Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Aussie Adventures

So we spent a fun few days in Melbourne walking around, taking the trams. There is even a free one in the city center :-), and enjoying good food. It was so much fun meeting Emma and then fellow food bloggers, Penny from Jeroxie, Kim from Kimba's Kitchen and Suresh from Three Hungry Tummies. Be sure to check out Kim's wonderful post with pictures of all the delicious Malaysian food. 
We went to Phillip Island yesterday 2 hrs south of Melbourne, there is a wonderful working farm on Churchhill island complete with working dogs and sheep shearing. 

This was a treat as the shearer had 35 years experience see below for a clip he made it look so easy!

We visited a Koala conservation, and what a treat to see them in their natural habitat, they have the most selective diet in the World only eating eucalyptus!, they hardly move at all similar to central American sloths. But the real treat came in the evening when we saw the fairy penguins the smallest in the World returning home after being out at sea on Summerland beach. Sorry no pictures we were not allowed. But its a must if your down under truly magic, to see these adorable little penguins swim out of the water and waddle up to their burrows in the sand. 

A very friendly highland cow at the farm on Churchhill Island, and the views here are amazing

Jasmine and I with the sheep but our little city girl wasn't impressed with the smell he he 

A koala !

Today we set of on our three- four day road trip to Sydney from Melbourne, its a long way.
We stopped in a little town along the A1 and had tea in the gardens of an old Victorian house, I adore the tea culture here as a Brit and I even have some of their homemade marsh mellow left to nibble on. 

Australian country town, being from the UK and living in the US, I see a little of both here.

Ninety mile beach at Lakes Entrance, wow so pretty. I have wifi in the hotel tonight so eagerly got online to share pictures with you all

We ate at a quirky little restaurant here tonight called Miriam's, while the seafood was not cheap. I was so keen to get fresh seafood, since the fishing boats were across the street!

Hubby got a King George whiting which he enjoyed although he said be careful of the many bones

I had a roasted beet and butternut squash salad with bugs (little lobsters) this was delicious and a tick on food to eat here.

So of to Narooma tomorrow another coastal town will keep snapping pictures to bring you all along on our adventure down under, 

Much love 

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