The Twitter Mug

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  1. How cute and awesome is that! SO CREATIVE and very cool story about your grandfather! LOVE IT!

  2. Ever the innovator! It's adorable, Reb. And I totally want one...because I collect coffee mugs from almost every where I go...and this would totally be the new star of my collection. Gonna go check it out! :)

  3. I have to say that I just love you Rebecca. You just seem like such a lovely, upbeat person. I love your mug. It is adorable. I hate to admit it, but I am not on Twitter or Facebook and do not even have a phone that gets internet or apps. A a lot behind.. on technology. One of these days, I will catch up:)

  4. cute mug. You are so creative, Love it.

  5. O cuuute! So creative and perfect for all us tweeters!

  6. design wine and dine thanks hugs
    Girlichef oh thanks so so much
    thanks Raina and your blogging thats hip
    swathi thanks :-)
    Karen he he got to love twitter
    Angela thanks so much
    Valerie :-)

  7. You are a great businesswoman, Rebecca! This is such a great idea! Good luck with all of your ventures :)

  8. You just made me laugh.
    Loved the video and your twitter mug
    Wishing you all the best "tuit tuit"

  9. Oh that is so cute! And awesome video!

  10. Rebecca, you are so cute! I love your videos.
    I'm on twitter, but hardly ever use it or I'd order one of these adorable mugs! (Facebook too, but only to keep an eye on my granddaughter!)

  11. Very cute! Like your video also!

  12. Very cute. I love the little birds.

  13. Victoria oh your sweet
    peachkins thanks
    sommer thanks you need one for ASP
    Ana he he
    Joanne thanks so much
    Barbara would love to tweet with u!
    Pam thanks
    Lori thanks

  14. That's really cute. How funny that there was a mug so similar to tweeting on twitter later on. I wonder if the twitter founds knew of your mug when creating tweets.

  15. Michelle thanks
    Melinda he he i know funny


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