Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Roasted Carrot and Linguini

This recipe was inspired by the oh so talented Reeni of Cinnamon Spice and Everything Nice, and I even saw that Jenn of Bread and Butter was inspired to try it as well. The idea of roasting carrots and then pureeing to make a pasta sauce was intriguing to me. So here is my version, can't wait to see who does it next!

I also sent this recipe over to Little Stomaks an awesome blog dedicated to sound childhood nutrition with a column by Dietitians and Doctors. As I thought it was a fun way to get little ones to eat vegetables.


  • 3 Organic carrots
  • 3 cloves of garlic
  • olive oil
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • 1/2 pack of linguine
  • a little Parmesan cheese
  • Italian herbs
  • chopped ham


  1. roast the sliced carrot on a tray at 350 degrees with the garlic, olive oil, salt and pepper for 20 minutes or until soft
  2. then pureed
  3. cook the pasta until al dente
  4. heat a little olive oil with Italian herbs and toss the carrot puree with it and serve.
Anyone else got any cool carrot recipes please share!

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  1. I love this recipe. Have never tried a carrot sauce on pasta, I would love it. I wonder if my kids would.....need to try :)

  2. Very interesting! Very healthy too! I've never heard of this anything like this myself.

  3. This looks really different and yummy!

  4. Nicely done!! It's it great to know that a sauce doesn't have to be red, white or green. It can be orange and be totally healthy and delicious!

  5. New idea for a pasta sauce. What exactly are italian herbs

  6. Slurpppp!!! such a delicious and tempting dish..

  7. sp simple and nice!!! carrots must have been good made into a sauce!!!

  8. Wow, what an interesting idea using carrots for a pasta sauce. Sounds intriguing. I think I might give it a go soon! :)

  9. Simply delicious and easy to make. A creative,healthy way of preparing carrots.

  10. I love simple, quick and delicious pasta dishes like this!

  11. Mmmm I adore every ingredient in this recipe! I also would never have thought of Carrots & Pasta! Thanks for sharing :)

  12. I have made carrot pasta but not carrot pasta sauce - I bet it tastes great!

  13. Marla: oh my 18 month old ate it
    Bo: oh you will have to give it a try was yum
    Jenn: well said and thanks so much
    Peanuts oh Italian herbs are a mix of oreganic thyme basil, etc
    priya: smiles
    Zurin: oh they worked really well
    Sari: oh it was so good
    sushyma: thanks
    alwaysawinner: oh thanks
    Angie: hope u try it lol
    Catherine: it was such a cool combo
    Vrinda: thanks
    doggybloggy; oh you will love it smiles

  14. very good sharing. i'd love to have this carrot sauce instead of tomato sauce for pasta!

  15. Rebecca what an original recipe! My mom used to always add carrots to her pasta sauce but of course it was mixed in with onions and tomatoes and celery.
    I am going to try this at some point!

  16. I saw that recipe and I actually love a ton of carrots in my sauce. Delicious and must give it a go.

  17. Aw, I wish I didn't just use up all my carrots, sounds so yummy!

  18. This will be a great way to get my daughter to eat more veggies! She loves pasta so maybe this might work for me.

  19. what a great idea for vegetarians, and also for issues with KS and eating tomatoes, which drives me nuts because that is the one thing I cannot live without! Great meal to get kids to eat at an early age, so they learn to love carrots!

  20. okay, i really need to try this! i love the color!

  21. What a lovely pasta dish Rebecca. This is a great way to make pasta healthy.

  22. This looks super yummy and filling.

  23. This is perfect for anyone with acid/heartburn problems. Definitely must try. Thanks!

  24. What a great idea! I am trying this soon.

  25. This looks delicious! I bet the sauce was quite sweet!

  26. Looks yummy Rebecca! Have a wonderful VDay!

  27. Thanks for trying my recipe Rebecca! I'm so happy you liked it! XO

  28. Interesting recipe...Looks yummm

  29. peachkins: thanks
    lululu: oh you will love it
    tasteofbeirut: oh hope you like it its a cool way to add carrots
    Claudia: hope you like it
    5 star foodie aw well after you go shopping next
    Bridgett; oh great let me know if it worked
    chef E: thanks so much
    Sophie: thanks
    teresa: oh thanks
    Sam: thanks smiles
    aubrey: thanks and thanks for stopping by
    Nour: oh thats a great point
    Natashya: enjoy
    fresh local and best yep and garlicy!
    Catherine: aw thanks so sweet of u
    Reeni: thank you for teaching me love ya
    gulmohar: thanks

  30. Wow wonderful combo ... I have never tried it... looks good.


  31. What a great healthy way to enjoy pasta without a lot of calories. I would have never thought of roasting carrots but it makes perfect sense. The carrots natural sugars really come alive when roasted.

  32. This carrot sauce is EVERYWHERE lately. I think it's a sign that I need to make it...

  33. Pavithra: oh thanks
    Velva; oh love the way you wrote this lol
    Joanne : its a sign!

  34. I never heard of anything like this before but really love it, makes such a change from a tomato sauce.

  35. I remember seeing this over on Reeni's site. I love carrots and agree that this sounds fantastic.

  36. Carrots have been popping up in more recipes in unique ways. They should be used often!

  37. Love this............healthy and yummy, for the kids too. Yum.



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