Thursday, December 9, 2010

Weetabix Cake

This is a super easy cake to make using my favorite British Cereal Weetabix, that is sold in a few US grocery stores - yipee!

  •  handful of raisins
  • 8oz sugar either white or brown, I used half and half
  • one large egg
  • 8 oz milk
  • 4 oz self raising flour
  • 4 weetabix

  1. mix sugar, milk, fruit and weetabix together and let it stand for one hour 
  2. then fold in flour and egg
  3. add to a greased 1lb baking tin
  4. bake in a pre heated oven at 350 degrees for 1 15 min

It snowed the afternoon I made it was so pretty and I took a couple of warm slices with us to the Christmas parade :-)

This was a picture of Jasmine eating the cake last July the first time I made it, below is her yesterday everyone tells you time fly's with kids and its so true!

Yesterday we got a christmas tree and Jasmine and I had the best time decorating it, wow what fun (hubby was at work)

She loved it, really making an effort this year with decorating for my parents coming, only 2 weeks can't wait.

Finally next friday I am interviewing Nour @nourRD and Stephanie @bakingbarrister, hubby and me on different holiday traditions and foods, we will cover Ramadan, Eid, Hannukah, Diwali and Christmas  and follow it with a tweet up chat on the topic #foodandtravel with my friend Terra @FoodSafetyLady

Hope you can listen in and tweet with us :-) 

but before that I have John Cass a renowned PR and Marketing expert with Pace Communications to give social media tips, be sure to email me with questions for him or call in :-)

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  1. Seen that cereal, but never tried the pictures of Jasmine and the tree. So cute!

  2. Intersante la propuesta, me la anoto.


  3. What a great idea, must buy Weetabix.
    Lovely clicks ♥

  4. Jasmine is adorable and yes they do grow so fast; enjoy her!
    I have to look for Weetabix.
    Looks so good.

  5. Haha this is awesome! I wonder what other cereals I can make cake out of...

    jasmine is so adorable!

  6. Jasmine is a cutie. Your cake looks lovely. Perfect with a cup of hot tea.

  7. what a gorgeous tree! Jasmine is adorable. :)

    can't wait to read more of your interviews about holiday traditions!

  8. Jasmine is growing so fast! I always wanted to slow it down, kids always want to speed it up! :)

    Will look for Weetabix, 'cause this looks super simple and yummy.

  9. cake looks lovely and with the wonderful climate,dont mind having with my evening tea...enjoy seeing jasmines pics. always...she is a cute adorable princess...betn hru doing rebecca...i m back from my break and wil mail abt my guest post...sorry for the delay..hope u understand...hugs

  10. Your grl is adorable :) I have never heard or baked with this cereal so I have learnt something new from your space today.

  11. weetabix cake looks awesome. Nice recipe. Jasmine is cute.

  12. Never heard of Weetabix, looks interesting.

  13. The bread looks delicious, Rebecca! Jasmine is so cute and she is growing really fast :)

  14. This sounds like a healthy and delicious cake. Just what I need right now.

    Your daughter is precious. Yes, sadly, they do grow up really quickly. Mine are 13 and 16...yikes...hard to believe.

  15. Bo oh get some weetabix! but my sis in law - Indian thinks us Brits are crazy for liking it
    Jose smiles
    Ana he he loved your whoopie pies
    Rita thanks savoring this time lucky I stay home
    Joanne look forward to seeing what you make!
    Diana oh so true
    Emily its on the radio
    Barbara :-) your right I want to enjoy her while she is little
    Sanyukta no worries take your time
    Tanvi :-)
    Swathi thanks
    emily z ;-)
    Teresa thanks
    Raina I will be saying that soon enough lol

  16. Jasmine is simply adorable!

    Great cake idea, I am going to keep an eye for the weetabix!

  17. I don't like eating weetabix with milk but I would love it in cake! What a terrific idea! Great pics!

  18. Am not a big fan of weetabix, but using it to make it a cake is a great idea, good way to feed weetabix haters like me ;)

  19. I like weetabix...super healthy! And using them in a cake is brilliant!

  20. I will have to look for that cereal! I adore your photos here and looking forward to your upcoming interviews/tweets!

  21. This looks and sounds healthy and delicious.

  22. i love simple cakes this is awesome and lovely pictures of Jasmine ...and I'm very happy to connect with you you have a great techno-space :)

  23. An original cake! Jasmine is very cute.



  24. Healthy cake. I haven't heard of. Haha.....Jasmine must be having the time of her life with the Christmas tree :D

  25. I love wheetabix, but have sunch a hard time finding them here. This cake looks great!

  26. Priyanka thanks hope you find some
    the ungourmet he he cake is better i guess
    Sushma thanks
    Nammi he he
    Angie smiles
    design wine and dine aw thanks hope you can listen in
    Dimah :-)
    Ananda likewise Rebecca
    Rosa thanks
    Mary oh she loved it
    Katie thanks

  27. This is such a simple it!

  28. Jasmine is darling! Children really make the holidays special. I've seen that cereal sold at my local grocery. I'll have to give this a try! Enjoy! Children really do grow up to fast. :)

  29. 3 hungry tummies thanks
    Mother Rimmy enjoying every sec hugs



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