Thursday, March 25, 2010

I Wish This Was My Supermarket!

We found a local Supermarket on Miami Beach on the way back to the Hotel, we had some stone crab legs at Joe's pretty good thanks for the recommendation Barbara. Little Jasmine wasn't so keen enjoyed the ice cream walking along the beach better and decorating Daddy's white shirt!

I couldn't resist sharing the food pictures, of this small neighborhood grocery store, filled with Cuban bread and fresh cakes, meat stews, rice and beans. In fact thats what Jasmine ate for a late supper!, and locally made creme caramel.
Now this is my breakfast with fresh fruit he he!

Lovely Papaya and lots of good coffee's a good Cuban coffee is on my list for tomorrow!

Yellow rice (sorry I am sure it has a proper name) and black beans and rice

Love from Miami one of the best foodie cities in the World!

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  1. Me too, what a great mom you are!

  2. I hope one day this will become your supermarket, hahaha, enjoy your day!

  3. I wish that was my grocery store too! :)

  4. Woow, what a row of food, food and food!! If it were my supermarket, I won't cook.. any longer ;)

  5. It looks like you are having so much fun!

  6. It's a cute pic of the two of you. Have fun!

  7. How fun! I can imagine you are enjoying your time away. Everything looks great in that store and I wish I had one here as well.
    Contact me when you can as you won the giveaway on my blog!

  8. Looks like you are having a wonderful and delicious time! ;-)

  9. It could be if you guys moved South!!
    You do have Whole Foods & Fresh Fields though!
    Glad you enjoyed your trip

  10. Aww cute pic! That supermarket does look excellent. I'm glad to see you guys are having a good time!

  11. I wish that was my supermarket too. I could use a good Cuban sandwich. Glad Jasmine is having fun.

    Enjoy your weekend.

  12. Chef E: thanks so sweet of you
    Sonia: he he
    CG I know right
    sushma: thanks
    Laquer spoon you make me smile
    fresh local and best we are lol
    Shirley: thanks
    Bridgett: so pleased about the giveaway will email you
    deb; yep
    Doc: no really can't complain we are blessed in Winston with those two
    Joanne: thanks so much
    Sam thanks so much
    Natasha smiles

  13. what a cute pic with your darling daughter... im glad you are having so much fun in Miami. ENJOY and INDULGE!

  14. Have fun in Miami..cute pic of you and your lil one :-)

  15. I wish that were my supermarket, too!

    I'd be happy to do a guest post! Just let me know when!

  16. I want a slice of that cake now...looks delicious!

  17. I want that Dulce De Leche cream cake!

  18. Looks like a great market.

  19. Everyone hopes that this will become yours! It really looks so fabulous.

  20. I never make it to Miami! The furthest for me was Orlando! It sure looks gorgeous down there with all the sunshine and beaches! And that dulce de leche cream cake!? ... To die for ...

  21. I've never been to Miami, but it sounds like a great place to get delish food. Glad you're enjoying your stay!

  22. Miami is truly a food mecca. You are so fortunate to be able to enjoy their wonderful food. Maybe you can teach me how to select a perfect papaya!

    Please stop by my blog to enter my giveaway -- prizes are worth about $40 each and you can enter once per day till March 31 to increase your chances of winning.

  23. fun trip, everything looks so good!

  24. Maluo oh thanks so much
    Gulmohar: thanks she's amazing
    Nicole: anytime girlie
    Debbie sure thing take a slice lol
    Laurie and a slice for you
    Stevie and one for you as well
    thats Ron smiles
    Mimi: yep lol
    custom dining tables yep
    Pei lin you can always come back and visit one day its not going anywhere love ya
    Emily: you would love it
    Judy: will come and check out the giveaway for sure
    Teresa thanks

  25. I love browsing around at different supermarkets! So fun to look at all the offerings.

  26. Empanadas in your last post, and "dulce de leche" in this one ... yu're taking me back to Buenos Aires!

  27. I love the last picture of sweetness! -Tien



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