Saturday, January 29, 2011

Craft - Birds in a Nest and a Winner :-)

It is with great pleasure to announce the winner of the Twitter mug competition, selected at random (from folks who tweeted) - @InglesDietitian - Leah McGrath 

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please drop me a line with your address and I will get it to you :-)

On the subject of birds heres another fun craft idea, a simple birds nest in a tree made with my sweet little toddler :-)

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  1. She is an angel! So fun! I miss having little ones to make birds with.

  2. congrats to your winner, that is such a cute mug!

    i enjoyed that video, Rebecca. when i was watching it, my daughter ran over to watch it with me. i think this would be a perfect activity for us to try together as well. thank you for sharing that! you have such a precious little girl.

  3. Adorable! I am going to need plenty of ideas if my nephew keeps insisting, "We have craft time, now!" every afternoon.

  4. Congratulation to the winner!
    Jasmine is a big gal now and I love her beautiful long, slightly cury hair.

  5. I like how you tied your craft to the mug ;) Very cute, as always!

  6. congrats to winner. Nice craft video Rebecca.

  7. Congratulations to the winner!She is so cute :)The pregnancy is going well....Thanks for asking!

  8. Yay for Leah!

    Your little lovely lady is just too cute!

  9. Barbara i am trying to soak it up hugs
    Lequan oh thats so cute hope you make one with your little girl
    Angela he he i bet he will love it
    Angie i know she is growing so fast
    simply life :-)
    Susan thanks so much
    swathi thanks
    Beth :-)
    Erica so happy for u
    Rita thanks so much
    aipi thanks
    sommer thanks



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