Sunday, February 21, 2010

Rebecca's Chicken Fricassee

So I got my first Le Creuset the other day they were on sale in Williams and Sonoma I am thrilled with it, the first day I roasted a chicken not just any chicken a little Poulet Rouge. All in all it was a success but a wee bit dry maybe I cooked it too long. You know its funny I can cook elaborate dishes but when it comes to simple roasts I am stuck!

So the next day I made chicken fricassee with the left over chicken, this was one of my favorite dishes as a kid.


  • any amount of leftover roast chicken
  • 1 cup of milk
  • one tablespoon of all purpose flour
  • one tablespoon butter
  • a little Italian seasoning
  • 3 cloves of garlic
  • 1/4 of an eggplant chopped
  • 6 mushrooms chopped
  • one small yellow squash chopped
  • one small zucchini chopped
  • 1/4 green pepper chopped
  • 1/2 red onion chopped
  • a little white wine if desired
  • a handful of snap pea's

  1. heat some olive oil add the onion and garlic and saute for 3 minutes
  2. then add all the vegetables and saute for 10 minutes until cooked
  3. in a separate pan, head the butter slowly stir in the flour to make a roux then add the milk little by little stirring continuously, to make a white sauce, add some herbs
  4. then mix the sauce with the vegetables and the chicken.
We ate it with rice and steamed vegetables, would also be great with pasta.

What's your favorite recipe for left over chicken?

and finally our darling little Jasmine has started to walk!!! we are so proud

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  1. looks really delicious,nice way to use leftover roast chicken....and jasmine is very cute...

  2. Awww your daughter is adorable. Cherish those years... they come by so fast!

  3. It looks so delicious! Jasmine is so cute!

  4. Jasmine is an adorable beauty Rebecca! You MUST be so proud of her ^^

    and you made ur leftovers look so good! I must try that with my left over chkn too and believe me there are always lots of leftovers here!!tq for the idea!

  5. What a great way to use left over roast. And your daughter is so adorable!

  6. Jasmine is so adorable!
    A clever way to use leftover roast chicken.

  7. I had some le creuset casseroles as wedding presents and it does lift your spirits when you cook with one. I haven't roasted a chicken in mine before, I usually use chicken brick for that.

    Life gets sooo much easier when little ones walk. You don't need to worry about them getting trampled on at toddler groups any more!

  8. I had some le creuset casseroles as wedding presents and it does lift your spirits when you cook with one. I haven't roasted a chicken in mine before, I usually use chicken brick for that.

    Life gets sooo much easier when little ones walk. You don't need to worry about them getting trampled on at toddler groups any more!

  9. Congrats on the Le Creuset--I adore mine. The chicken fricassee looks delicious and Jasmine is as cute as ever!

  10. Looks comforting and yummy!
    A lot of fun for Jasmine!

  11. Congrats to Jasmine! That is awesome. She is adorable.

    Alright. So going to Williams Sonoma to see if Le Creusets are on sale here. I have wanted one for FOREVER.

    That Fricassee looks amazing. It is a dish that I have always wanted to make!

  12. Go Jasmine go...what a precious milestone. She is so CUTE Rebecca!
    I love what you did to the left over roast. I usullay do panini with it, but yours looks better!

  13. Your favorite childhood dish looks fantastic! I love your photos, especially the last one, what a cutie!

    I always like make chicken salad with leftover chicken.

  14. Sushma thanks
    skip to malou great advice thank you
    kenny thanks
    Zurin hope you and your family like it lol
    Mary thanks
    Anncoo thanks
    Sarah oh your a so right and not crawling on dirty floors lol
    Deb: thanks so much
    Angie: oh she is so happy now
    Joanne: go get one girl!
    Deeba aw thanks shes amazing
    Lyndsey; oh love chicken salad I should do that next

  15. I love all the vegetables in this. Youn will have fun with the pot! Go, Jasmine! Mom will be running now!

  16. That looks delicious, Rebecca! Jasmine is beautiful! I love the time when they start walking.... it is a cute age :)

  17. Congrats Jasmine:D

    I think we have the same le creuset pot! I love mine (and the color too).

    I use my leftover chicken to make a chicken crepe recipe that my mom used to make.

    However, your chicken fricasse sounds delicious to me!

  18. She's adorable!! If she's as my daughter and, all kids today are fast, you'll need to training because soon she'll be running!!

    I make this recipe practically identical but I didn’t know the name, it's flavorful!

    Have a great week,

  19. Oh Rebecca! You reminded me of a dish I haven't had in ages! I used to love it too. Clever of you to use it with your leftovers. My favorite chicken leftover dish is tetrazini.
    Jasmine is really cute and now that she has discovered walking, you'll have to watch her every single second.

  20. Oh, how I wish to have owned a set of Le Creuset! Lucky you! Too bad, I'm on tight budget now ... Argh ...

    The chicken looks so good! I need to venture more into Western cooking, sounds so yummy!

    Congrats to you & your hubby! I could see not only that Jasmine can walk, she can run & hop happily whilst living and enjoying the shower of love her loving parents have been giving her! You guys are such warm & loving family!

  21. The chicken fricasse looks so delcious! I am pretty boring. I like to use leftover chicken to make a delish sandwich!
    Congrats on Jasmine walking!

  22. Jasmine is a darling..!!You must be a proud mom :-)
    Great idea to use leftover roasted chicken !

  23. Looks tasty. I wonder if it would be good in an all veggie version.

  24. Rebecca, after cooking in Le Creuset, there is no turning back. It is the best kitchen tool for so many different dishes & recipes.

    I have a Dutch oven that I have used for the last 18 years... it is my "go-to" pan.

    My favorite leftover chicken recipe is curried chicken salad on wheat toast with a scoop of cranberry chutney.

  25. Congrats on your new toy!
    You won't need as much heat with cast iron - it will soon be your best friend.
    Yummy chicken, looks so handsome in its roasting dish.

  26. I can't help but your chicken dish sitting on your wooden floor? ha! Regardless, it looks delicious, I've never had this dish, and it looks like something we'd really, really like!

  27. What a cute ending to the blog! Ha!

    I thought at first glance this said 'Rebecca's Freakin Fricassee' lol

    Seriously this looks good, and want to know a secret? Hubby favorite dish, for such a food snob...his mommy makes it when we go for holidays :)

  28. Love the idea of using leftover :-) This chicken looks I look forward to have some leftover to try your recipe. Rebecca, your daughter Jasmine is adorable :-)

  29. How exciting! I really am dying to get one of those ovens! My birthday is coming up! :D First steps are so wonderful. She is just darling!

  30. What a beautiful dish! I love homemade whole chicken recipes like this. Yum!

  31. Oh your Le Creuset looks fab, I love mine to bits. Not sure about my favourite with left over chicken, I usually make curry.

  32. jasmine is so adorable! Your chicken fricassee looks so delicious! i usually make chicken salad with left over chicken.

  33. What a delicious fricasee! I usually make soup or chicken tacos/burritos. Jasmine is adorable! I bet she's running all over the house now.

  34. Claudia: oh she is everywhere !
    Erica: oh your right it is a lovely age
    Kim: oh wow chicken crepes and I copied u!
    Gera: yep she is getting faster by the second!,
    Barbara: oh u can say that again oh and want to learn your recipe
    Pei Lin oh you are so sweet one day a Le Creuset will be yours I just feel it!
    swankyrd: oh but a sandwich is always good lol
    Gulmohar: thanks yes very proud
    Melinda: oh yep works well with all veggies
    George: wow 18 years good to know maybe Jasmine will inherit it!
    Natashya: oh doesn't it
    sweet and savory get one! yep on the floor it was near the window for the light!
    Chef E oh thats cool to know oh and like the title!
    Juliana: oh thanks so much enjoy
    the ungourmet; oh I still cant believe she is walking, hope you get one, maybe I should forward the comment to your hubby!
    Sook: thanks
    Janice: oh u can't beat curry
    Azita: thanks so much
    Reeni: yep she is everywhere!

  35. Yay for Jasmine! The fricassee is scrumptious, must make it for my daughter, she will love it!

  36. Jasmine is adorable & congratulations on your Le Creuset! Don't know what I'd do without mine - it's essential for Beouf Bourguignon:) The Fricassee sounds and looks delicious! Thanks for sharing.

  37. thanks ED
    5 star foodie oh she will love it
    Stephanie oh I love that

  38. Oh wow, this looks absolutely amazing. Jasmine is darling!!!

  39. She's so cute.....and I can imagine how your hearts must have swollen with pride to see her walk! She'll be running in no time! Love the fricasse. Unfortunately, I had NO leftovers when I made a roast this weekend, save for bones. Will have to bookmark this!

  40. Emily aw thanks
    Kitchen Butterfly oh its amazing to see her walk

  41. Love that chicken dish and of course I want to have the le creuset pot one day. Your daughter is really adorable.

  42. I have never made a Fricassee, but it looks great must try! Lovely flavors.



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