Friday, February 11, 2011

Sauted Okra with Coconut

This is our favorite way to cook okra in our house, even our 2 1/2 year old gobbles it up, the way I will show below is not spicy, but why not add some green chilis or chili powder to give it a kick. This side dish goes with everything and if done right takes all the slimiest out of the okra. We are lucky in North Carolina to be able to get fresh okra in the stores a lot of the year :-)


  • one small pack of fresh okra or about a cup of frozen
  • 1/2 a small chopped red onion
  • about 2 tablespoon of frozen coconut
  • salt to taste
  • green chili if desired
  • 2 cloves of garlic chopped

  1. saute the onion and garlic in canola oil for a few minutes 
  2. add the chopped okra and continue to saute on a medium to high high stirring to dry out, add a little water from time to time to stop it sticking
  3. near the end after about 20 minutes add the coconut
  4. and taste to taste
  5. enjoy 
Have a great weekend all :-)

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  1. What an interesting flavor combination. I like okra, only when someone else prepares it. okra is one of those vegetables that you have to get right-No doubt you have seeing that your 2-year old gobbles it up!

    Hope you are feeling well.


  2. Very interesting, I never would have thought of that combo! Excited to try it out :)

  3. I love okra, and I have never seen a recipe quite like this. I would love to give this a try.

  4. Oo - nice! Love the kick - if a 2 year old likes it, gotta try it.

  5. Okra is one of favorite veggies and I love it it soup and tews too!! I'll try this recipe...

  6. Love this new recipe for okra. What a unique combination. Thanks for sending along the recipe.

  7. what's with okra that kids love? i remember when my kids where little, they used to love okra too. never had it with coconut though.. something to try as i do have frozen okra all the time in my freezer.
    thanks for sharing rebecca,

  8. I've never had okra, but this looks so good that now I want some!

  9. What a delicious sounding combo. I haven't had okra in years. That is so great your little one will eat it.

  10. Never made okra - can't believe it!

    I now want to try this - this weekend! Love coconut and the flavors in this recipe....will add the spice too! :)

  11. I had to include your chocolate cake with coconut icing on my Valentine's Day blog roll. Ever since you said it tastes like Bounty Bar, I have been fantasizing about it.

  12. Rebecca,
    Try to add some cumin also, it brings out rich flavors. I love okra with coconut.

  13. That's a tasty dish! I will add the chilies :)

  14. This looks totally yum.I love okra with lots of onion but hubby likes with coconut.I ll try your recipe

  15. Velva feeling Ok thanks for asking oh you must try this recipe I think you would love it
    Alysa cool hope you like it
    Jose thanks
    Sushma thanks so much
    Angela oh will like it and thanks for including my cake
    Belinda :-0
    peachkins :-) enjoy
    lea Ann my pleasure
    Carrie oh your must yum
    Malou oh thats cool your kids liked it as well
    ann oh hope you try it
    Bridgett she is pretty good about trying things hugs
    design wine and dine oh looking forward to hearing what u think
    swathi thanks for the tip
    Biren :-)
    Tanvi oh thanks

  16. I do okra this way so often! love your rendition!

  17. Hi Rebecca, I am a newbie to your blog and was introduced by the lovely Natasha from 5 Minutes Just For Me. I love this recipe. I think we will try it this week...keeping some aside for the children and adding some green chillies for hubby and me:) Mmmm, love chillies. So happy to have found you. Wishing you a wonderful weekend ~ Tina

  18. I haven't had okra in FOREVER! I find the combination with coconut so intriguing!

  19. oh yum! i've never had okra, but this looks like such a great way to make it.

  20. The key is to get rid of the slime! Well done ;-)

  21. Love the sound of this - I usually throw some okra into a veggie curry. I hadn't thought to use it as a stand alone vegetable - Thanks for informing me.

  22. I have never cooked okra and this recipe sounds really tempting to try. and she loves it;wow it must be good.

  23. I love this! Never thought of adding coconut, just milk...making this one!

  24. Jhonny thanks isn't it lovely
    Tina great to meet you too and great idea I often do things two ways on my way over to visit you
    Joanne try it
    Teresa never wow you must try it
    Doc he he so true
    brownieville girl my pleasure
    Rita oh hope you try it hugs
    Chef E oh you will love it

  25. I love of my favorite vegetables...yum!

  26. I need to eat more okra--especially since we can often get it fresh here. This looks delicious. ;-)

  27. I'm not a fan of okra at all, but I can say this- if I were to have to eat it or be burned at the stake, I would make this recipe :) Definitely the best lookin' okra I've ever seen!

  28. Nutmeg oh hope u try it :-)
    Deb oh bet it grows so well there
    the food hound oh come on its not that bad

  29. I do love okra (also known as "Ladies Fingers" in Malaysia) but they are SOOOO EXPENSIVE here in Australia!! Makes me angry, lol. Your dish looks delicious!!

  30. Okra is so hit or miss with me. I enjoyed what I had in Brazil in stews and I like it fried, but otherwise I'm not a fan. Yours, however, looks delicious and I love anything that is + coconut. :)

  31. Oh lucky you to get fresh okras it is my fav and love ur version of fry...will try it for sure :)

  32. I love okra, the texture, the flavors. It's so good!

  33. This is lovely...I adore okra and I am sure that coconut would be a perfect flavor combination :)

  34. Thanks for the recipe - we're growing okra this year. The manmate isn't a fan, but he does love coconut. Perhaps this will be the key to a new love of okra?

  35. Thanks for the tip. I've always found that slimy texture off putting. I'll give this a try.

  36. What a delicious stir fry!
    Have a wonderful weekend, Rebecca.

  37. Sounds like a delightful way to prepare okra! Yum!



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