16, 2011

The Albatross Boat Restaurant

Today we went to Wells Next The Sea a cute little Norfolk seaside town and ate on a Dutch boat dating back to 1899!, its still sea faring. My sister in law was raving about the pancakes and I must say the food was good, simple, fresh and very tasty. A must visit if your in the area.

Mushroom and garlic omelet

mushroom and pesto pancake

Dutch apple and cinnamon pancake

The upper deck

Jasmine and I

Local fishermen getting their cages together to catch lobster and crayfish, they said they make a good living from it and the brown crabs are in season
fishing boats, adore little towns like this

Fresh crabs for sale cooked and dressed 

adorable little house

snacking on fresh crab and crayfish tails this evening little Jasmine loved it

Whats your favorite seaside town?

for more info on this fascinating ship here's their site, it was Europe's last commercial cargo sail ship and worked for 98 years!

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