Friday, January 7, 2011

Nutella Crunchie Brownies

I was lucky enough to receive a neat baking book called Desserts 4 Today by Abigail Johnson Dodge after being in a twitter chat with @finecooking. Its a fun book and all the desserts only have 4 ingredients and for me this is quite appealing. The day I got it I made the nutella fudge brownies and changed it up slightly to add Crunchie a British honeycomb candy bar my parents had brought with them.

 I must confess I wasn't going to mention the book, but after developing the chow and chatter recipe app I understand how hard it is to do these things and now more than ever will gladly help others promote their work.


  • 1/2 a cup of nutella
  • 1 egg
  • 5 tablespoons of all purpose flour
  • about 3 small crushed crunchies
  • the book added chopped nuts to the top
  1. whisk the nutella and egg together then fold in flour 
  2. add to muffin tins with crunchie sprinkled on the top and bake at 350 for 12 minutes, the mixture will be wet and gooey per the book, very important to know this as not to over cook them.
All in all these were yummy little treats I mean we all love nutella, but a little rich for us, I prefer a simple cake :-)

What's your favorite baking book?

Have a great weekend everyone 

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  1. Mmm, nutella, crunchies and nuts together! My daughter would go gaga over this!!

    Take care!


  2. Those honeycomb candies are so good! They're hard to find over here. Great idea.

  3. Oh these look lovely! I never heard of those candies. I have to get a copy of Abby's book one day. Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Desserts with only 4 ingredients? That's bound to lead New Year's resolutions astray :) A quick fix for a sweet tooth!

  5. Dessert with few ingredients looks awesome. Love crunchiness of brownies.

  6. Oh my goodness those look SO good! And easy to make!! Totally trying these for a play date tomorrow. :)

  7. love that nutella has such range! also, 4 ingredient desserts? woohoo!

  8. Nisrine maybe you can make it with her lol
    the duo dishes oh i know i was lucky my parents brought some
    cake duchess oh you will like the book but your better he he
    victoria he he i know right
    swathi thanks
    Valerie enjoy :-) and have a fun playdate
    Kim I was surprised it baked so well too

  9. Oh that is just divine! two of my favorite things in one awesome dessert!

    Happy weekend to you!

  10. nutella and cruchies, what a great combination.

  11. Que brownies tan ricos, esto tiene que estar de lujo.


  12. a perfectly quick delish recipe, I hope all is going well with your app..godd luck!


  13. I think I just gained five pounds.

  14. These brownies look fabulous!
    Have a great weekend.

  15. I love those crunchie bars. Aren't they delicious. The brownies sound and look wonderful.

  16. Crunchies are my faaave dipped in tea (is that weird?) I love this idea. A must try!

  17. Looks awesome, but I think I remember seeing a pic of it on FB and really wanting one then. I can get many candy bars here but I don't think we have crunchies.

  18. These do sound rich and decadent. We don't have crunchies over here, but I'm sure we have something similar. That is a very easy dessert, great for when you are short on time.

  19. I love nutella. What a great combination!

  20. I'll bet Jasmine loved these! I have to agree, for me a simple cake is more appealing (or really good chocolate).

  21. I love crunchie bars! Great to see a new use for them in baking!

  22. Those look so great Rebecca and I'll have to save them for a cheat day. Anything with Nutella never fails me! Roz

  23. I feel so out of the loop-- I have heard of Crunchies but have never eaten them. But I HAVE eaten Nutella, and it's some of the best stuff on earth!!!

  24. I love Nutella! It was not until my first trip to Europe that I discovered Europeans put chocolate on their bread-awesome.

    Love those brownies.

  25. oh what a delicious combo for brownies, delicious!

  26. These brownies have the best ingredients,all my fav and easy to make..what more I can ask you for an easy weekend dessert,my friend :) Your effort is genuine so you need not worry about what you do..

  27. These sound yummy. The cookbook sounds good too. I like the fact that it uses only a few ingredients. I love Nutella. You should link these up to It is a new blog from Reeni at Cinnamon Spice & Everything Nice; the challenge for this month is Nutella:)

  28. Shrivalli thanks
    peachkins same to you
    priyanka he he yep
    jose thanks
    sweetlife its going well thanks so much for asking hugs
    elizabeth he he
    Angie aw thanks
    Kim oh they are so good
    Sanjana oh thats normal for a Brit :-)
    Dimah thanks
    Melinda oh i bet it would work with any though
    Gina so true
    emily :-)
    Susan :-)
    lindsay thanks
    bella i hear ya nutella rocks
    the food hound hope you find u a crunchie
    Velva indeed we do he he
    teresa thanks
    Tanvi :-) thanks
    Raina will check it out thanks

  29. I've been contemplating different variations of these brownies as well, but for some reason candy never came to mind. You Brits love your honeycomb candy though, don't you?

  30. I so need to get that book! I keep seeing it mentioned everywhere and if this is one of the results I know it would be a favorite here :)

  31. Rebecca, this is an awesome goodies! I would love to try it too. Am sure Jasmine will love it as well. Thank you for sharing.
    Cheers, Kristy

  32. baking barrister indeed we do he he
    Cafe Ina you will love it
    Kristy thanks :-)

  33. this looks like a delicious treat! nutella is one of my favorite indulgences. :)

  34. Looks like you are a nutella lover like me!
    4 ingredients, one being Nutella, I'm sold!

  35. They sound like a lovely, easy treat.

    Great idea for a cookbook.

  36. What a fun recipe...and simple enough for me? They look very good :)

  37. Emily thanks
    Amy oh Nutella is amazing thanks for stopping by
    brownieville girl i know genius
    magic of spice :-0

  38. I've never heard of crunchies, but I do love Nutella! Can't buy it too often though because it seems to disappear very quickly :)

  39. yum! I would love to try crunchies...anything with nutella is good in my book :)

  40. These sound irresistable... wicked but irresistable!

    Happy New Year! x

  41. oh my with nutella...they are just awesome :)

  42. Natalie oh I need to cook more with crunchies he he
    Sarah happy new yr
    Ananda :-)

  43. Desserts with just 4 ingredients? I have to look for the book. Sounds like its too good to be true.

    Your brownies look and sound so delicious. wonder what candies I can use instead of crunchie, never seen them around.

    Thanks for sharing Rebecca
    best wishes,

  44. Thank you so much for your submission into Dessert Wars! For it to count you need to display the Dessert Wars badge on your side bar or in the post as well as list the prizes. The prize list can be found in the rules tab!

  45. Roxana i am sure yours will be great
    momma cupcake oh sorry about that just discard it then

  46. Crunchies are the best! It is a good thing they are a little pricey in the US or I would eat them by the pound!

  47. These sound amazing Rebecca! I love the book too - to be able to make treats with only four ingredients?! How cool and easy is that!



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