Friday, March 11, 2011

The Important Things in Life

This wonderful post by Little Foodie in Hawaii made me stop and think today as the family drove to higher ground for safety in the Tsnnami warnings. It made me smile at the end when she said she wouldn't let her hubby surf.

Its at times like this as we think of the folks in Japan that we need to hold our loved ones close and say that we love them. Each and every day we have is a gift, be sure to enjoy the present.

There's a link to donate to red cross below and if you know fellow bloggers in Japan on twitter or on their blogs be sure to send them love and prayers. One lovely blogger I meet is The Lacquer spoon a super sweet lady who lives in Tokyo she used to comment here a lot before getting busy with work. I always smile as she studied in the UK for a while and understands the food and culture. Be sure to drop her a line or tweet to keep her spirits up, all in all folks are frightened and are still feeling after shocks a few virtual hugs would help :-)

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  1. just read her post, we're sort of lucky living in a safer area (if i can say so).
    bot goose bumps after seeing the news this morning. I have some friends in Japan and immediately emailed them to send lots of love and prayers

    have a wonderful weekend Rebecca

  2. The news has been on TV all day long...May God bless Japan!

  3. Tragedy does have a way of putting things in perspective. Thanks for the link to Little Foodie's post - I'm glad she and her family are safe and together. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the people of Japan. We have many friends with relatives there.

  4. Thanks, Rebecca. I feel so good that you connected with my post!
    I just saw some footage of the devastation in Japan and even the damage that happened in Kona. I feel like I really dodged a bullet.
    I'm off to check out that Japanese blogger. I am a bit obsessed with Japanese food myself, of course.

  5. Great post and so true! The news has me so sad. To see such devestation is hard to watch and comprehend. Prayers are with Japan.

  6. a little bit of everything hope your friends are ok hugs
    Angie yep for sure
    shes cookin will keep praying
    Mariko thanks for writing it
    Doc :-)
    design wine and dine its so so sad

  7. Waiting to hear from friends in Japan. One of the wonderful thing about blogging is indeed the friends you meet all over the world. Keeping Japan in our thoughts and prayers.

  8. Thanks for your thoughts, prayers and link to help those in Japan. I was happy to hear from all those I know there now and they are all OK, only minor damage to stuff. I have friends in Hawaii too that had to evacuate to higher ground.

  9. I am very humbled to see how you use your blog to support others. The Red Cross does wonderful things (including taking my blood ever few weeks)!

  10. I tweeted with The Lacquer Spoon and she said she's safe. Thank God!
    Stay safe and thank you for sharing the link, I always read all the links that you share... and btw, the fish taco was grrrrreat. I used mahi mahi... YUM! thanks again for our wednesday dinner inspiration... my family was surprised to have a taco and it wasn't Tuesday haha!

  11. Claudia blogging is the best fun
    Melinda pleased to hear they are ok
    Angela :-) we can all use our blogs for good things
    Malou my pleasure hugs

  12. What a tragedy it is. Just goes on to show how life and the world is not in our control as we end up thinking. Praying for Japan and its people.

  13. Still following this tragedy and all the conflict in this world and often wonder how come we are so fortunate.

  14. Kulsum so true
    Rita I often think the same thing

  15. Dear Rebecca,

    I just found you mentioned what happened in Japan. Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers with us!

    As for my city that is Tokyo, our government is conducting a time-and-area based blackout to save energy after the explosion of a power plant in North-East Japan. The transportation and business is a kind of messy, but no panic I view.

    North-East Japan is heavily suffering a shortage of many things such as utilities, foods, medicines and blankets. And many people are still missing because of the mega tsunami waves.

    This is the biggest tragedy after the war, but we help each other and have a strong hope for the better future.

    My deep thanks also goes to other bloggers including Malou and Mariko, who encouraged me on Twitter and blog.

    Please let me writer to you later, but I would like to show my gratitude here.

    Best regards from Tokyo,

  16. It is such a horrific thing, I can't even imagine the fear. Thank you for the links and those effected will remain in our thoughts.

  17. the lacquer spoon your always in my thoughts and prayer hugs
    magic of spice i know its just awful



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