Chocolate Cake with Coconut Icing

This is a simple chocolate cake with a fun coconut icing reminding me of Bounty another British chocolate bar :-), its coconut wrapped in chocolate. So much fun to try and make cakes that taste like candy bars.

What's your favorite, I remember at a doctors office I worked at in the North Carolina mountains they made a mountain dew cake so good. Remember all in moderation!


  • 4 oz of self raising flour 
  • 4 oz of butter 
  • 4 oz of sugar
  • 2 eggs
  • 1-2 tablespoon of cocoa
  • about 1/4 cup frozen -defrosted shredded coconut or you could use dried
  • about 1/4 cup icing sugar
  • a little water to mix icing

  1. cream the butter and sugar
  2. add the eggs, flour and cocoa 
  3. and bake at 350 for 25 minutes until a knife comes out clean
  4. for the icing mix the coconut with a little water and the icing sugar till you get a thick consistency 
  5. spread onto the cake when its cool, I must confess I didn't wait and ate it warm and gooey :-)

finally here is a cool little fruit/ice cream stand toy we got for Jasmine :-) couldn't resist getting it


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  1. Who can resist a cake that tastes like candy? A Mountain Dew cake???

  2. Like the coconut icing, Rebecca. Lovely slice of chocolate cake.

  3. A cake that taste like a candy...I think the kids will love it.

  4. Yay! I was just a little blue that I hadn't seen a new post from you today. This looks wonderful. Bounty is another of my childhood favorites. You have included so many of my top European treats- Bounty, Toblerone, Nutella, Crunchies- you don't have any recipes that use Jelly Tots, do you? ;)

  5. Belinda :-) yep for real and pretty tasty
    Sanjeeta thanks so much
    Zoe he he and adults
    Angela oh your so sweet sorry been a tad nauseous so not posting as much oh jelly tots yum not seen them here though

  6. Yummy!!my son loves chocolate cake,loved the different icing on it

  7. Love your cake. I love the coconut icing. Love your picture with Jasmine. I need ice cream now...any for me? :D

  8. That looks fabulous! My husband is a big coconut fan and he would love this.

  9. Lovely cake Rebecca. Moderation is the key to everything in life. Only one problem - it's hard to be good all of the time. (smile)

  10. Coconut icing make this simple chocolate cake irresistible!

  11. Funny, I was leaving the market yesterday and they were advertising a coconut cupcake (with proceeds going to the homeless). I thought to myself coconut is one of my favorite flavors. I guess your cake is sort of a reverse Mounds cake which is my favorite candy bar by far.

  12. If I'd been practicing moderation over the holidays, I wouldn't be dieting now! You'd think I'd learn after all this time. But sometimes I just can't resist!

    Your coconut icing would be a perfect glaze for some bittersweet chocolate cookies I made last week.

    Big hug....and I love your fruit stand!

  13. Love Bounty bars!! I haven't had one in ages! Mounds bars are a good sub, though :)

  14. Yummy! Love the coconut icing!

  15. I love this recipe. A cake that tastes like a candy bar. Yum.

  16. Simply divine dear! I am GOOD!

    US Masala

  17. It sounds sweet and delicious! I wonder if it tastes like our Mounds bars? My favorite cake is a chocolate chiffon cake with toffee bits in the whipped cream frosting that I've posted.

  18. I love bounty.Being from Kerala how could I resist something with

  19. Sushma thanks hope he likes it
    Mary sure one ice cream coming up
    Beth :-)
    Sam I hear ya he he
    alwaysaeinner aw thanks
    Lauren wow you should have got some he he
    Barbara oh wow cookies sound good
    the food hound will have to try those
    5 star foodie thanks
    jose thanks
    ann smiles
    aipi thanks so much
    savoring time your cakes rock
    gulmohar he he wish hubby liked it

  20. so yummy, you had me at coconut icing!

  21. looks delicious and lovely with icing

  22. I love anything with chocolate. This looks so delicious with the coconut icing on it. Wonder how the Mountain Dew Cake looks like *-*

  23. I love bounty bars, this combo of chocolate cake with coconut sounds awesome. I love coconut in everything.

  24. Have you ever tried a Mounds bar? It sounds very similar to a Bounty bar. I love chocolate and coconut, a great combo, and this cake looks like a delicious treat :)

  25. I haven't met a cake I didn't like...LOL! Coconut is a favorite topping of mine.

    That fruit stand is too cute :)

  26. thanks for ur support! awesome recipe again!

  27. this recipe combines two of my absolute fave things! :)

  28. So sorry you are feeling ill! I hope that will go away as your pregnancy progresses.

  29. Looks yummy! Chocolate cake with coconut frosting sounds irresistible!

  30. Hi Rebecca,

    Thank you for your lovely comment on my guest post over on Mary's blog, and thank you for stopping by my blog! This recipe sounds wonderful. I love the combination of chocolate and coconut. And did you say mountain dew cake? That's one I've never heard of before - how interesting. I used to love mountain dew, but have recently made the decision to cut pop out of my life.
    Jasmine is adorable. I'll bet she had lots of fun with her new toy. I know my kiddies would love that. Thanks for sharing.

  31. Love the combination of chocolate and coconut! I would have to say a deep dark chocolate cake is my favorite!!!! Oh and I could play with that ice cream stand for hours!!

  32. A cake that taste like chocolate bars, really? That's a thing to try out then. Coconut is one of my favorite icing.

  33. This sounds and looks so yummy! I love the combo of chocolate and coconut. My favorite cake is a Cassata cake which is like an Italian rum cake only with a ricotta and cream cheese filling in the layers. is so good. There is only one bakery around that makes it and it is quite a ways from my home, but we make a special drive to it for birthdays. Love Jasmine's ice cream stand, too cute:)

  34. Teresa he he smiles
    torviewtoronto thanks
    Anncoo oh that just looks like a yellow cake but tasty he ehe
    swathi oh me to add to food all the time
    victoria will have to try it
    mom on the run he he i hear ya
    thats ron my pleasure
    Emily :-)
    Angela so kind of you i am sure it will hugs
    Biren thanks
    Satya thanks so much
    lequan thanks so much for stopping by :-)
    design wine and dine will lent it for your kiddies
    victor :-)
    simply life thanks
    Raina oh wow i would drive for it as well hugs

  35. That is the coolest toy! And the cake looks absolutely delish! I used to love Bounty a WHOLE lot and ate it all the time, which didn't make me feel so good after bar number 50 so I went off it. Like you said, everything in moderation!

  36. Sharon yep all in moderation thanks for stopping by Rebecca

  37. Looks yummy- I love coconut and chocolate together. :)

  38. i haven't tried coconut with choco except in chocolates with cake it looks divine! :)

  39. This is my hubby's dream cake. Saw it via twitter the other and forgot abt it.Then yest when my husband mentioned coconut, I remembered it.Thanks for sharing Reb..gonna try soon.And you and your girl seem to be havin a great time :)

  40. scrambledhenfruit thanks
    ananda oh want to see what u make
    Tanvi hope u like it hugs

  41. bounty is my all time favorite candy. I have to make this cake. looks amazing.
    Thanks for sharing Rebecca.
    Love the ice-cream stand, so cool

    Have a wonderful Friday


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