Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Spicy Tapioca and Peanut Snack

Here's another fun recipe using tapioca pearls, the same day I was tweeting about how to use them, someone mentioned that she makes a savory Indian snack with them. I think its from North India as my hubby has not  heard of it, but it went down well as it was al gobbled up:-)

I just found out from the chow and chatter Facebook page from under the photo what this dish is called :-) - Sabera - sabudana khichdi yum

  • one cup of tapioca pearls
  • about 1/2 cup of peanuts
  • 2 red chili's  
  • a little butter or ghee
  • a pinch of cumin seeds
  • a few curry leaves 
  • 1/4 cup chopped coriander/cilantro
  • salt to taste

  1. soak the tapioca pearls over night, they will absorb the water and become soft
  2. heat a little butter in a pan and add the cumin seeds, chili and curry leaves 
  3. after a minute add the tapioca pearls and partially ground peanuts (I used a coffee grinder, we now have two coffee grinders as we use one for spices) and finely chopped coriander/cilantro
  4. add salt to taste and enjoy

Here's to lots more new recipes in 2012 :-) 

Hope your all having a great week :-) 

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  1. Hi Rebecca, Happy New Year:-) This is really a new snack to me..procedure is so simple..will try soon..

  2. Happy new year .. this is a wonderful snack..

  3. We love it but do refrain from having it too often :-)

    It is actually from Gujrat and Maharashtra but popular all over...food unites us more than anything :-)

  4. That looks so delicious. I love snacks like this.

  5. Wishing you and your family a happy and prosperous new year! That's a lovely, healthy snack....mmm

  6. Can't wait for how great C&C recipes, you don't hear a ton about tapioca (other than pudding and don't hear about that all that much).

  7. I have only eaten tapioca in pudding, but this way sounds much better. Happy New Year to you and your family:)

  8. Wow! Super fun idea Rebecca! Can;t wait to try this out!

  9. I think I would relly enjoy this kind of snack; very original.

  10. Liking the bite in these - thanks for the introduction to these snacks - I'm snacking globally now!

  11. Sabudana khichidi!! Wow-this is a regular snack during the Hindu fasting days. Yummy-hubby's fave :)

  12. Nithu enjoy
    Kalpana thanks same to you
    Sangeeta cool I knew you would know :-)
    Angie thanks
    Mary :-)
    Lauren will try my best to keep them coming
    Raina thanks so much same to you
    EA you will love it and I think its gluten free right?
    Rita :-)
    Claudia he he so am I
    sweta cool to know

  13. That looks scrumptious and ever so flavorful! I've never had savory tapioca...

    Happy new Year!



  14. That looks delicious! I could definitely do with a bowl right about now. Happy New Year to you Rebecca!

  15. Rebecca, I would never think tapioca will have that dry rice consistency which appeals to me. This dish looks delicious. i always had in mind pourridge when I hear tapioca but nice to learn something new and about its versatility. Happy New Year. Love your vid with your adotrable kids!

  16. i love how this meal is gluten free! and adding peanuts, that is the perfect pinch of flavor. i have yet to cook tapioca pearls, but i love tapioca starch when i'm doing gf baking :). hugs.

  17. This is an interesting snack food...very cool.


  18. Rosa aw thanks
    Julie here u go,
    Shulie :-)
    Junia thought u would like this one smiles
    Velva :-) I thought so too

  19. Looks like a very tasty and very unique recipe! Happy New Year!

  20. Love this savory snack...the flavors sound really delicious!

  21. that looks so fun and delicious! happy new year!

  22. This sounds delightful! A totally different recipe from anything I've tried before but sounds delicious. Loved the knowledge we gain in this community!

  23. melanie adore new recipes :-)
    Karen thanks
    Teresa and the same to you
    Susan oh me too its so much fun

  24. Fascinating, Rebecca! I've never heard of a snack like this.
    I wish you and your family a Happy New Year!

  25. What a creative way to use tapioca!

  26. thanks Barbara and the same to you :0)
    parsley sage :))
    yummy chunklet was new to me too

  27. Such an interesting snack! My grandma used to make great tapioca pudding. Happy 2012!

  28. What fun snack, sounds delicious! I have not worked with ghee yet, I am interested though. Hugs, Terra

  29. What a delicious sounding snack...will have to try this :)

  30. eating Rd happy new year
    Terra :-)
    Alisha you will love it

  31. What a delicious snack! I've only ever used tapioca pearls in boba tea. I love bombay mix so I'm pretty sure I would love this - great recipe!



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