Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Good Bread Deserves Good Oil!

Since I joined Healthy Bread in Five Minutes a Day I have been enjoying making yummy easy no knead breads from scratch. I made a milk and honey bread this week it was lovely and moist. I must confess I made the gluten free bread first and disliked it, the smell and texture were not my cup of tea. I feel so bad for folks with celiac disease as a Dietitian I would often work with them as a gluten free diet is their treatment. I think Michelle of Big Black Dogs did a much better job than me, so be sure to check out her blog.

So I then made this one the next one in the braid, as with my parents coming I wasn't sure if I would be able to stick to the schedule!

I decided that good breads deserve good oils!

So I ordered some Olive Oil and Balsamic vinegar from Black Star Gourmet. I have been helping them with their blog and social media, the Boss sent me Mustapha's Moroccan Extra Virgin olive oil. It is harvested by hand in the Atlas mountains and stone crushed and I must say its wonderful, with a rich and warm taste.

I mixed a Modena Balsamic vinegar with it and me and Jasmine had a little mid morning snack. As I learn and write about Gourmet foods it has given me a deeper appreciation for the history and care that goes into them and has me craving for more!

Also Black Star Gourmet has kindly offered a discount code for Chow and Chatter Readers enter chowchat10 at checkout for 10% of your order :-)

See I did really make it here's proof!

What's your favorite gourmet food?

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  1. Jasmine is getting so big!

    I love really good olive oil and cheese, especially imported varieties. Not necessarily gourmet but I will spend the money for something that tastes good and makes me happy. Oh, and coffee, too. I've developed a bit of an illy habit; it is so not cheap but the taste is divine.

  2. I am in love with good olive oil and italian balsamic vinegar. Only from modena tho! Went balsamic vinegar tasting in modena once. I think, along with discovery of chocolate many a year ago, it ranks right up there with one of my favourite food days ever.

  3. I love really good olive oil. I like to drizzle it on air popped popcorn and sprinkle nutritional yeast and sea salt on it. Oh so good!

  4. Nothing better than fresh baked bread and good olive oil. Jasmine is so cute.
    btw I love the new look of your blog. However, it cause my computer to freeze up if I come from my blog. I have been able to come from google and choose not run the script that causes the lock up. Have any of your other readers had problems?

  5. Love your homemade bread. I love balsamic vinegar. I love dipping dumplings in it. I always use olive oil for cooking too. It's one oil that's very god for health.

  6. I'm a sucker for some good crust bread with balsamic and olive oil.

  7. Jasmine is so adorable :-)Lovely bread..such a luxury to have home made

  8. all of it? lol!

    seriously though, as un-PC as it is I'm a sucker for foie gras torchon. Paired with sauternes? Utter bliss.

  9. That plate certainly looks fabulous. An good olive oil can certainly add to the Oomph factor of any dish.
    Some of my favorite gourmet food -- Smoked Salmon, Assorted cheese..Oh, does belgian chocolates count as gourmet food?

  10. Perfection. I add a bit of crushed garlic to mine too. But you got my favourite snack just there!!!

  11. mmm yes good oil is DEFINITELY key. I splurge on that and on parmesan cheese. Good stuff.

  12. she is so cute...bread looks lovely

  13. A perfect bread with olive oil and this combo!



  14. I love good balsamic vinegar for Modena and good Spanish sherry vinegar. I have quite a variety of vinegars. I too really appreciate good olive oil. When we were in France we got to appreciate the local olive oils and local goat cheeses. Ooh, la la.

  15. I think almost every single recipe I've made has good italian olive oil.
    Everything just tastes better with olive oil. Plus, it has its health benefits!

  16. I love bread with olive oil and vinegar! So good!
    Love the new look of your blog! Looks great!

  17. Couldn't agree more about the need for a good olive oil and a good vinegar. I must have at least 15 different balsamic vinegars and I use them all the it!

  18. Just like going out to eat in a nice place fresh bread and olive oil!!! Add the pepper please............your bread loks great!!!

  19. Lisa: I know she is growing up lol oh I am the same way with coffee!
    reindeersp: oh I bet that was the best foodie experience ever
    CG the foodie: oh wow nice healthy popcorn
    Mimi: not sure so sorry its acting slow for you sob
    Mary: oh I bet it goes so well with dumplings
    Jenn: oh me too
    Gulmohar oh so true wish my hubby liked it
    Lauren: I have got a treat for you next week, Michael is doing a foie gras week!
    Cool Lassie oh course choc always counts!
    Ruth Oh will add garlic next time lol
    Joanne; oh cheese not we are talking
    trendsetters thanks
    Gera: thanks
    Sam: oh wow fresh from France amazing
    Catherine oh so true got to love olive oil
    swanky RD thanks so much
    Michelle wow 15 i need more!
    femalechef thanks

  20. I like your style Rebecca! Bread and good oil is a perfect snack. Looks like Jasmine approves:D

  21. That bread looks divine -- and no kneading required, I must give this a try. My favorite gourmet foods, I would have to say extra-virgin olive oil, sea salts, coffee and tea, and artisanal cheeses.

  22. It is always a good splurge when you find a lovely oil to try. How lucky you got a bottle sent to you!

  23. Mmmm, there is NOTHING like bread dipped in olive oil. It's a fantastic combination!

  24. Agreed! Good bread definitely deserves good oil! I like mine from Lebanese olives trees but then I am prejudiced.

  25. Kim: oh its a great snack isn't it
    Nancy: you are a lady with good tastes
    Anncoo thanks
    Bridgett; oh I am let me see what i can do for u!
    Emily oh its great lol
    tasteof beirut oh I bet Lebanese is great as well

  26. I agree good bread does deserve good olive oil. I received the coffee today - thanks!
    I remember trying to bake with gluten-free flour, it resulted in a dense brick, so I know what you are talking about. It's worth a try though. :)

  27. I am looking forward to making the milk and honey bread. I looks beautiful. I think that good balsamic and oil would be good on cardboard, I love it that much.

  28. Thought I'd let you know that you blog is causing some Run Errors when I visit.


  29. I love fresh baked bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar too. I recently bought an organic balsamic vinegar, bitter and not sour at all. It was so expensive too. I'll check out Black Star Gourmet in a bit. Thanks for the headsup.

  30. I can't agree more..we always have a good bottle for dressing and bread :)

  31. No knead breads is interesting, and the balsamic vinegar must be very happy to accompany your bread :)

  32. Olive oil, balsamico and Bread now that is a little bit of heaven

  33. I must get the book! Jasmine now is a big gal!

  34. oh this is great to know!I I won their recipe book and have only tried 2 things from it so far!

  35. There's nothing better than dipping a lovely piece of bread into fine olive oil!

    Your daughter is such a cutie!

    (For some odd reason I am having trouble getting your site to load. It finally came up today (couldn't get it at all yesterday) after a warning about script. Whatever that meant. Anyway, I got you today! Just wondered if anyone else has mentioned a problem?)

  36. Yes, forego the butter and dip your bread! A good balsamic is essential and it can last a year. I finish many dishes with it. And a good olive oil - it enhances all!

  37. Looks really good. I love bread dipped in oil and vinegar. Around here it is all butter because, well, all they have is butter. They are forever producing butter on this island. I discovered that I actually like butter, real butter that is.

  38. I love good olive oil and balsamic vinegar with warm bread! Jasmine is so cute! love the new look of your blog!

  39. You're right - taking good bread and putting crap on it is an utter waste.

  40. that looks delicious! i love dipping my bread in oil!

  41. Jasmine looks adorable and she looks quite grown up now...
    homemade breads are just so good and how it fills your home with a lovely aroma...
    good quality olive oil is a luxury.

  42. I'm a huge fan of olive oil and balsamic vinegar and with some fresh herbs, grated cheese and black pepper ground on top it can almost taste like a meal with a great piece of bread. Congratulations on making the bread!

  43. mmm... love bread and olive oil! looks real yummy!

  44. fresh local and best so pleased you got the coffee lol
    Bonnie you make me smile
    Michelle will try and fix not sure how though
    Xiao Zen of but just a few drops are needed he he
    3 hungry tummies good taste
    the lacquer spoon you must get the bread making book
    Sophie thanks so much
    Petra smiles
    Angie oh she is and you will love the book
    simply life cool prize
    Barbara yep they have help I don't know how to fix it sob sob
    Claudia i need some tips from you
    Melinda: oh I bet its so good in moderation!
    peackin s oh me too
    Azita thanks so much
    Trix he he love the way you put it
    Sangeeta: oh yep she is growing and I agree the aroma is heaven
    Cristie thanks
    thats ron thanks

  45. Congratulations again! You did a good job and now you & your family can enjoy fresh & nutritious bread everyday! Isn't that good? I guarantee Jasmine would be your 1st customer! hehe....

  46. Your daughter is so cute mopping up her oil and vinegar with her bread. My 3 year old tends to be so picky, I can't even imagine him trying that!
    I looked for some white balsamic vinegar yesterday, but wasn't surprised to find that I can't get it in our small town--it's surprising that I can even get regular balsamic vinegar!

  47. Mmmm...I didn't realize milk and honey raisin bread was the next bread in the braid. Yummy! I'm looking forward to that one.

  48. my little space oh i just wish the hubby liked them sob
    jenny: oh shes pretty good depends on the day he he
    Cathy oh you will like this one lol
    Ozoz thanks

  49. This looks delish! Seems your child thinks so too! Thanks for the info and discount code! I am going to check them out!

  50. Olive oil and Balsamic..yum.

    I also got a run error when I opened your page.



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