Monday, August 9, 2010

Beef in an Oyster and Enoki Sauce and a Design Your Own Cookbook Giveaway!

I know what what a long title! but its not just a cookbook giveaway I hooked up with a Publisher, in fact she comments on here I checked her profile and she is based in NC so I dropped her an email!
She has kindly offered to help the lucky winner design their very own cookbook, how cool is that, all you have to do is leave a comment and a winner will be picked at random in a week. 

Now onto another one of Rebecca's recipes, following on my Enoki mushroom obsession I made a beef stir fry on Anncoo's suggestion and it was scrumptious. 

My recipe iPhone application is coming along nicely and it should be launching soon. I may do a cookbook down the line as I am so tempted now, but still love the cool techie and global appeal of an app (fingers and toes crossed folks like it!)

  • one park of stir fry beef
  • 1/2 a chopped red onion
  • 4 cloves of garlic
  • a dash of sugar 
  • 3 tablespoon of oyster sauce
  • 2 tablespoon of soy sauce
  • 2 tablespoon of all natural peanut butter
  • a little flour to coat beef
  • one packet of enoki mushrooms
  • 1/2 a cup of chopped broccoli
  • 1/2 a chopped green pepper

  1. heat a little canola oil and saute the onions and garlic, then add the beef dipped in flour to brown, then add the mushrooms, broccoli and green pepper for about 10 minutes
  2. then add the sauces and simmer for another 10 minutes 
  3. serve with rice and steamed vegetables
This makes a wonderful and healthy quick meal when your running short on time

Be sure to comment for the giveaway, only for folks in the US though sorry, also Chow and Chatter readers can make a book at a special price, see below for details:

Has anyone else made a cookbook be sure to link up to this post so we can all check it out :-)

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  1. How exciting! This is a great idea. And your beef looks delicious =)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Oh my- what I would give to have a Chocolate Broccoli cookbook :)

  4. Hi,
    Thanks for this great giveaway, maybe this will motivate me to make the cookbook. Thanks, Tien

  5. Oh my God, how awesome is that. What a prize. Great idea.
    Wonderful sauce a bit salty, great flavour enhancer.
    Wishing you a great week ♥

  6. This dish looks so rich and delicious! I have a great source for enoki mushrooms, so I could grab some anytime!

    You are always so busy...I'm surprised you even have time to cook! This sounds exciting! Good luck on your venture and I hope it keeps moving along smoothly!

  7. How fun! I have been working on lots of recipes :)

  8. What a fun idea! I would buy your cookbook and am looking forward to your app Rebecca! :-)

  9. Oh my cool! thanks for giving us this chance...fingers crossed!!! Oh, and your beef & enoki dish looks silky and scrumptious, Reb!!!

    girlichef at yahoo dot com

  10. Dinner looks great and awesome give away.

  11. Wow, this is a great opportunity! Thanks for doing this Rebecca! Keep up the great work!

  12. Wonderful recipe! Reminds me of my favorite Chinese take out:)

    Great giveaway! Plenty of recipes to fill up a cookbook.

  13. A lovely recipe and an equally lovely giveaway :)

  14. i don't mind the long title because both desserve to be on the title? oops I may have said the word "title" too many times haha..

    great looking beef... i love oyster sauce yum! and your giveaway rebecca, hmm im keeping my fingers crossed that I'll win (haha positive thinking!)


  15. wow!!! thats a cool give away?! will you believe it I am actually working on one , got 75 recipes , finishing touches and hopefully get hold of some publisher.
    by the way your beed dish looks yumm...

  16. I would love to win this!I really want to do a coobook

  17. A custom made cookbook...that's a great prize.

  18. Custom cookbook, eh? Now that's a neat idea. =)

  19. We've never made one, so this would be an awesome win! Nice recipe for beef. Gotta find some enoki mushrooms somewhere.

  20. That dish looks delicious and what a cool contest! Put me in the running for that - fabulous:)Can't wait to see your iPhone app - how exciting - keep us posted!

  21. Oh, I do love a saucy recipe! This beef in oyster and enoki sauce is perfect over rice, just the way I like it. Great giveaway!

  22. I immediately perked up when I saw the peanut butter in this! Love it.

  23. Lara thanks
    Amber oh and it would have a neat title
    Tien:oh it would for sure
    Ana oh it was a little salty but I don't eat much he he
    the tiny skillet, yep too many late nights but i love it
    alysa good luck
    Megan oh thanks and it means the world that you commented
    girlchef oh good luck love ya
    Mimi thanks
    rice Pallete oh thanks so much
    Raina thanks
    Zurin thanks
    Malou he he you always make me smile
    Peanutts oh I would buy yours for sure
    lauren all the best
    Bo i know right
    jenn smiles
    the duo dishes you so need to do a cookbook
    Stephanie oh thanks for the kind words hugs
    tangled noodle thanks
    Joanne oh the peanutt butter was a good addition

  24. Nice giveaway! The beef and enoki sauce looks delicious.

  25. I am find you are excited about enoki mushrooms. A lot of non Asians are not very fond of the texture :(
    Its Chinese name is "golden needles mushroom" :)

  26. rebecca I said I was working on one, still in draft form , no publisher hehehe. maybe your give away can become one for 75 recipes?

  27. Cool giveaway. Can't wait to check out your app when it's ready. I am sure it will be great.

  28. now what a great give away!! your own cookbook would just be incredible!!

  29. You are such a go getter Rebecca! I am obsessed with those mushrooms too!

  30. what fun giveaway. i'd be tempted to make an all hummus cookbook. :-)

  31. Wow, how cool would it be to have a cookbook with all your own picks in it! That would be awesome, I will keep my fingers crossed! How on earth do you connect with people to create such cool giveaways? I guess I just haven't done enough networking yet!

  32. Rebecca, congrats & good luck on your apps! Such a cool book giveaway! I am like a rabbit in headlights. Looks like good stir fry combo, beef and enoki mushrooms.

  33. Wonderful recipe and fantastic giveaway, Rebecca. How gracious of the publisher to offer that to your readers.

    I should know better than coming here before dinner! I would love some of that beef right now.

  34. Looks like an easy and delicious meal. Great giveaway.

  35. Beautiful beef dish and beautiful giveaway!

  36. Hey, Rebecca! Sorry for MIA! Meant to leave you a few words here but been too busy!

    Well, a simple homecooked fare like this definitely goes perfect with a bowl of piping hot steamed rice! I love beef with oyster sauce especially!

  37. great beef dish, love your giveaway

    take care, heard your blogradio..girl you have a great radio voice, I'm jealous, lol

  38. I love your energy about food - I'll have to go get an iphone now! Take care

  39. Looks lovely! Love the mushrooms and what a spectacular giveaway; you're like Master Chef!

  40. Diana thanks so much
    3 hungry tummies oh thats a shame they are so cute
    peannuts maybe
    Melinda thanks so so much
    sushma I know so pleased to host it
    chef Dennis oh would love to have yours
    chef E aw thanks :-)
    Emily oh that would be fun
    Emily thanks
    Eleanor thanks so much
    savoring time in the kitchen I know she was so sweet to do it
    Barbara thanks
    shirley thanks
    Mary thanks so much
    Pei Lin no worries I need to visit you more as well lol
    sweetlife oh thanks so much for listening
    kitchen butterfly oh thanks so much
    Doc oh you are too kind

  41. The sauce makes this whole dish so savory and would be incredibly comforting. Right up my alley!

  42. How wonderful...a yummy recipe AND a great give away! The "cookbook" would be heaven sent! My family has been gathering recipes and wanting to put them in a book. I on my own am in the midst of putting one together, too, so this is so much fun! ~Mac

  43. this giveaway sound meaningful, a own cookbook, will hop to check out. Your dish sound delicious too!

  44. Oh please, oh please oh please pick me! GREG

  45. Bridgett thanks so much
    Dishin in the Kitchen all the best for the giveaway
    Sonia thanks
    Greg good luck yours would rock

  46. This is a wonderful giveaway! How exciting! That's a great beef dish also! Thanks for the contest!

  47. Great recipe, and what a fun giveaway :) Of course everyone is going to love your app...And I hear version will have the iphone coming up soon, I may just have to swap out my storm :)

  48. Pam thanks
    Christo goodluck
    magic of spice oh thanks smiles

  49. I'd love to enter your cookbook giveaway opportunity. I have already started my own family cookbook, so this would be great! I like your photo of the butterfly as well; they are my favorite creatures in nature! Roz

    (my email for you as requested)



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