Norfolk, England Lavender Farm

Today we visited The Norfolk lavender farm with my sister in law and her hubby. We enjoyed the rare breed animals although our little one wasn't all that keen on the smell he he. A browse through the gardens and gift shops and a cup of lavender tea and a cake in the tea room. It was a shame the lavender wasn't in bloom, this happens in July and August. Its still worth a visit though if your ever in the Kings Lynn area.

loved these signs in the gift shop

every home needs this one he he

 fun hairy pig

Jasmine reaction to the farm animals 

fun card :-)
loved these tea pots

my first lavender tea, really liked it but like my black tea and milk better :-)
The lovely Biren from Roti and Rice posted a fab lavender tea recipe today, I was thinking of her as I drank it :-)

and of course I had to buy some lavender to cook with if you have any recipes please share :-)

Have you had lavender tea and how do you like to use lavender in cooking?

we are here till the end of the week, hubby's Mum arrives from India tomorrow, its been so much fun seeing all the family around the UK, just wish the US was closer 

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  1. I bet it smelled wonderful there. I plan on making lavender shortbread cookies next weekend!

  2. I have never had lavender tea, but you know I'm open to trying all kinds of tea!! What a fun area and lovely shop! Those tea pots are too much fun.

  3. Love those signs! What a fun day. =) Lavender shortbread are the best!

  4. I love any and all farm trips! This looks great!

    With the lavender, you could steep it in cream and when simmering, strain the flowers out and pour cream over white chocolate chunks. It'd make a delicious white chocolate-lavender ganache to serve with anything you'd like! :)

  5. The farm looks awesome dear! Little Jaz looks like she is afraid or may be she is shy!

  6. I love the tea pots are amazing! I love lavender, I cook with it! gloria

  7. I love the signs! I grow lavender and forget to cook with it - I always heard it was good luck to have at your front door and blesses those who come and go.

  8. Lavender is one of my favorites. I would love to visit a lavender farm someday. It is so nice that you get to see family from both sides. Love all your pictures. Thank you so much for the mention. You are a sweetie! Big hugs!

  9. Looks like you're having a wonderful trip. I especially like all of the teapots. I have never had lavender tea, but I bet that it would be good with a touch of lemon.

  10. Rebecca dear, always love ur posts and I would eat at ur table anytime! Luv this post b/c we have "edible" lav and are searching for recipes on how to properly use it.

    BTW, sharing ur pix...luv em all, but fav is Jas....sweet!

  11. i remember taking the train thru provence france and i could literally smell the lavender in the train. it was HEAVENLY. wow.

  12. You and Jasmine had a great day there..I don't drink floral tea often enough...

  13. yummychunklet yep was nice smell but i guess stronger when its in bloom
    victoria you would love the lavender tea
    belinda oh i must make that
    Marnely oh thanks great recipe idea
    cool lassie he he
    Gloria i need some recipe hint
    claudia oh thats interesting
    Biren my pleasure adore your blog
    Becky oh Birens recipe had lemon in it :-)
    Gary I will figure out some recipe for you and post on blog hugs
    Junia oh what fun
    Angie oh nor do it :-)

  14. Yes, I've cooked with lavender. As long as you're careful with the amount, it's divine.
    I always think of lavender and England. I've seen those fields in bloom. Beautiful!
    The teapots are such fun. I'd be tempted to buy some. Too bad they'd have to fit in a suitcase! :(

  15. I would so love to visit a lavender farm. Bummer that they were not in bloom. Reminds me of when I went to Washington, D.C. hoping to see the cherry blossoms but we were a week late and they had already bloomed:)

  16. Love all the pictures, looks like a great time!

    Funny, I just posted Tea Infused Jello shot recipe...not appropriate for an expecting mom though! LOL!

    I have lavender growing the smell!

  17. Loved Jasmine's reaction! I am not too sure I would care for lavender tea; I know lots of poeple rave, but I am a green tea girl. Me too, those sign in the gift shops are so tempting; I would buy them all.

  18. lovely pics...lavender is my new found...i made honey lavender cake! i want to try some tea :)

  19. I can only imagine how wonderful that farm smelled!!!! Lovely!!!

  20. If I know earlier you are going to visit lavender farm, i will tell you to get some for me. Lavender tea sounds delicious.

  21. Barbara will keep that in mind and use a pinch so nice you saw it in bloom
    Raina oh i know I want to see the cherry blossoms in DC as well :-)
    design wine and dine he he fun
    Rita he he I should have got a couple!
    Ananda oh I will have fun experimenting
    Roz :-)
    swathi :-) my little bag for cooking was 3 pounds eek

  22. Hubby and I have a small lavender farm here in New Zealand. When you cook with lavender make sure you use ONLY Angustifolia varieties - Hidcote, or in the US there is a variety called Provence which you can use even though it's not an angustifolia. Google lavender recipes - there are zillions online! Also go to where Kathy has a few recipes and also about her cookbook using lavender. Check out our website for shortbread and fudge(:

  23. Kiwi thanks so much will check out your site for sure, I recently visited your country :-) Rebecca

  24. I have never seen a furry pig, oh my...looks like such a fun day. It is a shame the lavender was not in bloom, maybe next time :) Wish I could ship you some, mine grows all year :)

  25. Alisha i have planted some in NC lets see hope it grows well hugs

  26. How wonderful! Have fun on your travels!


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