Friday, April 23, 2010

Book Tour: 21 Simple Things You Can Do to Help Someone with Diabetes

The lovely and talented Author Cherie Burbach is doing a virtual book tour and since I reviewed her book in September last year and am now her virtual friend I was more than happy to host her tour.

My review is below and a link to the book. It is a great little book and a must for friends and family members to have on hand to understand diabetes better. Cherie has diabetes so her insight is priceless.
21 Things You Can Do To Help Someone with Diabetes

I really love this little book and the concept of it. It is a quick and easy read geared towards friends and family of those with diabetes giving them down to earth and practical tips of how to help their loved ones.
Cherie has had diabetes for 20 years herself and really speaks from the heart and personal experience, enriching the book.

I love the way it helps the reader to put themselves into the shoes of someone with diabetes and see it through their eyes, some of the take home messages for me are
not to judge, and police them, looking at their plates and so forth to be a good listener and understanding

It reminds the reader of how complex diabetes is, its not all about what you eat, and that blood sugars are affected by many factors, food, activity, stress and illness

It also offers practical advice such as learning how to give shots and check blood sugar so if needed they can offer a helping hand also to keep healthy food on hand and sugar free soda when your loved one comes to visit.

It suggests learning about the condition and attending support groups, with them.
Its a great book I highly recommend it.

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