Saturday, February 5, 2011

Craft: Tomato Box Fish Tank

Have a super weekend all


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  1. oh I love it! ... and love that you just don't stand a chance with that little one!

  2. So cute! I wish I had kids! One day soon, we're trying!

  3. Jasmine was trying to steal the show :-)) hehe...she is a big gal now. Love her smile :-))

  4. So cute! I love your craft posts - they always get me thinking creatively.

  5. I have 4 daughter, now all grown up. I loved the video with your daughters. She's so cute. Thanks for visiting my blog. I have not been active in bread baking or MacTweets for awhile. I miss my fellow bloggers.

  6. I love how you take the time to share in these crafts w/Jasmine and how she's learning so much more than just "crafting" if you know what I mean! It's just really great! (FYI-sorry about your car -bummer!!!! Glad you're OK) XO

  7. To have the time to develop these activities with your kids is so commendable! Great post.

  8. How cute it that! What a perfect project for little hands. I'm sending this post over to my daughter. She is always looking for creative activities for her kids.

  9. She is the best! and so are your videos.

  10. Love your videos, your princess is very cute.

  11. Dom he he she is a strong little thing for sure
    Nisrine let me know how it goes
    Emily will pray for you
    Angie i know too funny
    Angela let me know if u have more ideas for me
    bonnie oh i quit the bread too no worries
    design wine and dine no worries the car will get fixed :-) and thanks
    tasteofbeirut oh i like it :-)
    cathy oh let me know how it goes
    Rita thanks i love her
    Ana :-)
    swathi thanks

  12. You say ta-mah-toe, I say Toe-mae-toe! LOL

    Love this box...I will keep these ideas for my grandchildren one day!

  13. Great Vid and great tips, Love your Daughter, Thanks for share.


  14. Your post always makes me to think on creative side of life and jasmine, adorable and so cute!

  15. Chef E oh thats a fun idea
    Farida my pleasure thanks for visiting
    Ananda aw thanks

  16. Jasmine is getting so big...I think she wants her own show now :) Such a delightful idea for crafts with kids...My niece that lives with me is a teen, but her little brothers come to visit some weekends and this would be so fun for them :)



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