Product launch of Eat. Think. Smile

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  1. I really appreciate your honesty and your advice!

  2. You are so cute, Rebecca...I always love your videos! You gave an honest review and we appreciate that.
    Will be looking for this product in the future, just to try.

  3. Very good advice Rebecca. I'm always inclined to follow the old motherly advice that if you can't say anything good, don't say anything at all. I need to feel more confident in actually saying what I think and not feeling an obligation to say only good things.

    Thank you for the encouragement and advice. I always like it when people speak the truth.

  4. Glad to be your 500th follower ... Nice post and video..

  5. Oh my GOSH! Congrats on #2! Hope you are feeling better-food looks fab as always!

  6. A very fair and honest review Rebecca! Thanks for sharing with us. Sounded like a perfect time to end the video as well. Teehee. I know those kinds of yelling all too well ;)

  7. Interesting. I would be curious to go to a launch party but I agree about the marketing stuff. That is one reason I don't like to do ads on my blog and I just don't like them too much on other sites unless they are relevant. I know it helps to make money, but sometimes it is really tacky. but I like free things so this would be fun for me.

  8. Angela thanks wasn't sure if I should he he
    Swathi thanks
    Sushma thanks
    Barbara its good but not a magic pill he he
    Sam go on speak your mind :-) love it
    Pavitha thanks so much how exciting
    Doc thanks so so much hugs
    Melinda follow your heart with ads and what feels right thats what I say
    Juliana thanks

  9. I agree, good advice and nice, honest review.

    Sounds like you just have to be true to yourself and your honest beliefs regarding these events and products. Many will be good and others not so much...

  10. Grand advice, Rebecca. I don't promote a lot of stuff if I am not fairly sure I canm be positive. I don't want negativity on my blog. I also don't want dishonesty.

  11. design wine and dine yep be true to yourself lol
    Claudia i love that about u

  12. Loved your advice Rebecca. As my blog is getting more visibility, I'm being mailed out product samples too with an implicit request to blog about it. And your video kinda affirms my belief that I'll blog only about products that I truly like and appreciate and enjoy.

    About what you said on promoting your app, I think there really is no harm in doing a post and pushing news about it to your followers via social media. No harm in getting word out there to an already loyal base of fans that you seem to have here and on Twitter. (A marketer's take)

    And btw I'm checking out your app and its so fun! Hope to download it soon.

  13. Sabera great to meet you through twitter and i value you advice as a professional thanks so so much



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