Saturday, March 6, 2010

Guest Post: Bubble Tea

The lovely and very talented Peach of The Peachkitchen A wonderful food blog based in the Philippines kindly shared these bubble tea pictures. In fact it was the fun street food that got me hooked on her blog, also she is a great Mum with a little daughter about Jasmines age, a business woman and awesome cook. Be sure to visit her blog, but I know a lot of you clever folks are. Enjoy!

Street Pearl Shakes/Mobile Bubble Tea

Bubble Tea or Pearl Shake is a very popular drink nowadays. It is usually naturally or artificially flavored teas or milkshakes with chewy tapioca pearls.This is perfect for the now starting Summer here in the Philippines.
Usually, you can find these shakes being sold in malls and kiosks but they are a little pricey. Well, someone will always find a way to make this more available and affordable to the public. And so the Mobile Bubble Tea is born. This vendor sells the pearl shakes in four flavors: Chocolate, Rocky Road, Cappuccino and Buco-Pandan
When you buy an order. The vendor will get a plastic cup and put around 2 tbsp of tapioca pearls. Then he will fill the cup with the flavor of the shake that you chose. In the picture, the vendor is filling the cup with Buco-Pandan flavored shake. This cup costs P10.00 [$0.22].


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  1. How fun! I love bubble tea. Coconut and taro are my favorite flavors!

  2. My kids go nuts for bubble tea. Thankfully we have quite a few Asian spots near my house that specialize in it!

  3. This is so popular with the Asian students here! I haven't had bubble tea for more than a decade now :)

  4. Mmm I love bubble tea! Thanks for a great post!

  5. Sounds delightful and is all too new to me.

  6. Nice post rebecca,love the bubble tea

  7. Oh man, I haven't treated myself to bubble tea in ages. I think I'm long overdue :)

  8. i used to be obsessed about boba tea!! yum! you have a great blog name, btw

  9. Wow! what a fun. New to me. But I would love to have bubble tea.

  10. This drink is my family's favourite, very popular in Asia. It's a great drink in hot weather.

  11. Yes I love bubble tea a lot. Once bubble tea was very very popular here. You can always see a long long queue at the bubble tea counter.

  12. a lovely fun name .....bubble tea! how charming..first tiem ive heard of it. interesting tq for sharing^^

  13. That's a drink that all the kids love!

  14. I have never had bubble tea - I see it all over manhattan - time to try it.

  15. Well, someday I must try it. It is the 'real' thing here locally...little shops popping up all over the place. But no street vendors. Love the pics. I'll pop over to the I AM clever...grin!

  16. How neat...I've never seen them in a cart before, just in the tea shops in China towns all over.

  17. Wow great post! Never heard of those, bet they are yummy!

    Hey, that picture on the left side of your header pic, where is that? it's lovely!

  18. oh how fun! this is my home country's version of the ice cream truck that goes around the neighborhood here in the US. Although before it was just ice cream... (no bubble tea yet during my time).

    Instead of a truck our "mamang sorbetero" ice cream man. goes around pushing a cart filled with fruit flavors such as mango, pineapple or anything in season complimented by classic choices such as chocolate and cheese flavors.

    He rings a bell as he walks around town, he calls attention and pretty soon kids and adult alike, gather around him and have a refreshing scoop of ice cream... to beat the summer heat!
    oh wow, now im homesick... sigh..

  19. I have never had the opportunity to enjoy bubble tea. I need to keep my eyes open-especially, next time I travel.

    Great post peaches! Thanks for sharing.

  20. Joanne: oh good choose I like mango!
    tasteofbeirut: oh your kids have good taste
    3 hungry tummies: oh time you had one again
    Andrea: will tell peach
    Claudia; hope u find one
    Sushma; will tell Peach
    gaga: oh get you one lol
    morethanlettuce: aw thanks
    always a winner: smiles
    Mary: oh I bet it would be yum
    Anncoo i wish we could get more of it
    Zurin hope u get to try one lol
    Angie: yep Jasmine loves it!
    doggy bloggy: oh you need to try it love the tapioca at the bottom!
    Trish: yep you are clever I agree!
    Laura: of me to lets go and get one!
    Melinda: oh you will love her blog for street food
    Amanda: oh hope you get one, its the South of France my fav place in the World
    Kenny well said
    Malou: oh bless I get homesick when i read Brits blogs!
    Velva: love her

  21. Sounds gorgeous and so refreshing!!

  22. I love bubble tea too. The last one I had was mango with black bubbles. Oh it was sooooo good.

    Sometimes I wish I could travel to these places so I could just have street food.

  23. What a nice guest post. Bubble tea is so yummy. I love tapioca :)

  24. Ruth of you would love it and Alex lol
    Lori: oh I agree, lets go!
    Marla oh they are so good

  25. I love this bubble tea as well. There are so many different flavours but I still like to stick to green tea bubble tea.

  26. This is my first time seeing bubble tea - how pretty and unique.

  27. I haven't had bubble tea, it sounds so interesting.

  28. Bubble tea is one of my favorite drinks for the summer.

  29. I love these kind of bubble tea as well. So, yummy!

  30. Oh! I wish there's a thing like that roaming in our area. Bubble Tea is one beverage that my family always look forward to have everytime we eat out in an Asian restaurant. Love tea and tapioca combination in a cool creamy drink. There is really something quite remarkable about it, and personally, I find it quite addictive.



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