Sunday, March 6, 2011

Halibut Fish Tacos

So excited to share my first fish tacos with you all, I have eaten them at restaurants mostly in Florida one of my favorite is a place called Pelican landing a small pub/bar at the Hyatt Regency pier 66 in Fort Lauderdale the food is so so but the views are amazing and you don't need to be at the hotel to eat there. Its at the intersection of two waterways and you can watch the multimillion dollar yachts and their crews.

 But maybe just have a drink there for the view and make the tacos at home!
 I didn't realize how easy they were to cook, until I saw them on a food blog the other day thats what I love about blogs, it inspired me to come up with Rebecca's version :-)

  • 2 steaks of halibut - for me always sustainable wild Alaskan
  • a about a tablespoon of olive oil for marinade 
  • 1/2 a teaspoon of cumin
  • a dash of oregano
  • a pinch of chili powder or more if you like spicy
  • salt to taste
  • about a tablespoon of fresh chopped cilantro
  • a pinch of turmeric
  • 1/2 a zucchini sliced
  • a few mushrooms sliced
  • 1/4 red onion sliced
  • soft tacos of your choice, corn or flour
  • one avocado sliced
  • a few tomatoes sliced 
  • a little sour cream 
  • mixed greens
  • a little grated cheese

  1. marinate the fish in the olive oil with all the spices for one- two hours 
  2. then grill the onions, mushrooms and vegetables and keep to one side an inside or outside grill works 
  3. then grill the fish and cut into pieces, halibut or mahi mahi naturally forms chunks
  4. now for the fun part making the tacos - heat a tacos - over a flame if you have one - add fish, grilled vegetables, mixed greens, tomato, avocado, sour cream, cheese and enjoy !

Has anyone else made fish tacos and got a recipe to share ?

The filling

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  1. I love fish tacos. They are so quick to make and virtually guilt free compared to a beef version. I usually use tilapia, but it tends to mince up a bit much. Your halibut looks perfect. I will have to try it:)

  2. Fish tacos are awesome - and your version looks great. Love the cumin on the halibut!

  3. I love fish tacos! I make them at home, too!! They go so well with frosty margaritas :)

  4. I like this fresh and healthy version of fish tacos! It looks so refreshing with all of those vegetables! I don't have a recipe, but I can tell you that I love beer battered fish tacos. Not healthy, but a good once in a blue moon treat. :) I hope you are feeling good!

  5. I've never had fish tacos but I see so much about them. I would like to try to make these soon. My kids would love these.

  6. We love fish tacos and enjoy them often. I have never thought about adding zucchini to it. That sounds great to me I'll try next taco night!

  7. Cheers to making your first fish tacos! They are sooooo good and you have to call me next time you come to Florida. I would love to meet you down in Ft. Lauderdale for lunch:)

  8. Fish tacos are a staple out here in SoCal - I like mine with grilled fish, fruit salsa and crunchy cabbage. Halibut with zucchini is equally delicious! So glad you've discovered how easy they are to make at home :)

  9. Que delicia de tacos, se ven fantasticos.


  10. Love fish tacos. Haven't had them for a while though. I think when I was in the States few years ago. Thank you for sharing your recipe.
    Fish tacos in the summer will be nice... and cold beer with a wedge of lime. :)

  11. Yum, you know I've been waiting for this recipe since you tweeted it. These are different than my fish tacos. I use mahi mahi, green cabbage and sort of a chili sauce. I like this option I think your recipe is better for spring, a little more hearty. Love that you suggested wild halibut and also marinating in the spice mixture. Will try for sure.

  12. Never had fish taco's before...looks great..gonna try for sure.. thanks for sharing

  13. I've never had fish tacos before. How fun to make your own. By the way, that's a fabulous view.

  14. These are one of my favorite things to make because they can be so healthy yet feel so indulgent!

    I love the tumeric you add to these I will have to try that! XO

  15. I've made fish tacos but it was some crazy recipe from Food and Wine Magazine. It was absolutely delicious, but not your normal run of the mill FT. I just wanted to stop by and thank you for your Twitter video. I finally watched it this weekend and now I think I "get it". I'm off to tweet. Thanks Rebecca

  16. Oh I love me a fish taco. Wish my husband did, too, but that just means more for me!

    I like the kicked-up seasonings you used instead of smothering the fish in batter and giving it a fry. Halibut is so lovely on its own that it deserves to be treated well. I must make these. :)

  17. Fish tacos are one of my favorites!! Great version!

  18. I love Rebecca's version - all that meaty fish spiced perfectly and the vegetables. So when halibut comes down from $24.99 a pound which is what is currently is....

  19. My family enjoys fish tacos... It's on sale every Tuesday in our favorite restaurant in the neighborhood and funny how we always have to wait for Tuesdays even if we crave for it during the other days of the week haha. Looking how easy it is to fix one, i think I will suprise my family tonight... even if it's a Monday night haha!

    Thanks for the inspiration Reb.

  20. fish tacos have got to be one of my all time faves, these look amazing!

  21. What a coincidence! My husband had these last night at our seafood restaurant; they were wonderful. Now I know how to prepare them; thank you!

  22. Fish tacos looks delicious. Nice clicks.

  23. Nice looking fish am craving mexican big time :)

    US Masala

  24. Angela oh you would love halibut or mahi mahi
    Katie thanks so much
    The food hound oh I bet
    Fresh local and best oh I bet they are good too he he
    ann oh cool let me know what you think of them
    Renee oh let me know how it goes :-)
    the glamorous gourmet would love that
    shes cookin Oh love the sound of yours
    jose thanks
    Michael he he now ya talking
    Lauren oh love yours as well post on your blog!
    Marc oh you will love them
    Sam got to love FL right
    design wine and dine so true
    Lea Ann oh thats so cool enjoy twitter
    Lisa oh hope you like them my friend
    Belinda thanks
    Claudia I get it frozen 10 for 2 big steaks not bad in my book
    Malou oh can't wait to hear how it goes
    teresa thanks so much
    Rita oh thats fun
    swathi thanks
    aipi :-)

  25. Remember you talking about these tacos :-) Awesome !

  26. There's nothing better in the spring and summer than fish tacos! What a delicious recipe. Thank you for sharing! You have such a great blog and I'm so glad to have found it! :)

  27. I've never had fish tacos but I know how popular they are becoming and I'd love to try making them myself. Thanks for the recipe!

  28. Your halibut tacos look the idea of grilling tasty and healthier. Perfect meal Rebecca! Hope you have a wonderful week ahead :-)

  29. Your fish tacos look awesome, love the cumin and turmeric spices here.

  30. great fish tacos, we love snacking on these in the summer..


  31. oh this is one of my favorite things to eat! Looks perfect!

  32. gulmohar and here they are :-)
    Georgia welcome and thanks so much
    Susan oh you would love them
    5 star foodie thanks so much
    juliana thanks and have a good week too
    sweet life wow thanks means alot to me
    simply life thanks

  33. We LOVE fish tacos, and this sounds and looks great!

    I have to make them soon...soon I said LOL

  34. yummy looking fish tacos! Hope you are doing well! :)

  35. I am a seafood fan, and your fish tacos look very tempting and tasty!

  36. I love fish tacos and now I want sunny weather, cocktails...and fish tacos pronto! ;)

  37. Your fish tacos look so yummy. Healthy too!

  38. Chef E - thanks i made them again this week
    Sara keeping well thanks
    Angie thanks
    girlichef :-) hope it warms up for you soon
    cheah thanks

  39. O this looks great, its getting me really excited for the summer, can't wait to grill stuff again and i LOVE fish tacos!

  40. Karen i know super for summer i used an indoor grill :-)

  41. I love the flavors you have chosen, they sound delightful :)

  42. I'm not a huge fan of fish but I know my boyfriend would love this meal!

  43. Great looking fish tacos.... I love them too!!

  44. Rebecca, this is the 3rd fish taco/wrap recipe I've read in the last week....but no problem, since I love them and enjoy reading all of the various different ways that people are preparing them. I love all of the spices that you added to yours . . . and now I am VERY hungry! Roz at La Bella Vita

  45. Nutmeg nanny thanks hope you make it for him
    malli thanks
    Roz he he I think thats why I made them after seeing the blog posts

  46. If you ever make it out to San Diego for a vacation,I will take you out for fish tacos. You will find them everywhere! Your addition of the zucchini and mushrooms sounds tasty. We make them at home w/ grilled mahi mahi, then I put out little bowls of cilantro, chopped onion, avocado, white sauce (mayo and sour cream mixed), tomato, shredded cheese, cabbage (must have with cabbage!), salsa(regular or mango), and more cilantro! Right now, it's the only way my kids like to eat fish...

  47. The spicy RD wow you sound like a taco pro



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