Friday, March 11, 2011

The Important Things in Life

This wonderful post by Little Foodie in Hawaii made me stop and think today as the family drove to higher ground for safety in the Tsnnami warnings. It made me smile at the end when she said she wouldn't let her hubby surf.

Its at times like this as we think of the folks in Japan that we need to hold our loved ones close and say that we love them. Each and every day we have is a gift, be sure to enjoy the present.

There's a link to donate to red cross below and if you know fellow bloggers in Japan on twitter or on their blogs be sure to send them love and prayers. One lovely blogger I meet is The Lacquer spoon a super sweet lady who lives in Tokyo she used to comment here a lot before getting busy with work. I always smile as she studied in the UK for a while and understands the food and culture. Be sure to drop her a line or tweet to keep her spirits up, all in all folks are frightened and are still feeling after shocks a few virtual hugs would help :-)

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