Saturday, January 21, 2012

Turkish Delight Jellies

I made these Turkish delights recently, but I am calling them jellies, they are easy to make and taste like Turkish delight but jelly like in texture, I had a suspicion such an easy recipe was too good to be true. After all the professionals in Turkey have been making it for hundreds of years, I can still taste how good it was from the Spice Bazaar in Istanbul :-) 

Heres the link for the recipe, its worth making for the taste but for the candy making pro's out there do you know how I can get a firmer texture?

Is there a food you have had on a trip that you will never forget?

Hope your all having a good weekend, I took the kids to an Indian cultural program today it was fun. The Go Social app is going well, if you have it and wouldn't mind leaving a review on itunes, it really helps :-) thanks your friend - Rebecca

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